Division I – gsb 120 9: 30 am comanche Gear

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Scholarship Competition

Semifinals – February 19, 2016

Division I – GSB 2.120

9:30 AM Comanche Gear

Producers of high quality customizable K9 gear with modern design and sturdy construction, fit for every dog owner, from the casual stroller to the avid outdoorsman. Christian Bustamante

9:55 AM Falcon Technology

Falcon Technology markets a cost-effective medical device that improves the quality and efficiency of fluoroscopically-guided spinal injections by ensuring successful needle insertion in a single attempt. Mahesh Murali

10:20 AM HolBe
HolBe is a holistic wellness restructuring consultancy whose goal is to cultivate healthy office ecosystems that foster creativity and collaboration within organizations of all types and sizes. HolBe collaborates with client companies to develop an integrated wellness program that shifts the overall holistic health of the office while respecting clients’ budget capabilities. Teresa Bayer
10:45 AM S&T Scholars
S&T Scholars is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for low-income families. It targets students living below the poverty line and commits to providing 20 years of academic support services to each student. S&T Scholars provides case management, after school tutoring, quarterly (bilingual) family conferences, Healthy Lifestyles Parent Workshops, Financial Literacy Parent Workshops and a four week summer school program. Jacqueline Christina Tobar
11:10 AM Wilder Systems
Wilder Systems is in the business of supplying automated tools to the aerospace industry that improve productivity and quality, seamlessly integrating into existing factory production lines. William Wilder


Mikaela Berman, Venture Partner, Texas Venture Labs
Omar Garza, Winner, 2015 TVL Scholarship
Jon Sherr
, Winner, 2014 TVL Scholarship
Stephen Sweeney, Director, Full-time MBA Admissions

Scholarship Competition

Semifinals – February 19, 2016

Division II – GSB 3.130

9:30 AM Cazorb
The rigid education system in India requires students to pick careers at the nascent age of fifteen. Cazorb connects students to professionals across careers through live webinars. Cazorb will earn revenue in the $109 billion Indian education industry by serving as a platform for universities, companies and ancillary educational service providers to connect with students. Adwait Dandekar
9:55 AM Emya
is a mobile app development company working on finishing the development of its first app, BoxHopp, which functions as a mobile platform to connect moving companies with people who are moving. Yashar Pirasteh
10:20 AM Meet and Compete
Meet and Compete is an interactive IOS and Android application that enables users to meet up for pickup sports and other activities at a moment’s notice. The application allows users to view a map of local sports and activities and post their own. Users can keep an agenda of upcoming sports and activities and chat with other players prior to and after the games. Users can also search for specific sports and track their physical activity through health stats integration. William Elliott
10:45 AM Tekton Industries
Tekton Industries is an educational gaming company that seeks to create an interactive, accessible way of learning for students through discovery. Its primary goal is to create engaging, user controlled, content based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics that is available through a variety of platforms in the classroom. Tekton Industries’ first fully produced game, Blue Marble, is a high quality, astronomy based app in which students investigate habitable zones within our solar system. Beth Hood

Justin Key, Winner, 2014 TVL Scholarship
Rodrigo Malta
, Director, MBA Program Office
Ryan McKeeman, Venture Partner, Texas Venture Labs
Bob Parrino, Lamar Savings Centennial Professor of Finance

Scholarship Competition

Semifinals – February 19, 2016

Division III – GSB 5.153

9:30 AM BevSeek
BevSeek is a new type of craft beer distribution company focused on getting the most sought after craft beers from around the country to specific retail, restaurant and bar locations in markets where they are unavailable. Currently, breweries sign exclusive agreements with distributors in each city for their whole portfolio. Outside of their distribution footprint is pent up demand for. By focusing on specific offerings and operating at a national level, BevSeek can help eliminate these inefficiencies. Dixon Milner
9:55 AM Milkprint
Milkprint is focused on creating products that reduce the environmental impact of food waste. In the US alone, approximately 20 percent of milk produced goes to waste. Much of this is due to our misinterpretation of the often arbitrarily assigned “use by”, “sell by” and “best before” labels on milk containers. Using just a few drops of milk, Milkprint will inform the consumer whether their store-bought pasteurized milk is fit for consumption or should be poured down the drain. Madhavi Kurapati
10:20 AM Q’ello
Q’ello is a modern milk for the modern world: plant-based, completely traceable and delivered right to your door. What makes Q’ello special is a best-in-category fresh taste, end-to-end traceability of sourcing and ingredients with an app and a direct-to-consumer delivery system. Josh Berrington
10:45 AM Rita’s Natural Plantain Chips
Rita’s Natural Plantain Chips produces a gourmet line of organic, non-GMO plantain chips that are sold in grocery stores and other retail outlets across the U.S. Rita’s will provide tasty snacks free of artificial ingredients that will satisfy consumers’ snack cravings and bring a bit of joy to their lives at a moderate price. Rita’s initial product line will contain five flavors of plantain chips: original with sea salt, sweet and smoky chipotle, lime with sea salt, brown sugar and cacao. Jordan Ferchill
11:10 AM SportSak
SportSak is a bag of all of the things athletes need without all of the time it takes to go and get them. One less thing on your to-do list. It comes every month, always at the same time and in a bag that you can throw in the back of your car and take to your practices. It saves you time and delivers the top-notch gear and nutrition that you need to perform at your peak level. Blake Harp

Tenaj Ferguson, Winner, 2015 TVL Scholarship

Daniel Liu, MBA Career Advisor, Full-time Program
Rene Martinez, Senior Full-time MBA Admissions Officer, Full-time Program
Aimy Steadman, Chief Operating Officer, Beatbox Beverages, LLC

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