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Ron Saint Germain - Biography
Ron has earned over 60 Gold and Platinum Disc awards including four “Diamond Platinum" (10 million +) awards with sales approaching a quarter of a billion units. He has participated as either a producer, engineer, and/or mixer on 18 Grammy nominated projects garnering 12 winners.

Ron’s first solo production credits began in the early ‘80s through the ‘90s with albums he produced and mixed by the legendary BAD BRAINS,“I Against I”, “Quickness” and “The Youth Are Getting Restless”. He also co-produced STEVE EARLE’s “Shut Up And Die Like An Aviator” while continuing to mix and remix such major hits as “Wishing Well” for TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY, “Why Can’t I Be You” and “Hot, Hot, Hot” by THE CURE, “Solid As A Rock” by ASHFORD & SIMPSON, “How Will I Know” by WHITNEY HOUSTON, “Lucky In Love” and “Just Another Night” by MICK JAGGER, “Jealous” by GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, “Wildflower” by THE CULT, “Bad” by U2, “Show Me Your Soul” by RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, and landmark albums such as “Goo” by SONIC YOUTH, “Electric Café” from KRAFTWERK, “Badmotorfinger” for SOUNDGARDEN, and the TOOL album “Undertow”.

Other productions included “Biscuits” and the “Stain” albums for LIVING COLOUR as well as their cover of “Crosstown Traffic” for the “Stone Free”, A Tribute to JIMI HENDRIX album; four songs on the BONHAM “Mad Hatter” album, several tracks for MUSE.

Ron also mixed studio albums by KILLING JOKE “Pandemonium”, THE SOUP DRAGONS “Hydrophonic”, plus mixes on tracks for French Rappers NO ONE IS INNOCENT. Ron also produced albums for KEZIAH JONES “African Space Craft” and the self titled US triple + Platinum album for 311, “311”, as well as mixing the US x10 + multi-Platinum debut CREED album “My Own Prison”.

including producing the grammy winning ‘Song of the Year’, “With Arms Wide Open” for CREED on Wind Up (#1 Billboard Hot 100 - Single of the Year in 2005) taken from the 12 + US Platinum album “Human Clay”. He also mixed tracks for MOS' DEF for Rawkus. Having also produced the last 4 studio albums for 311, Ron has recently completed producing albums for DREDG for Interscope. IL NINO for Roadrunner and the soon to be released BREED 77 for AC/DC’s label, Albert Productions. Ron has already had two #1 singles at rock radio, mixed (with additional production) the song “Count On Me” by DEFAULT (written and produced by Chad Kroeger, lead singer in Nickelback) for TVT Records and produced / mixed “Don’t Tread On Me” from the most recent 311 album of the same name having also mixed a 2 hour live concert special in 5.1 surround for the HD Net at “The Hive” for 311.

Recently, Ron has been producing his youngest artist ever, 8 year old SKYLAR MAR (Dream Makers) and  overseeing the building of his new home mix suite in New Jersey, USA.

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