Disclaimer: This tr is an ad-hoc draft, and subject to modification. The Tr has yet to be presented to, or be accepted by, tsg-s1

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Disclaimer: This TR is an ad-hoc draft, and subject to modification. The TR has yet to be presented to, or be accepted by, TSG-S1.

3G TR 22.976 V0.5.0 (2000-01)

Technical Specification

3rd Generation Partnership Project;

Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects;

Study on PS domain services and capabilities

(3G TR 22.976 version 0.5.0)

The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP TM) and may be further elaborated for the purposes of 3GPP.
The present document has not been subject to any approval process by the 3GPP Organisational Partners and shall not be implemented.
This Specification is provided for future development work within 3GPP only. The Organisational Partners accept no liability for any use of this Specification.
Specifications and reports for implementation of the 3GPP TM system should be obtained via the 3GPP Organisational Partners' Publications Offices.






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3GPP support office address

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Valbonne - FRANCE

Tel.: +33 4 92 94 42 00 Fax: +33 4 93 65 47 16



Copyright Notification

No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission.

The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
© 1999, 3GPP Organizational Partners (ARIB, CWTS, ETSI, T1, TTA,TTC).

All rights reserved.


Contents 4

Foreword 5

1 Scope 6

2 References 6

3 Definitions and abbreviations 7

3.1 Definitions 7

3.2 Abbreviations 8

4 High level vision 8

4.1 The IP vision 8

4.2. Network evolution to an All IP network 9

4.3 User perspective of services 9

4.4 Teleservices and multimedia services 11

4.5 PS Domain Network Requirements 12

4.6 High level service requirements 12

5 Applicability of existing toolkits 13

5.1CAMEL 13

5.2MExE 14

5.3SAT 14

5.4VHE/OSA/??????????????? 14

6 New service capabilities and end user benefits 14

6.1 Main categories of services 14

6.2 Basic Call 15

6.3 Call Barring 15

6.4 Advice of Charge 15

6.5 Call Diversion 15

6.6 Conferencing 16

6.7 Number Portability 16

6.8 Service Provisioning 16

6.9 Summary of required service primitives 16

7 Service continuity and new services 17

7.1 Service continuation 17

7.2 No new standardised supplementary services 17

7.3 Service compatibility with mainstream IP based services 17

7.4 Support of Release 99 supplementary services in PS Release 2000 18

8 Case study of realisation of some services 18

9 Evaluation of what does and does not need to be standardised by 3GPP 18

10Interoperability requirements 18

11 Release workplan 18

Annex A PS Domain feature list evaluation for release 2000 (Normative) 20

History 30


This Technical Specification has been produced by the 3GPP.

The contents of the present document are subject to continuing work within the TSG and may change following formal TSG approval. Should the TSG modify the contents of this TS, it will be re-released by the TSG with an identifying change of release date and an increase in version number as follows:

Version 3.y.z


x the first digit:

1 presented to TSG for information;

2 presented to TSG for approval;

3 Indicates TSG approved document under change control.

y the second digit is incremented for all changes of substance, i.e. technical enhancements, corrections, updates, etc.

z the third digit is incremented when editorial only changes have been incorporated in the specification;

1 Scope

This Technical Report provides background information, motivations, descriptions of service drivers, and concepts regarding general service requirements and service features of the All-IP network option. The All-IP network option will be developed in a phased approach. The scope of the first phase of the All-IP network option (as part of 3GPP Release 2000) is describedThis TR provides the basis for the detailed Stage 1 specification work.

The focus of the TR is:

  • High level vision

  • Potential Service Drivers

  • New service capabilities and end user benefits

  • Case study of realisation of a some services e.g. CFU

  • Evaluation of what does and does not need to be standardised

  • Release roadmap

  • Feature List

  • Time of delivery expectations for standards and products (now indented)

  • Division of responsibility between S1 and S2, dialogue between the two groups is required. There is a need to set expectations.

This TR has been created to ease the development of the All IP network option, and this document can be used to guide 3GPP in the creation of new specifications and CRs to existing specifications for the realisation of mobile communications services based on the Release 2000 specifications.
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