Donation Success Stories California

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Donation Success Stories - California

The success stories below for the City of Davis and Simi Valley are from law enforcement agencies who have received firearm donation transfers of personal property.

City of Davis Police Department

The Davis Police Department received requested firearms from the California State Agency for Surplus Property and distributed the firearms to agency personnel. These firearms were quite adequate for duty use. As such, approximately $20,000 in savings from acquisition of these firearms has freed considerable general fund money for other necessary departmental purchases.

As stated by the Police Chief, "in these days of tight budgets, any savings are most beneficial to this agency, not to mention that perfectly good weapons originally paid for by taxpayer dollars, have been successfully redistributed within government service. This is a win-win for both the City of Davis and the citizens of the state of California."

Simi Valley California Police Department

The city of Simi Valley California Police Department's Lieutenant and SWAT Commander, said: "Today the Simi Valley Police Department took possession of three M-79, 40mm grenade launchers that were surplus property from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The Lieutenant extended sincere thanks for all of the assistance provided in processing the requests and ensuring receipt of the weapons in a timely manner. If it had not been for (GSA's) help, the Department would not have these weapons today. The existence of the surplus Firearms Transfer Program is truly a great asset to the law enforcement community."

Other Success Stories.....

National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) Space Shuttle

A full-scale mockup of a NASA Space Shuttle was donated to the City of Downey, California. As part of the closure of a NASA contractor's plant in Downey, the mockup was reported to GSA for disposal. In the mid-1970's, the mockup was manufactured in the Downey facility by North American Rockwell. The mockup was used for crew training, payload bay fit-checking, and as a walk-through exhibit. The mockup was donated through the California State Agency for Surplus Property and will remain in its current building which has been acquired by the City. The mockup has great historical significance to the local community and will be part of a museum and aerospace educational center. In recognition of the significance to the City, Congress appropriated $4 million for the Space Science Museum and Educational Program.

San Francisco Celebrates Donation of Drydock

The Port of San Francisco celebrated GSA's donation of the drydock "Steadfast" with a dedication ceremony attended by civic leaders, representatives of the maritime industry, and shipyard workers. The event's highlight was the christening of the drydock by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi with its new name, "Eureka."

The Eureka was built in 1945 and is the length of two football fields. It was operated by the U.S. Navy in San Diego before being towed to Suisun Bay, California. It was valued by the Navy at $5.2 million.

The Eureka will replace a smaller drydock that is deteriorated and uneconomical to repair. Its acquisition is expected to produce additional ship repair jobs in San Francisco and have a positive economic impact on the community.

The Eureka is already hard at work renovating the National Park Service's historic ferryboat, which is also named "Eureka". The ferry Eureka and its sister craft at the San Francisco Maritime Museum had been deteriorating, and there was no suitable repair facility available in San Francisco Bay prior to the donation of the drydock. So while the drydock Eureka is providing a boost to the local economy, it will also be salvaging local history.

There's Music Everywhere!

It wasn't 76 trombones, it was even better...six cornets, six trumpets, soprano and alto saxophones, baritone horn, gongs and chimes. Musical instruments that would have cost Cabrillo High School and the Lompoc Unified School District $25,000 if bought new were picked up for $1,300 through the California State Agency for Surplus Property.

The concert band, using some of the new instruments, played its way to the top award presented at the high school Showcase Music Festival held at the Six Flags Magic Mountain....the Instrumental Sweepstakes Trophy! The band also took first place in its category.

The instrumental music teacher at Cabrillo said, "we received a number of instruments we never had. The chimes and gongs are extremely helpful. The cornets enable us to distinguish between the cornet and trumpet parts. That's something I’ve never had as a student until I went to college."

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