Dinosaur Worksheet

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The answers to these questions will be helpful when you organize your research, write your report, and give your presentation. Answer a minimum of ten questions. The more questions you answer, the more informative your report and presentation will be.

Dinosaur Worksheet

  1. What is the common name of your dinosaur?

  2. What is the scientific name of your dinosaur and what does it mean?

  3. What is the size of your dinosaur?

  4. What is the weight of your dinosaur?

  5. How big or small is your dinosaur in relation to a human?

  6. What was your dinosaur’s diet?

  7. Was your dinosaur a carnivore or an herbivore? 

  8. What was the habitat of your dinosaur?

  9. Where did your dinosaur live?

  10. In what period did your dinosaur live?

  11. What did the earth look like in that period?

  12. What dinosaurs were related to your dinosaur?

  13. Did your dinosaur live in a herd or did it live alone?

  14. How long did the dinosaurs exist on earth?

  15. What do you think happened to the dinosaurs?

  16. Did your dinosaur walk on two legs or four?

  17. Do you think that dinosaurs and birds are related?

  18. Name one famous paleontologist.

  19. What animals today look like dinosaurs?

  20. Why was this your favorite dinosaur?

Here is a chart of dinosaurs to help you with your selection.













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