Do not play this set with thunder

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BLASTOISE: “Do not play this set with THUNDER”

Edited by Jj Li, Patrick Liao, Alex Rochon, Joe Su, and Di Xiao

Packet by Jordan Palmer
1. One character in this show is urged to focus on “laundry and child bearing,” but defeats her antagonist’s Army Ants team. In addition to Leslie, another character has left a side mirror “in a parking lot in Hollywood” (*) and has a Chinese symbol tattooed on her buttock, meaning either “courage” or “soup.” Copied without permission in Belarus, that show was cancelled after leading actor Dmitry Tankovich admitted the theft and apologized. Created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, this CBS show has been extended through the 2013-2014 season. For 10 points name this show focussing on Penny, Leonard and Sheldon, who with their physics background are well-versed in the title event:

ANSWER: The Big Bang Theory

2. One ruler of this polity was victorious at the Field of Celebrant, while another was found frozen solid defending his namesake Deep, which was later defended against the Uruk-Hai. In addition to Eorl (*) the Young and Helm, the second lord of this area, Brego, had his son Baldor perish on the Paths of the Dead. Another king, son of Thengel, wielded Herugrim and personally attacked the Black Serpent standard of the Haradrim at Pelennor. Earlier, that figure had accepted the service of a man he termed “Holbytla,” Meriadoc. Home of the Mearas, including Shadowfax, it is bordered to the West by the Isen, and the White Mountains form part of its namesake Gap, separating it from its ally Gondor. For 10 points name this Horse people, known as the Riddermark:

ANSWER: Kingdom of Rohan (Prompt on “The Mark” or “The Riddermark”)

3. 24. Born in Kansas, a player inducted to the Hall of Fame in the same year as this man, Ty Cobb, claimed his pitch “hissed with danger” and called him “the most powerful arm ever turned loose in a ball park.” Playing with the same team for his whole career from 1907 (*) to 1927, he later managed that team, the Washington Senators, as well as the Cleveland Indians from 1933 to 1935. Spending over 50 years as the only player to record over 3,000 strikeouts, he still holds the record for most shutouts, is second on the all-time wins list and has the fourth most complete games. For 10 points name this player known as the “Big Train,” a member of the first class of the Hall of Fame, who led the League in strikeouts for 8 straight years:

ANSWER: Walter Perry Johnson

4. With a second taxonomic name of Rosmarus, three official subspecies of this animal exist, with one isolated to the Laptev Sea. Males develop large nodules in the skin of the shoulders and neck (*) known as bosses, and this brown-to-pink coloured animal possesses mystacial vibrissae, sensitive whiskers for underwater foraging. Their genus derives from the Greek words for “tooth” and “walk” from their ability to use elongated canines to climb onto ice from the sea. The Pacific variety of these creatures can weigh up to 3,700 pounds, making it the second largest pinniped to the Elephant Seal. For 10 points name this only remaining species of the genus Odobenus, a tusked hairless Arctic sea creature:

ANSWER: Walrus [or Odobenus Rosmarus until Odobenus is mentioned]

[DE] 5. This event was supposed to occur on July 4th, but was postponed due to its leader being sick. One confrontation during this event occurred at the town of Jerusalem, which saw a group of militia repel the attacks of the leader of this event. That leader of this event had recently begun working for Joseph Travis, and this event was presaged by the (*) vision of hieroglyphic characters in a forest and drops of blood on corn. This insurrection began after its participants saw a solar eclipse, and scholars estimate that at least 55 whites were killed. For ten points, name this 1831 slave rebellion which took place in Southampton County, Virginia.

ANSWER: Nat Turner’s Rebellion (accept equivalents for rebellion)

6. Debussy’s L.137 is a sonata for flute, harp, and this, while Copland wrote 1921’s Alone for voice, piano and this instrument. Elgar’s 1904 Canto Popolare is written for piano and this, whose varieties include Ritter’s “Alta,” the Erdesz (*) “cutaway” model, and the “Oak Leaf.” Berlioz wrote Harold in Italy to showcase Paganini’s use of this instrument, which is marked Obbligato in the title. Prominent roles for it include Smetana’s “From My Life,” Elgar’s 6th Enigma Variation, and the 6th Brandenburg Concerto, where two of these instruments are the main melody. For 10 points, name this stringed instrument 1 to 4 inches longer than its relative, the violin:


7. The Queen Peach hosts lavish parties here every night, but does not allow flip-flops. The creators of its “Mysterious Ruins” of its North fought against the monolith-makers of its south side. Featuring Summerstone (*) Castle, named for falls which have a flow of 7 tons per second and a drop of 110 metres, it also boasts the Red Iron Bridge. It is powered by a “Wind Orchard” of eight windmills, which lights The Candle, a lighthouse equivalent to 1.6 million candles. Only electric vehicles are permitted here, although the Blimp The Whale Shark and Miguel’s airplane fly overhead. For 10 points name this location of Wii Sports Resort where one can swordfight and bowl, formerly known as Wiifity Island:

ANSWER: Wuhu Island [or Wiifity Island before mentioned; prompt on Wii Sports Resort, or answers along the lines of “that island from Wii Sports Resort”]

8. His cloning facility on Rondac Three gives him what he describes as “immortality...of a sort.” Possessing good hearing, poor sight, and a strong immunity to most poisons, one incarnation of his is killed after unwittingly questioning the loyalty of First (*) Omet’iklan, another commits suicide to protect Odo after his successful defection, and a third is killed in a transporter accident possibly caused by Damar. His final clone is killed after insulting Garak by uttering the words “what's left of it,” referring to his leader’s plan to destroy all of Cardassia. For 10 points name this diplomat who believes the Founders are gods, a Vorta played by Jeffery Combs on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

ANSWER: Weyoun

9. Winner of the first ever Phoenix Award in 1985, the protagonist of this work is given a “starburst of a cloak” by Sinan the merchant after killing his best friend Vortimax to obtain his wooden foil(*). Sinan later smuggles him out of jail to a position where he battles Queen Liadhan and marries the leader of the group The Wildcats, Liadhan's daughter Murna, impersonating the blinded and mutilated Midir through the titular object on his forehead. He later feels he has truly become the titular character while holding a golden plover feather. For 10 points name this novel centring on Phaedrus’s rule of the Dalriads, a Rosemary Sutcliff novel set in Scotland, just outside of Roman Britain:

ANSWER: The Mark of the Horse Lord [or Rosemary Sutcliff before “this work”]

10. In this film, the wife of the protagonist tells him that his mouth can finish what his fingers have started. Andrew Wenham’s character has the last line, “To Victory!” Dilios (*), the narrator, describes his enemy as “monsters from half the world away,” adding that “they’re clumsy beasts” and stating the enemy dead are “slippery.” Andrew Tiernan’s character is rejected for being unable to raise a shield, and is later cursed by the phrase “may you live forever” after requesting a uniform from a man who states “I only require you to kneel.” For 10 points name this film directed by Zack Snyder featuring Stelios and Astinos, whose epic quotations include “this is blasphemy, this is madness…THIS IS SPARTA!!!”


11. A notable political cartoon of King Louis-Phillipe depicted him gradually changing into one of these objects, while Wikipedia claims that their trees were used in the rituals of the Vainakh, ancestors of the Chechens. Book Two of Augustine’s (*) Confessions describes his participation in a theft of these objects in Tagaste, when they were fed to pigs. Never given as presents at Chinese New Year, their cultivation is described by Theophrastus and Pliny the Elder. Van Gogh depicted a small blossoming tree of this type in an 1888 work, and Claude Monet painted a still life of them with grapes. For 10 points name this fruit with Bosc and Anjou varieties, in whose tree you might find a partridge:

ANSWER: Pears [or Pyrus Communis]

[DE] 12. In this character's initial appearance, her last name is given as Matousek, although she is later referred to only by her more well-known name. One appearance sees her advising a friend named Ronnie, played by Ben Affleck, to avoid the Sudan on his upcoming trip to Africa because “it makes Fallujah look like Club Med,” while in another appearance, it is revealed that she used to babysit (*) Hilary Swank. Her initial appearance became well-known after all those participating in the sketch were overcome with laughter and broke character, with Horatio Sanz using a Mickey Mouse-shaped waffle to wipe away his tears. Also noted for her concern regarding Feline AIDS, for ten points name this ultra-pessimistic Saturday Night Live character portrayed by Rachel Dratch.

ANSWER: Debbie Downer

13. He exercises his right of the first night with his nephew’s wife Emer, but because of that man’s immense power, he has his chief Druid, Cathbad, sleep between them. Later indirectly killing his nephew’s father Sualtam for speaking to him at court, his treatment of Naoise, Naoise’s brothers (*) and Deirdre ultimately leads Fergus mac Roich to rebel against him, joined by this figure’s son Cormac Cond Longas. Owner of a possession which kills Finnbhennach but then dies itself, the attack of Medb of Connacht against him for possession of the bull Donn Cuailnge is told in the Cattle Raid of Cooley. For 10 points name this King of Ulster, commander of Cuchulainn, and son of Ness:

ANSWER: Conchobar mac Nessa [or Conchobar, son of Ness]

14. This character's last words are “I'll be damned. Oh, this is funny.” He has tuberculosis, but that does not impair his sense of humour, sarcastically terming a “mining town” as “very cosmopolitan” after witnessing a shooting (*). He tells a member of a red sash-wearing gang that he has two guns, one for each of him, after being accused of seeing double, and engages in a prolonged Latin exchange with the film’s main antagonist, which includes the phrase “age quod agis” and “in vino veritas.” Possessing a Southern drawl, this Georgia native later tells that antagonist Johnny Ringo that “I'm your huckleberry” twice, later adding “you're no daisy.” For 10 points name this friend of Wyatt Earp, played by Val Kilmer in the 1993 film Tombstone:

ANSWER: Doc Holliday [or Clear Knowledge Equivalents like “Doctor Holliday”]

15. Phipps and Taylor replicated this experiment in 1927 using hydrogen atoms in a ground state. One namesake was an assistant to Max Born, while the other worked for Frankfurt’s Institute for Experimental Physics. Isidor (*) Rabi used this experiment’s set-up to discover his namesake oscillation, while Ramsey and Kleppner used its principles for an energy source for the MASER. Corroborating the Bohr-Sommerfeld claim that angular momentum is quantized, this February 1922 experiment passed silver atoms through a non-homogeneous magnetic field. For 10 points, name this German advance in quantum mechanics, presaging the discovery of spin through varying atomic movement.

ANSWER: Stern-Gerlach Experiment

16. This song’s music video begins with a great-uncle’s bequest of a “sizeable inheritance,” with $1 million to be spent in 24 hours. The artist responds “yeah, where it’s at?” He then boasts that he’s “back on the scene/free-style king.”(*) Looking to buy the Rockets or the Comets, he boasts “you name it, I done it-you see it, and want it, I OWN it.” After thinking Jaguars and a Bentley Rolls, the speaker thinks “being rich before I’m 24.” He also makes “rainbows when the Sun reflects off [his] tooth.” A single off Undaground Legend, the speaker represents the “dirty dirty dirty dirty South.” For 10 points name this song with lyrics “and we like to floss, all my diamonds gloss,” a 2002 classic of Lil’ Flip:

ANSWER: The Way We Ball [accept clear knowledge equivalents of the Remixes]

17. This location’s town of Ayia Napa, named for a Venetian monastery, has become a holiday centre and destination for European House music concerts. A series of 108 dams runs through this area (*), the largest being Kouris Dam. Containing Akamas National Park, where emblematic moufflon can be found, it is also home to Dhekelia and Akrotiri, military bases administered by Great Britain from the town of Episkey St. Paul. Containing the Troodos and Kyrenia mountain ranges as well as Larnaca Salt Lake and Paphos Forest, this island’s highest point is at Mount Olympus. For 10 points name this alleged birthplace of Aphrodite, divided by the Green Zone with one capital at Nicosia:

ANSWER: Cyprus [or Republic of Cyprus until “108 dams”]

18. One episode in this series features a character looking for her “pink, I want to say vinyl” purse so she can obtain her cigarettes. In another, a character mistaken for Buzz Lightyear saving a boy from drowning, while in a third a boy is called “blanco nino,” (*) followed by the statement “too bad your ass got saaaacked.” Those episodes feature Lady Jaye, Deep Six and Footloose. One incoherent character is Spirit, whose dialogue is sampled from Brocket 99. Other episodes involve a flamboyantly homosexual Gung-Ho at a skate park and Blowtorch yelling “porkchop sandwiches!” followed by profanity and “my god, did that smell good.” For 10 points name these remakes of a 1980s television show by Eric Fensler, with the original motto “knowing is half the battle!”:

ANSWER: Fensler Films's Parody of the GI Joe Public Service Announcements [or Clear Knowledge Equivalent answers with all of these elements; Grudgingly Prompt on GI Joe]

19. Her future husband describes her as “most choice forsaken; and most loved despised” after she is admonished that “nothing will come of nothing.” Nahum Tate rewrote her text to end with a rapprochement with the (*) titular family member and her marriage to a character who claimed to be Tom O' Bedlam, a son of the Earl of Gloucester. Killed on the orders of another son of Gloucester in the original, this erstwhile Queen of France was rejected by the “waterish” Duke of Burgundy after being “unable to heave her heart into her mouth” to gain a dowry. For 10 points name this daughter of King Lear and sister of Regan and Goneril, whose dead body Lear carries onstage:

ANSWER: Cordelia

20. This man’s brother Alfonso was killed by gunshot in 1956, officially self-inflicted, but many accounts state this man accidentally shot him. Santiago Carrillo described him as “the Brief,”(*) retracted after this figure successfully fought against the coup 23-F in 1981. Earlier, he had appointed Adolfo Suarez as Prime Minister. In November 2007 this figure gained headlines by asking Hugo Chavez, “why don’t you shut up?” and later leaving during a speech by Daniel Ortega alleging his country’s interference in Nicaragua. Gaining power in the Holy Spirit Mass, his position was strengthened in 1977 when his father, son of Alfonso XIII, renounced claims to his position. For 10 points name this current Bourbon King of Spain:

ANSWER: Juan Carlos I

TB1.. A half-pint pewter jug can be seen in the basket of seafood placed on a young girl’s head in this artist’s The Shrimp Girl. This artist of The Painter and his Pug also depicted a placard demanding “Give us our eleven days” in his work An Election Entertainment (*), painted after the Calendar Act installed the Gregorian Calendar. This artist of The Four Times of Day portrayed Tom Nero and violence towards animals in his The Four Stages of Cruelty, but may be better known for series featuring the nuptials of the son of the Earl of Squanderfield and the titular Tom Rakewell. For 10 points name this 18th century artist of Marriage-a-la-Mode and The Rake’s Progress, as well as Beer Street and Gin Lane.

ANSWER: William Hogarth

TB2.. Meeting in Bonn, Germany in 2004, one of its members worked with DJ Sammy on the single “Heaven.” Signed to Zooland Records, owned by this group’s Manuel Reiter, it sampled a 1992 Maggie Reilly (*) song off the album Echoes for a song, whose singer feels “the static” and “reaches for the sky.” Another song with a B-Side cover of Wham!’s “Last Christmas” was certified Gold in 2009. In addition to “Everytime We Touch” and “What Hurts the Most,” they mention a person “addicted to the sound” with music that “feels like an overdose” in a work featuring Carlprit, “Evacuate the Dancefloor.” For 10 points name this group comprised of DJ Manian, Yanou and Natalie Horler:

ANSWER: Cascada

1. For ten points each, answer these questions on chicklit:

[10] Shopaholic author Sophie Kinsella also wrote this work, about an up and coming lawyer, Samantha Sweeting who is suddenly fired from her job. With nowhere left to go, she starts a disasterous career as a housekeeper.

Answer: Undomestic Goddess

[10] Dividing the world into “singletons” and “smug marrieds,” this 1996 work by Helen Fielding sees the protagonist fall for Mark Darcy, and details characters such as Shazzer, Jude and Tom through the title chronicle:

ANSWER: Bridget Jones’s Diary

[10] Considered “chick lit” in its day, this 1850 novel by Elizabeth Wetherell (pen name of Susan Warner) follows the life of Ellen Montgomery as she struggles to be a good girl in a very didactic and Christian-centric narrative. Going through 14 editions in 2 years, the book is sometimes termed America’s first bestseller, and has a very broad title:

ANSWER: The Wide, Wide World
2. Identify the following movies from epic, yet incoherent, quotations for 10 points each:

[10] In this 1987 film, Blain Cooper, played by Jesse Ventura, tells Poncho Ramirez “I ain’t got time to bleed,” before deploying grenades and asking him “you got time to duck?”:

ANSWER: Predator

[10] Amity Police Chief Martin Brody instructs the title character of this 1975 Steven Spielberg film to “smile, you son of a bitch!” before exploding it using a compressed oxygen tank in its mouth”:


[10] After beating Ivan Drago, who had earlier stated “I must break you,” the title pugilist in this 1985 delivers a speech to which the Soviet Premier gives a standing ovation. It uses such gems as “in here, there were two guys killing each other, but I guess that’s better than 20 million” and “if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!”

ANSWER: Rocky IV [Do NOT Accept or Prompt on “Rocky”]
3. Identify the following poets who have won the Nobel Prize in Literature, for 10 points each:

[10] This poet and playwright earned the Nobel prize "for his work which is marked by both idealism and humanity, its stimulating satire often being infused with a singular poetic beauty". He is better known for writing plays such as Pygmalion and Major Barbara.

ANSWER: George Bernard Shaw

[10] This Chilean poet became the first Latin American Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1945. A teacher of Pablo Neruda, her own work included “Sonnets of Death” and 1923’s Readings for Women:

ANSWER: Gabriela Mistral [or Lucila de Maria del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga]

[10] The winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature, this Saint Lucian poet is best known for his epic poem Omeros, a retelling of Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey. One of his latest collections, which typically explore questions of race, was 2010’s White Egrets:

ANSWER: Derek Alton Walcott
4. Your writer is still in toxic shock from the amount of Basketball in NAQT Sectionals. Therefore, for 10 points each:

[10] Name this Welsh soccer left-fielder, number 11 for Manchester United, who has 11 English Premier League first-place medals to go along with his 2 Champions League winner medals. He has played his entire career for Manchester United, and was named the team's greatest player ever in a poll by the club's official magazine:

ANSWER: Ryan Joseph Giggs

[10] Named “Best Young Player” of the 2002 World Cup, this American currently playing for the L.A. Galaxy became the leading American scorer in World Cup history and only the third American to score in more than one World Cup:

ANSWER: Landon Timothy Donovan

[10] Led by Diego Forlan, this South American nation which has won 2 World Cups eliminated Ghana in the 2010 World Cup after a controversial handball. They were beaten 3-2 by The Netherlands in the semi-final:

ANSWER: Uruguay [or clear knowledge equivalents]
5. Seinfeld is so much deeper when one has learned about sociology and psychology. For 10 points each:

[10] Jerry and the gang videotaping a fat man being robbed without helping in the final episode could be attributed to this phenomenon, studied by Darley and Latane in 1968. The number of observers is sometimes found to be inversely proportional to the chances of intervention, with the murder of Kitty Genovese considered an archetypal example:

ANSWER: Bystander Effect

[10] George dons a “breastplate of righteousness” to hide his attempt at a date with Marissa Tomei from his fiancée Susan and the person who can arrange it, Elaine. “Breastplate of righteousness” is a term coined by this man in his work Tea Room Trade, describing the public façade of heterosexuality adopted by men he observed having homosexual encounters in public washrooms and later tracked down to interview posing as a census-taker:

ANSWER: Robert Allan “Laud” Humphreys

[10] George learns the destructive phrase “Serenity Now” from Lloyd Braun, and begins to refer to himself in the third person after seeing Jimmy do it. This learned behaviour mirrors Albert Bandura’s experiment with this object, which children were more likely to hit after observing an adult hit it first. The experiment itself may cast light on the vicious cycle of domestic violence:

ANSWER: Bobo Doll
6. [10] Answer the following questions about these ancient Greek philosophers, for 10 points each:

[10] The first philosopher profiled in Lives of the Eminent Philosophers, most sources including Aristotle and Bertrand Russell identify him as the first Greek philosopher. He believed that the fundamental source of all matter was water, once predicted a solar eclipse, and allegedly once made a fortune through olive presses to show that philosophers could be pragmatic:

ANSWER: Thales of Miletos

[10] This pupil of Antisthenes popularized cynicism, living as a dog. Reportedly, when Alexander the Great came to Corinth and asked what favour he could do for this man, this philosopher told him to get out of his sunlight. Violating the taboo of eating in the agora, he is often depicted with a lamp, looking for an honest man:

ANSWER: Diogenes of Sinope

[10] This Sicilian philosopher of the poems Purifications and On Nature presupposed the first law of thermodynamics by arguing that nothing could truly be created or destroyed, only changed in mixture. Known for enumerating the four classical elements (fire, air, earth, and water), his theory of mixing of matter incorporated the agencies of Love and Strife. He allegedly died by jumping into Mount Etna:

ANSWER: Empedokles
7. Answer the following about these awesome musicals, for 10 points each:

[10] Starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, this 2008 web-released musical, a brainchild of Joss Whedon, this musical details the title character’s attempts to get into Bad Horse’s Evil League of Evil, and contains songs such as “Brand New Day,” “Everyone’s a Hero,” and “Penny’s Song”:

ANSWER: Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

[10] This song from the musical Les Miserables asks “some will fall and some will live, will you stand up and take your chance?” before stating “the blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France.” It is sung by Marius and his group of Revolutionaries, acting in the name of the title group who “will not be slaves again”:

ANSWER: “Do You Hear The People Sing?”

[10] Written by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Tim Rice, this musical still performed in Sweden describes in part a match between an American and Russian during the Cold War, and includes the songs “Pity the Child,” “One Night in Bangkok” and “Nobody’s Side,” sung by Florence, the American’s assistant who falls in love with the Russian:


8. Both Miley Cyrus and Liza Minnelli cameo as themselves, with Minnelli singing “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it).” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 2010 sequel, where one character travels to Abu Dhabi to assist Sheikh Khaled with a PR campaign but gets arrested for indecency with Rikard, and another of the four protagonists, Miranda, quits her job at a law firm:

ANSWER: Sex and the City 2 [Do NOT Prompt on “Sex and the City”]

[10] Carrie “plays with fire” in Abu Dhabi with this former fiancé played by John Corbett. She confesses her romantic kiss with this man to her husband “Mr. Big,” who ultimately forgives her:

ANSWER: Aidan Shaw [Accept Either]

[10] Upon returning to New York, this is the type of jewel Carrie is given in a ring by her husband. When she asks why he gave her this rare gem, he replies “Because you’re not like anyone else”:

ANSWER: Black Diamond [Prompt on partial answer]

9. Americana? You bet! For 10 points identify these questions relating to controversial U.S. Presidential elections:

[10] The election of this year saw Samuel J. Tilden win the popular vote, but lose to the Republican candidate by one electoral college vote. A block of 20 electoral college votes were disputed by observers, and Colorado’s legislature selected its State’s 3 electors as Republicans:

ANSWER: Election of 1876

[10] This man became President-elect in 1876. With a name which readily accommodated allegations of impropriety, this Ohioan former Union commander effectively ended Reconstruction in return for acceptance of the result. He did not run for re-election:

ANSWER: Rutherford Birchard Hayes (called by his enemies “Rutherfraud B. Hayes”)

[10] Due to a procedural quirk, this man who was running for Vice President in 1800 received as many electoral college votes for President as his running mate Thomas Jefferson. He would not stand aside, and was only defeated after a week, on the 36th ballot. This led to 1804’s Twelfth Amendment:

ANSWER: Aaron Burr, Jr.
10. Answer these questions about American politics, for 10 points each.

[10] This political system was first espoused in Rome, though very different from its modern conception. It is often considered a subsection of liberalism. It was then brought about by revolutions in the United States and France.

ANSWER: Republicanism

[10] This republican president was responsible for eliminating the gold standard, reopening long closed lines of communication with communist China and quit before a proper impeachment process could be undertaken.

ANSWER: Richard Nixon

[10] This British journalist since then knighted, engaged president Nixon in a series of interviews held over four programs in 1977. Because no American networks were interested, this journalist, along with a group of investors, were forced to bankroll the operation.

ANSWER: Sir David Frost
11. An angel’s smile is what you sell/You promise me Heaven but put me through Hell. Chains of love got a hold on me/when passion’s a prison, you can’t break free. For 10 points each:

[10] These are some of the lyrics to what 1986 song which reached the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 in that year. The singer is “shot through the heart, and you’re to blame” alleging that he “plays his part, and you play your game” bringing an emotion into disrepute:

ANSWER: “You Give Love a Bad Name”

[10] “You Give Love a Bad Name” was the first number one hit for this band, off their album Slippery When Wet. Other songs by this group include “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and 2000’s “It’s My Life” off the album Crush:

ANSWER: Bon Jovi

[10] “Livin’ on a Prayer” stayed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks in 1987. It was preceded in top spot by this singer’s “Open Your Heart,” off the album True Blue, which reigned for only 1 week. With “Open Your Heart” appearing in the film Crossroads, other singles off True Blue include “Live to Tell” and “La Isla Bonita”:

ANSWER: Madonna [or Madonna Louise Ciccone]
12. There was plenty of drama on the gridiron during the 2010-2011 NFL season. For 10 points each:

[10] This University of California product and successor to Brett Favre led the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl victory as quarterback, and used a signature “Championship Belt” motion to celebrate touchdowns:

ANSWER: Aaron Charles Rodgers

[10] This coach of the New York Jets attracted headlines after a leaked video suggested he had a foot fetish. He described his team's rivalry with Indianapolis and New England as “personal” with the Jets beating both in the playoffs:

ANSWER: Rex Ryan

[10] The only team ever to win a NFL Division with a losing record, this 7-9 team coached by Pete Carroll beat the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in the playoffs before bowing out to the Chicago Bears:

ANSWER: Seattle Seahawks [Accept either]

13. Set at Sacred Heart, the protagonist experiences frequent reveries, ending with statements like “I don't have gay jungle fever!” and “we’d need a whole lot of gnomes.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this television show, subtitled “Med School” in its ninth season, focussing on the hospital activities of Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian:

ANSWER: Scrubs

[10] Played by Donald Faison, this is JD’s best friend and sometime roommate, a surgeon. JD refers to his being an African-American by giving him the nickname “Chocolate Bear”:

ANSWER: Doctor Christopher Duncan Turk

[10] This actor guest-starred on Scrubs as the brother-in-law of Doctor Perry Cox, who ultimately dies of a heart problem. Other lead roles of his include Rick O'Connell in The Mummy franchise, and the title character Link in Encino Man:

ANSWER: Brendan James Fraser

14. Answer the following about American short stories, for 10 points each:

[10] The protagonist of this story goes into the woods of Puritan New England to attend a Satanic ritual. At the last moment he cries out for his wife Faith to resist the ritual, but awakes unsure of whether it was all a dream:

ANSWER: “Young Goodman Brown”

[10] “The Birth mark” and “Roger Malvin’s Burial” are all part of a collection of short stories that go by this name, referencing the building in which the author began his married life. “Roger Malvin’s Burial” can also be found in this collection.

ANSWER: Mosses from an Old Manse

[10] Mosses from an Old Manse is by this renown American Author who is perhaps better know for his House of the Seven Gables and The Scarlet Letter.

ANSWER: Nathaniel Hawthorne
15. Answer the following questions about the Bible, for 10 points each:

[10] Responsible for the death of Uriah the Hittite, this son of Jesse indirectly succeeded Saul as King of Israel and was himself succeeded by Solomon:

ANSWER: King David [or Dawood]

[10] This man's curse of his grandson Canaan after Ham “uncovered this figure's nakedness” was formerly used to justify slavery of African-American "Hamites." The Bible can also be interpreted to credit him with the initiation of post-diluvian viticulture:

ANSWER: Noah [or Nuh]

[10] David and Noah may have cursed and smitten, but this successor to Elijah took it to another level. Second Kings tells the story of youths who called him “baldhead” being eaten by bears, he once afflicted his servant with leprosy for being paid by the Syrian Naaman, and on his deathbed is angry that Aram will only be defeated three times, not completely destroyed.

ANSWER: Elisha [or Saint Eliseus or Alyasa]
16. Answer the following about characters who can be found in Marvel Versus Capcom Three: Fate of Two Worlds, for 10 points each:

[10] This shirtless human character, who will hit you with a pipe repeatedly in MvC3, debuted in the Final Fight series as Mayor of Metro City:

ANSWER: Mike Haggar

[10] One of the lead story villains in MvC3 is this Capcom Resident Evil character, who teams up with Doctor Doom to try to conquer both their universes. Apart from his red eyes, this playable character is reminiscent of Neo from The Matrix in his wardrobe:

ANSWER: Albert Wesker

[10] A Marvel playable character, she represents a female clone of Wolverine. Although her attacks are almost identical to Wolverine, her skills in MvC3 include being faster than Wolverine:

ANSWER: X-23 [or Laura Kinney]

17. Answer the following colourful questions which may create an envious colour change in the other team, for 10 points each:

[10] The sea is visible and a man toils in the fields in this 1889 Paul Gauguin work which shows a blue-skirted and brown-bonneted Breton woman grasping a basket and crouching in front of the titular colourful statue of a corpse and three women:

ANSWER: The Green Christ [or Le Christ Vert]

[10] Anselmo builds the titular Peruvian brothel in this 1965 Mario Vargas Llosa novel, and while it is burned down by a mob led by Father Garcia, Anselmo’s daughter Chunga rebuilds it. Bonifacia, an Aguarana native, ultimately ends up as a prostitute known as “Wildflower” at this residence:

ANSWER: The Green House [or La Casa Verde]

[10] 1975’s Green March, organized at Tarfaya by Hassan II, saw 350,000 Moroccans march into this disputed polity whose major centre is El Aaiun. It has been under Moroccan control since Spanish decolonisation, but is also claimed by Mauretania:

ANSWER: Western Sahara [or Tanezruft Tutrimt or al Sahra al Garbiah]

18. Answer the following related questions for 10 points each:

[10] This city’s baseball team hasn't won a World Series since 1947, its NHL and AHL teams, both named the Barons left town in 1978 and 2006, its Basketball team has never won a Championship, and its NFL team the Browns has never won a Superbowl:

ANSWER: Cleveland

[10] Rachel Phelps inherits the Cleveland Indians and wants to move them to Florida in this 1989 film starring Corbin Bernsen and Wesley Snipes, and featuring characters such as Pedro Cerrano and Willie “Mays” Hayes:

ANSWER: Major League

[10] At the end of this WB/UPN series set in Sunnydale, after the battle with Caleb, the surviving characters joke about relocating to Cleveland, since there is another Hellmouth there. In this series’s episode “The Wish,” the title character performs the titular action in Cleveland, as Cordelia has kept her away from California:

ANSWER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
19. nswer the following questions on human infectious diseases designed to make you sick, for 10 points each:

[10] Coming in two subspecies, gambiense and rhodensiense, Winterbottom’s sign in the lymph nodes is a key sign of this African disease spread by the Glossina family of tsetse fly. A major symptom of the neurological phase is its title:

ANSWER: Sleeping Sickness [or Human African/Congo trypanosomiasis; prompt on “African lethargy”]

[10] Coming from the Greek for “smoky” or “hazy,” to describe the sufferer’s mind, this disease has “epidemic” and “murine” varieties caused by the Rickettsia genus. With a notable vaccine created by Rudolf Weigl, it is spread through lice, fleas, and in Australia, ticks:

ANSWER: Typhus [Do NOT Accept Typhoid]

[10] With binomial nomenclature named after its bacillus’s discoverer, Alexandre Yersin, this disease is the basis for the nursery rhyme “ring around the rosy.” Devastating Europe in the 14th century, this disease carried by rats also goes by the name “the Black Death”:

ANSWER: Bubonic Plague
20. Answer the following about particle physics for 10 points each:

[10] The mediating particle of the strong nuclear force, these vector gauge bosons have a spin of 1. They were theorized by Gell-Man in 1962 and discovered in Germany in 1979:

ANSWER: Gluons

[10] Sometimes known as the “God Particle,” this only unobserved Standard Model particle which may give particles mass is sought by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. It is named after a Professor Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh:

ANSWER: Higgs Boson

[10] These composite bosons, made up of one quark and one antiquark, were believed to have been discovered by Anderson in 1936, although this discovery, the muon, turned out to be a lepton. Discovered in 1947 at the University of Bristol, they earned the theorist Hideki Yukawa the 1949 Nobel Prize in Physics. Examples include the upsilon and J/psi:

ANSWER: Mesons

Extra. One character in this series attends Mars University where she is a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Wong, while another is a doctor for humans despite not knowing how many mouths they have. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Matt Groening-developed animated series, focussing on the Planet Express Delivery Company, with crewmembers Turanga Leela, Phillip Fry, and Bender Bending Rodriguez:

ANSWER: Futurama

[10] After buying Bender’s body, this historical figure, reduced to a head in a jar, becomes President of Earth with a new robot body. He gives everyone a $300 bonus when Earth conquers the Spiderians, although as he later discovers, “the loot, the loot, the loot is on fire!”:

ANSWER: Richard Milhous Nixon

[10] This creature first appears in “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid,” using its namesake power to herd sheep into a pen before forcing the judges to award it first place in a pet show. The entranced audience then applauds in unison. Later, this creature gains a television show, “Everybody Loves [this character],” featuring it staring at the camera for the full time:

ANSWER: The Hypnotoad

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