Diverse Job Seekers Use Five Criteria to Evaluate Employers, According to New York Times Job Market National Study

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The New York Times Company (ticker: NYT, exchange: New York Stock Exchange) News Release - 3/12/03

Diverse Job Seekers Use Five Criteria to Evaluate Employers, According to New York Times Job Market National Study
NEW YORK, Mar 12, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Diverse job seekers find companies with diversity recruiting initiatives more attractive if they emphasize specific benefits and workplace characteristics, according to research presented today at the AIRS-New York Times Job Market Diversity Recruitment and Retention Summit in New York City.

Findings are based on a study conducted in January 2003 by Beta Research Corporation and Community Connect, Inc. on behalf of The New York Times Job Market. Surveys were conducted nationwide among 500 recruiters and more than 350 diverse job seekers (74% African-American, 21% Hispanic and 4% Asian). Job seeker interviews were conducted online via Blackplanet.com, Migente.com and Asianavenue.com.

Diverse job seekers and recruiters evaluate the appeal of prospective employers based on five criteria:

1. Emphasis on career advancement and good benefits. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of diverse job seekers say opportunity for advancement and good benefits are very important to them in their current job searches. 2. Emphasis on work-life balance. Eighty-seven percent (87%) of diverse job seekers say organizations that promote work-life balance is very important to them. 3. Extent of current diversity initiatives. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of diverse candidates say they prefer to work in a diverse workplace than a non-diverse workplace. 4. Availability of mentor programs. Eighty percent (80%) of diverse candidates who have participated in mentoring programs say they found them to be extremely or very valuable. 5. Company image. Sixty-five percent (65%) of diverse candidates say an organization's reputation for supporting workplace diversity is an important factor in their job search.

The AIRS-New York Times Job Market Diversity Recruitment and Retention Summit Series, currently underway across the country, provides executives responsible for management, human resources, operations or finance with an array of innovative strategies, next generation recruitment and retention best practices, and useful tools to identify, recruit and retain high talent minority job candidates. Each summit draws on current research, expert presentations, as well as local case studies and panels to offer a focused, daylong look at how companies may build a strong, multicultural workforce.

To obtain a list of participating cities, future dates and to learn more about each event, please visit www.airsdirectory.com/products/summits or call AIRS at 1-800-466-4010.

About AIRS

AIRS is a diversified Human Capital Solutions company, providing executive education, tools and information for Talent Acquisition, Advancement and Career Transition. Its clients include over 60% of the Fortune 500, as well as market-leading companies in virtually every industry today. AIRS is also the leading provider of e-recruitment training and information services worldwide. Since 1998, over 30,000 recruitment leaders have attended AIRS Training in the US and abroad - and over 75,000 staffing and HR professionals subscribe to AIRS Daily News.

About Job Market

Job Market, the print and online recruitment services offering of The New York Times, provides employers and job seekers with comprehensive resources to streamline the recruitment process. Job Market appears in The New York Times every Sunday and is updated throughout the week at NYTimes.com, where job seekers can find job listings, career-related Times articles, exhaustive company research, a resume database and valuable career resources.

Through the newspaper's national audience, which includes 4.2 million weekday readers and 5.0 million Sunday readers as well as the 1.5 million readers who visit NYTimes.com every day, The New York Times Job Market reaches a marketplace of high-quality professionals actively seeking new job opportunities or considering career moves.

Each week, The New York Times Job Market issues research on industry trends and workplace practices affecting employers and job seekers in the metropolitan New York region. On a monthly basis, The New York Times Job Market releases its Job Market Confidence Index. The Index tracks current conditions for recruitment in the New York metro area as well as future outlook for the coming six months. Copies of Job Market research reports are available upon request or at NYTimes.com/jobmarket. New York-based Beta Research Corporation, via random telephone interviews, independently conducts The New York Times Job Market research.

NOTE: Job Market research is not affiliated with the editorial operations of The New York Times newspaper and does not reflect the views of the newspaper or its journalists. Source all references to Job Market research as: The New York Times Job Market.

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