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Donald McMunn

2589 Jack Teasley Rd

Pleasant View, TN 37146


dmcmunn NoS@M_Pls AT ipcdesigns dot com
Work History:


Proven Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, UDB database, datamart and data warehouse “hands-on” technical team leader with business intelligence requirements gathering, business analysis, information delivery, data modeling, full life-cycle project management, executive presentation and end-user training skills.

Business: Caterpillar, Inc. Financial Products - Insurance

Time Frame: February 2007 – Present

Location: Nashville, TN

Duties: Providing architectural consulting, business process documentation, design, development and implementation of an ETL process to support the development of an actuarial science data mart for the insurance business group to support pricing and reserving for the Fortune 50 company. Source datasets were being produced via SAS scripts against flat files in the mainframe, existing mainframe DB2 operational data store, numerous Excel spreadsheets and MS-Access desktop databases. Destination datamart was delivered in Oracle on AIX servers with a SAN for storage. Tools and techniques employed: Cognos, SAS on MVS, perl, DataStage 6.x Server, custom data profiling queries, Excel, Microsoft Access, mainframe DB2, Oracle, Platinum ER/win on mainframe and desktop for data modeling and reverse engineering, JADD sessions, reverse engineering transformation rules from SAS scripts into DataStage ETL processing, secure ftp and MQ-Series for data movement.
Business: Education Finance Partners, Inc.

Time Frame: May 2007 – June 2007

Location: Austin, TX

Duties: Review SQL Server 2000 cluster architecture, hardware (SAN, network, memory, backup disk) and OS configuration and make recommendations for performance and stability enhancement opportunities. Deployed automated database growth monitoring and OS monitoring and notification system to notify technicians of capacity or performance related issues. Developed disk configuration, database physical restructuring and OS tuning recommendations and provided online, monitoring and remote support of production cluster on a nightly basis. Communicated progress and status to the infrastructure director on daily basis. Transitioned support of all artifacts to their new DBA at completion of project.
Business: ComFrame, Inc.

Time Frame: February 2006 – March 2007

Location: Nashville, TN

Duties: Providing business intelligence, data modeling and data warehouse requirements gathering, data architecture, conceptual/dimensional/logical and physical database design, development and implementation for the data warehousing and business intelligence market. Using the entire Microsoft SQL Server 2005 development suite: SQL Server, Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services to deliver business intelligence for an internet-based, industry leading, healthcare education and training provider. Worked with business experts to learn the business processes to better provide the data architecture for the reporting data warehouse. Designed, developed and implemented the Kimball-based conformed dimension data model through multiple business expert interviews for multiple fact tables with between 7 and 10 different dimensions. Designed, developed and implemented the ETL architecture to support both a bulk data migration facility and the ability to periodically, incrementally update the Kimball-architecture BI data warehouse in a near-real-time manner. This included loading data from over 50 sources in 8 different databases. The resulting reporting data warehouse was 500 GB in size.
Business: AmerisourceBergen, Inc
Time Frame:
June 2005 – February 2006

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Titles: Business Intelligence Analyst

Duties: Provided business process analysis, inventory management contract analysis and associated measurement documentation to assist the supply chain group in complying with supplier agreements for this Fortune 50 pharmaceutical distributor. Conducted meetings with the business subject matter experts, developed requirements documents, performed data analysis on operational systems to verify business assumptions. Worked with data stewards to determine and document the best data sources for ETL into the data warehouse to meet the business requirements. Contacted pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to determine the process and measurement methodology used to determine each associated internal contract measurement point. Worked with business intelligence tool architects and developers to design, develop and insure the contract compliance dashboard conformed to the requirements. Worked with business information consumers to develop user acceptance criteria and associated test cases. Developed process improvement recommendations and identified data quality issues. A single discovery during one data reconciliation calculation between internal and external metrics, produced an estimated $3.6M in bottom line profit during the period causing the supplier to have to restate and adjust rebate compensation to the distributor for the past 7 months.
Business: HCA
Time Frame:
May 2003 – March 2005

Location: Nashville, TN

Titles: Business Intelligence Analyst / Developer

Duties: Provided business intelligence management reporting development and datawarehouse design for implementing standard rate template revenue modeling for the Managed Care subject area. Worked with the business to document, and develop a system of SQL Server hosted stored procedures for identifying and assigning each inpatient a revenue code based on enterprise-wide patient profile revenue models. Defined and developed new MicroStrategy reports to deliver this information to the field of 400 revenue managers distributed across the facilities. This effort required extending both the existing physical data model and dimensional model by including an additional revenue forecast model hierarchy.

Worked with business experts to gather and document the business requirements necessary to enhance the production inpatient coding compliance business intelligence system. Converted these business requirements into the necessary data architecture and data load technical specifications implemented by the DBA's. Developed and presented additional data load volume and time estimates to meet the DBA's capacity planning review process for additional summarized data necessary to meet customer reporting service levels. Provided simultaneous report migration and enhancement for the federally mandated inpatient coding and compliance management reporting system. This involved migrating from the unsupported MicroStrategy v6.5 product to MicroStrategy v7.2.2 and providing an additional 50 reports to address several deficiencies in the current production solution used by 400 field and corporate users. Also provided database design, development, implementation, and maintenance for calculating, storing and referencing inpatient coding compliance annual and quarterly benchmark statistics at both the national and individual state levels. These industry benchmark statistics are used to verify all levels of HCA's care-giving organization are coding patients within tolerance of their peers as established by the federal government. Also responsible for monitoring and enhancing the twice monthly SQL Server 2000 data loads for performance and integrity.

Business: American Healthways
Time Frame:
Feb 2002 – May 2003

Location: Green Hills, TN
Titles: Business Intelligence Analyst, Technical Lead Developer

Duties: Provide business intelligence MicroStrategy management reporting development and consulting regarding the customer-facing contract performance reporting system. This included reviewing and consulting on the existing physical datamodel in place to determine how to remove the dependency on a reporting datamart within the existing data warehouse. Developed web-based business intelligence metadata search and analysis tools and automated SQL capture of static reports using ASP and MicroStrategy 7.2.1 web API. Environment is Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000, MicroStrategy 7.2.1, Other tools: ER/win and Embarcadero Rapid SQL 7.1.

Business: HCA
Time Frame:
June 2000 – Feb 2002
Location: Nashville, TN
Titles: Business Intelligence Analyst, Technical Lead Developer

Duties: Provide business intelligence management reporting development and consulting to increase business value returned from the Teradata managed care, supply chain, physician charge coding compliance, revenue cycle operations, and patient financial subject areas using MicroStrategy, and Microsoft technologies in an n-tier environment for a large scale user community (>3,000). Developed several ActiveX components necessary to expose Microstrategy's API to support automated managed care contract renegotiation spreadsheet emails containing Excel spreadsheets with pertinent past contract performance information to be sent to contract managers. Served as a technical lead and mentor in object-oriented analysis and development methodologies and project management to other developers, project leaders and managers. Developed and provided entry-level Microstrategy training classes for internal developers and business users of the product. Provided database design and schema development necessary to support web-based Microstrategy user security self-registration for new users using ASP and MS SQL Server 7.x toolsets.
Used data analysis techniques to validate business rules and identify low quality and/or missing data in the existing patient financials enterprise data warehouse. Evaluate the impact of low quality and/or missing data on the performance of data warehouse client queries, and recommended changes. Identified design flaws in the data warehouse architecture that prevented ODBC data sources from operating correctly, which lead to a redesign of many entities and load processes by the data architect and data load team.
Designed and developed a prototype web application using ASP to augment the data warehouse read-only environment with read-write data specifically required for ad-hoc reporting and user-defined report modeling.
Designed and developed 50+ SQL Server DTS packages and supporting scheduled jobs using “watched directory” model to assist in automating the import of multiple datastreams extracted from the corporate mainframe and ftp’d to flat files loaded into a SQL Server 7.x 100GB datamart. Developed 50+ stored procedures to support application development, database monitoring and resulting event triggers. Stored procedures included “upsert” (update/insert) support, email notifications of event occurrences and scheduled job execution success/fail status updates. Developed views and managed SQL Server user security for a community of 300+ business users that involved translating NT user identities into corresponding SQL Server user identities as required by third-party software. Performed database backups to disk and assisted other DBA’s in interpreting “show plans” to identify and correct performance bottlenecks.
Acted as interim project manager of the federally mandated physicians coding compliance reporting project due to departure of the project manager. Conducted meetings with the business owner and subject matter experts to gather management reporting requirements, redesign the dimensional data model needed to support the Microstrategy reports, and implement the changes and perform unit testing before turn over to subject matter experts for quality assurance. Provided status reports to both IT and business management. Kept and published meeting minutes. Tracked progress as per the project plan, provided what-if alternatives for resolving discrepancies from plan. Negotiated with enterprise data warehouse architect, data warehouse manager, data load team and management reporting manager to obtain resources on the critical path of the project from time to time.
Developed source file data analysis filters / cleaners in perl (and some in standard c) for all data sources for the managed care data mart. These perl applications provided the ability to produce data analysis domain statistics, determine the completeness of data contained in the mainframe extracts as a pre-requisite to loading, remove undesirable or unnecessary data and reformat data as required to conform to the physical staging table data structure. High performance, pre-sorting of data into primary key order was accomplished by integrating the ETL applications with a packaged third-party sorting utility.
Documented and prepared a presentation of the data sources, flows and processes involved in the current 300+ step managed care data mart monthly load processes in preparation to move the data mart into a legacy system operational stage since the system is being replaced by new enterprise data warehouse development. Provided knowledge transfer, training and support to in-house developers who will be responsible for loading and maintaining the managed care data mart until it is replaced by the new MARS system. Served as the technical lead for the standard rate template contract modeling project. This role included gathering requirements from the business experts, documenting the requirements, developing tasks, performing estimates, mentoring developers as all tasks are performed and reporting status to the project manager and the business owner. The standard rate template project will be used to negotiate multi-million dollar managed care agreements with various major insurance carriers throughout the United States on behalf of HCA facilities, divisions and markets.
Performed troubleshooting of Teradata BTEQ scripts and UNIX Korn shell scripts for the standard month-end accrual (SMA) application. This web project uses asynchronous updating techniques to improve perceived performance and scalability in the field. Multiple simultaneous korn shell scripts and BTEQ scripts perform batch updates of thousands of rows of data residing on the Teradata host. The server side portion of the application (a transaction queue) uses multiple daemon processes in combination with many korn shell scripts to achieve scalability and performance boosts. Identified timestamp out of sync errors between Teradata nodes (caused by time sync process death) which caused absurd timestamp anomalies in the various work queues (i.e. Work was processed before it was submitted). Notified DBA of issue and they restarted the time sync processes and added a step to test the time sync processes to their periodic operational procedures.

Business: State Industries
Time Frame:
October 1999 - May 2000
Location: Ashland City, TN
Title:   Project Leader
Duties:   Working as part of a small team to provide complete life-cycle services including: project management, requirements definition and analysis, system architecture development, database design for both Oracle and SQL Server, object model design, development, and implementation for a distributed sales call center system. This system is used to assess customer product and service needs through a scripted phone dialogue and sell the best product and associated services available in a customer’s local calling area for a nationwide retailer. Also designed and integrated a customized unattended customer order confirmation system using Lucent’s Conversant product.
Developed SQL Server stored procedures to implement complex business rules inside the database to enhance application performance and lighten the client logic.
Developed DTS packages to import third-party address lookup and geo-spatial search software to assist in locating closest store to customer’s postal code.

Business:    State of Tennessee, Dept. of Finance
Time Frame:
  February 1999 - October 1999
Location: Nashville, TN

Title:   Project Manager
Duties:   Providing project management for intranet and client/server development projects on behalf of the State of Tennessee, Department of Finance & Administration

Managed the development of functional requirements, business impact statement, risk assessment, data analysis, user-interface prototypes and other fundamental analysis for statewide employee travel claim reimbursement processing, and audit requirement tracking for vendors receiving federal/state funding to conduct programs and provide other professional services on behalf of

the state. Prepared project plans, cost benefit analysis, facilitated team meetings, prepared presentations, prepared gap analysis between as-is and to-be business and system process models

Business:    Resource Partners
Time Frame:
  June 1999 - July 1999
Location: Atlanta, GA (telecommute)

Title:   Developer
Duties:   Worked with a 6 person project team providing VB Enterprise 6.0 development, software configuration management and customer support on behalf of Resource Partners in a distributed, remote environment. The resulting business system interfaced with Oracle Financial’s Payables and General Ledger modules and provided consolidated monthly customer invoicing and lease status reporting to assist business managers with monitoring customers’ equipment leasing and purchasing activity. Toolsets: VB Enterprise 6.0, ADO, Crystal Reports Engine, Visual SourceSafe, Oracle 7.3.4/8.0.5, PL/SQL stored procedures / functions, ER/Win data modeling, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL-PLUS

Business:    Northern Telecomm
Time Frame:
   August 1997 - February 1999

Location: Nashville, TN
Title:   Consultant
Duties:   Member of a small team implementing enterprise level intranet applications using Oracle, PERL and HTML on HPUX and Solaris environments. Project lead for full life-cycle development of a network usage billing and reporting system for all DPN-100 switches in use worldwide.   Technical support for IP administration system for 300K node network featuring web-based IP namespace registration, allocation and management systems for internal international Intranet.   Technical and enhancement support for Internet usage interdepartmental charge-backs and Internet access self-registration systems.

:   Consultant
Duties:   Project leader for re-engineering effort focused on improving IP accounting data collection infrastructure including integrating enhancements of the associated business processes with related business areas.

Project resulted in an increase of 30% in interdepartmental WAN-usage renderings by improving data collection completeness while providing a more robust and timely error identification and change management system implemented using web-based technologies.

Title:   Consultant
Duties:  Design, develop and integrate UNIX-based e-mail delivery of employee payment advices to replace postal delivery resulting in an estimated savings of $200,000 annual savings for the department.

Business: Metro Information Services

Time Frame:   August 1997 - February 1999
Location: Nashville, TN
Title:   Consultant
Duties:   Provided experienced developers intense training in Internet technologies including: HTML, CGI, Perl, C++, JavaScript.   Providing technical interviews for prospective hires in HTML, Java, CGI, Webmaster, Unix, C, C++, Perl

Business:   MainDish, LLC
Time Frame:
  September 1996 - March 1999
Location: Pleasant View, TN
Title:   Chief Manager, Founding Member, and Senior Consultant
Duties:   Designing and implementing business solutions for retail customers using applicable technologies of the day: SQL Server 6.5, Java, Javascript, HTML, SQL.

Responsible for recording and filing the official records of all corporate member meetings. Providing all database modeling for the corporation's web hosting services. Developing Java assisted NetDynamics application servers for deployment on both corporate Intranets and the Internet. Responsible for establishing, administering and maintaining the corporation's Internet e-mail and domain name servers.

Business:   Interstate Freight Auditing, Inc.
Time Frame:   December 1997 - July 1998
Location: Nashville, TN
Title:   Consultant
Duties:   Ported Unix-based freight payment service bureau applications from a 4th generation application (System Z) on SCO Unix to Visual Basic/SQL Server running on Windows NT server. Responsible for full life cycle of the project including: requirements definition, data and process analysis and modeling, porting, conversion, development, quality assurance to implementation, modification and maintenance. Developed object-oriented model of business processes and data using use-cases.

Business:   Service Merchandise Company
Time Frame:
   December 1995 - August 1997

Location: Brentwood, TN
Title: Corporate Data Analyst A
Duties:   Integrating the first 3-tier client/server product in the corporation for use by the merchandising department to access a relational Informix database in a multidimensional way (ROLAP) using MicroStrategy's Decision Support System (DSS) suite of products in a heterogeneous networked environment.  Represented the corporation at the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) review of the integrated business view data model being built by this international consortium comprised of both retailers and vendors.   Integration and support of a multi-dimensional database (MDD), Essbase by Arbor Software, with an ongoing business area re-engineering project to implement a hierarchical merchant planning system at the corporate level.   Business / data analysis on several simultaneous projects focused on providing faster response to competitor pricing and more flexible methods of merchandise pricing.   Assisted data warehouse project team in extracting business rules.   Established an enterprise data dictionary.   Installed the corporation's first NT-hosted departmental (DBA) web server (Intranet) for publishing department standard procedures and documentation.   Served as webmaster of DBA's web server.   Member of enterprise team responsible for developing, evaluating and certifying a corporate software development methodology (SDM).   Technical consultant to retail system development team responsible for implementing debit card authorization on existing Unix-based registers.   Technical consultant to the retail system development team charged with selecting and purchasing a new PC-based retail store system for the entire chain.

Business:   Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Time Frame:
   December 1993 - December 1995 (2 Years)
Location: Lebanon, TN
Title:   Corporate Database Administrator (Hired as Senior Programmer/Analyst)
Duties:   Design and implementation of the corporation's first client/server based corporate 'information warehouse'. All aspects of existing legacy database analysis and administration. Project leader of evaluating and selecting client and server operating systems and relational database products for deployment in future remote store locations. Supporting an MS-Access database and associated Web Pages used as a vehicle to share department information within the corporation via an Intranet. Established procedures, standards and quality assurance procedures for the maintenance of legacy systems and the development of new systems. Initiated the corporation's first software configuration management efforts. Restaurant point-of-sale application design, development, support and maintenance. Integrated third-party client/server based credit card authorization system with current on-line and back-office applications.

Business:  Network Data Corporation
Time Frame:
 April 1991 - November 1993 (2+ years)
Location: Brentwood, TN
Title:   Senior Programmer/Analyst
Duties:   Convenience store vertical market point-of-sale application design, development, support and maintenance. Rapidly port hardware specific libraries to multiple PC vendor platforms. Design and develop interfaces between point-of-sale systems and third-party back-office accounting systems. Assist in design of multi-tasking kernel to manage multiple serial communications TSR's and LAN communications in DOS environment.

Business:  Nova Computer Systems
Time Frame:   February 1981 - April 1991 (10 Years)
Location: Nashville, TN
Title:   Project Manager
Duties: Designed, developed, implemented and supported both mini and microcomputer based software and hardware applications in nationwide markets. Assisted in design, manufacture and development of a wide range of microcontroller based data acquisition hardware and software complemented by personal computer based data reduction and graphical analysis software. Custom development of application software for an accounts payable service bureau. Conversion of manufacturing mainframe based computer systems to a minicomputer and microcomputer based network, including custom written A/R, Bill-of-Material and production control systems. Provided business and technical consulting and development of a financial debt forecasting package for a major healthcare management organization.

Skills Inventory:
UNIX, ksh, csh, sed, awk, Perl, HTML, NetID 3.01, CGI, C, Borland C, MS Visual C++, GNU C++, JavaScript, MS Windows NT Server 4.0, NetDynamics 3.01, MS Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise, MS Transaction Server, Visual SourceSafe, MS Access 2.0, MS Excel, MS Word, Delphi 2.0, Crystal Reports Professional 6.1, DNS/Bind 4.9.5, SMTP, MS-SQL Server 7.0/2000, DTS, Stored Procedures, ANSI SQL 92, Oracle 8.x, Informix Online, LogicWorks Erwin/Open 2.6, LogicWorks Bpwin 1.0, MS Project 98, System Architect, S-Designor, Arbor Essbase 3.2 MDD, Arthur Plan Monitor, Commander Decision Server, MicroStrategy DSS, Brio, AQT, Execu-View client, cc:Mail, Informix 4-GL, Visio Pro 5.0, Polytron Version Control System, SCCS, RCS JADD session facilitation, requirements definition, specification writing, project planning, technical documentation, site assessment, data/process/object modeling, retail system integration, Internet multi-tier and client/server architecture familiarity


Nov 2006 - Nashville Technology Council presentation: “Do’s/Don’ts for a successful BI project”

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