Descendants of Joseph Mathew Oldfield

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Descendants of Joseph Mathew Oldfield


Rhonda Brownlow


JOSEPH MATHEW2 OLDFIELD (WILLIAM JOSEPH1) was born 1805 in Ashill, Norfolk England, and died 08 Aug 1886 in Queanbeyan - buried Cuppercumbalong NSW. He married (1) ANNE GRIGG in Norfolk England. She was born 1805 in Norfolk England, and died 1859 in Norfolk England. He met (2) MARY KEAGAN Abt. 1842, daughter of THOMAS KEAGAN and MARY JANE DEASE. She was born 1823 in Mullingar, Westmeath Ireland, she died 24 May 1887 at Granville NSW.

The Voyage
The “HIVE 1” voyage in 1834, she sailed 29th January1834 from Portsmouth, England, during the voyage the prison temperature reached the century and her Surgeon, George Fairfowl, allowed 60 men to sleep on the deck at a time, changing them every four hours. He estimated that when this number of men went on deck the temperature below fell by from 5° to 8°.
She sailed into Sydney Harbour 11th June 1834 after a voyage of 133 days at sea. carrying some 250 male convicts, two died on the voyage bringing the total to 248.

Source: The Convict Ships 1788-1868

Convict Indent

Fiche page 369 HIVE

Number 912/149 Joseph Oldfield –age29 year, previously married with three daughters, a native of Norfolk, his occupation was a complete shoemaker. His offence was for stealing turkeys and his trial was held at Norfolk Quarter Sessions on 16 October 1833, for his crime he was sentence 7 years. His physical description listed height 5ft 5½ inches, ruddy brown complexion, with hazel eyes and carroty whiskers, his nose was flattened and he had a scar on the back of his left little finger and a large scar on the calf of his left leg.
Assignment to James Wright & John Mortimer Lanyon
James Wright and his friend John Hamilton Mortimer Lanyon settled at Lanyon in 1833 as squatters after arriving from London earlier that year. In 1835 they purchased several adjoining blocks on the Murrumbidgee River, then the edge of legal occupation within the nineteen counties. In 1833 they were amongst the first squatters to established sheep runs in the Queanbeyan region, building the Lanyon Homestead. In 1835 they acquired several adjoining blocks on the Murrumbidgee River. Wright established Cuppacumbalong Station located on the southern side of the Murrumbidgee River in 1839.
Wright and Lanyon established an orchard, vegetable gardens, planted wheat and purchased cattle and sheep and set up a dairy herd. Fifteen convicts were assigned to Wright and Lanyon by 1835, increasing to thirty by 1837.
Joseph was not listed on the 1837 Convict Muster. But early records held in State Archives NSW records Joseph as being employed on the Iron Gaol Island.

OLDFIELD Joseph Hive 1834 1838/1990 Ticket of Leave1838/1990

[4/4124; Reel 931] District: Queanbeyan; Tried: Norfolk
This allowed Joseph to work outside the assignment system, he had to remain in the area, attend divine service every Sunday, report to authorities on a regular basis but it allowed him for the first time to receive payment for his services as a shoemaker.

1839 Age: 34

Captured robbers of John Gray's store.
Joseph Oldfield 'farm constable' was frequently used and tracker of runaway convict from Lanyon, these convicts lost their Tickets for various offences such as being absent from the district, horse stealing, passing counterfeit coin, being drunk and disorderly, disrespect to their master, and tippling (drinking) in an unlicensed house.
OLDFIELD Joseph Hive 1834 41/0617 22 May 1841 Certificate of Freedom [4/4366; Reel 1009] Joseph had completed serving his sentence of 7 years
Application to Marry
Joseph Oldfield and Mary Keagan made an Application to the Governor to marry on 30th September 1842, but this was disallowed because the Letter was a Colonial Manufacture: meaning that the application had possibly been of their own creation and they had bypassed the proper channels.
On the births of all their children his occupation is listed as shoemaker

Publicans License

Joseph Oldfield - Queanbeyan Inn, Crawford Street, Queanbeyan 9th September 1854 Reel 5066’T

The two signatures in support were Andrew Cunningham and James Wright, both well known to Joseph.

1862 Oct


Court case - Wright Vs Oldfield (using obscene language


Mary Keagan arrived as a Bounty Immigrant on the ship Champion from Mullingar Westmeath Ireland.
Ship News
The ship Champion was a barque of 785/796 tons, Master Captain Cochrane, departed Liverpool 8th May 1840 with 308 emigrants under the superintendence of Dr Armstrong. Significantly, the ships log shows that the ship was quarantined on 5th October 1840 having fever on board, the ship in consequence of the infantile disease terminating so fatally, the Health Officer has deemed it necessary not to allow the vessel to approach the Town for a day or two. The ship was taken to spring Cove
In Quarantine
Deaths during voyage 9 adults, 12 children Total number of deaths 21.

Deaths in Quarantine 2 adults.

Days in Quarantine 16 days- reason for quarantine Typhus fever

Source: In Quarantine by Jean Duncan Foley

Queanbeyan Age

Tuesday 10th August 1886

News came into town that Mr. Joseph Oldfield, senior, of Tharwa, died suddenly on Sunday morning. The deceased was a very old man. So far as can be gathered at present, he rose from his bed, and before breakfast walked into the garden. His wife, wondering that he did not re- turn went to look for him, and found him dead. An inquest was held yesterday, at which no doubt the cause of death would be satisfactorily ascertained.
The Inquest that was held at the Half Moon, Queanbeyan, recorded the death was caused by a ruptured heart (possible meaning a ruptured aneurism).
Queanbeyan Age

Saturday 28 May 1887

ANOTHER OLD RESIDENT GONE - We have to record the demise, a few days ago, of Mrs. Joseph Oldfield, of near Tharwa, at a very advanced age. The deceased, with her husband, ranked amongst the oldest residents of the district, where she reared a large family of sons and daughters, some of whom have gone before her, but several have married and settled in the district, engaged mostly in agricultural or pastoral pursuits.


2. i. JOHN3 OLDFIELD, b. 1843, Cuppercumbalong NSW; d. 31 Dec 1905, Queanbeyan Hospital NSW.

3. ii. HENRY OLDFIELD, b. 05 Aug 1844, Cuppercumbalong NSW; d. 10 Mar 1879, Queanbeyan - buried Riverside Cemetery Queanbeyan NSW.

iii. JOSEPH OLDFIELD, b. 22 Apr 1846, Lanyon Carbury Shire NSW; d. 06 May 1849, Cuppercumbalong - buried 10 May 1849 3 years old.

iv. EDWARD OLDFIELD, b. 16 Mar 1848, Cuppercumbalong Bapt. 10 July 1848; d. 1849, Cuppercumbalong NSW.

4. v. JOSEPH MATHEW OLDFIELD, b. 29 Jun 1850, Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee Bapt; d. 19 Nov 1933, Queanbeyan NSW.

5. vi. THOMAS EDWARD OLDFIELD, b. 01 Nov 1851, Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee Bapt 21.6.1851 Rg 2146 Vol 38A; d. 09 Nov 1927, Moss Vale NSW.

vii. WILLIAM OLDFIELD, b. 29 Jul 1853, Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee Bapt 21 Nov 1853; d. 1854, Naas Valley on the Murrumbidge NSW.

viii. JAMES OLDFIELD, b. 29 Oct 1854, Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee; d. 10 Jan 1921, Queanbeyan NSW.

Generation No. 2
2. JOHN3 OLDFIELD (JOSEPH MATHEW2, MATTHEW1) was born 1843 in Cuppercumbalong NSW, and died 31 Dec 1904 in Queanbeyan Hospital NSW. He married ELLEN CARROLL 28 Apr 1863 in St Gregory's Catholic Church, Queanbeyan, NSW, daughter of PATRICK CARROLL and ANNE FLOYD. She was born 04 Nov 1843 in Morton Bay Qld, and died 29 Jul 1897 in Queanbeyan NSW.


i. ELLEN 'ELIZABETH'4 OLDFIELD, b. 28 Apr 1864, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 03 Sep 1867, Queanbeyan NSW.

7. ii. WILLIAM EDWARD OLDFIELD, b. 03 Jun 1867, Cuppercumbalong Station NSW; d. 11 Jul 1906, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown NSW.

8. iii. LOUISE OLDFIELD, b. 05 Mar 1869, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 22 Apr 1904, Newtown NSW.

9. iv. HENRY 'BOER WAR' JOSEPH OLDFIELD, b. 20 Sep 1870, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 27 Jun 1963, Lidcombe, NSW.

v. ALICE OLDFIELD, b. 10 Jul 1872, Yarralumla, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 1945, Katoomba NSW; m. STANLEY GEORGE BURNS, 1919, Drummoyne NSW.

10. vi. JOHN JAMES OLDFIELD, b. 19 Feb 1874, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 29 Dec 1943, Queanbeyan NSW.

11. vii. JOSEPH ALEXANDER OLDFIELD, b. 09 Jul 1875, Yarralumla, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 09 Jun 1932, North Sydney NSW.

12. viii. SELINA OLDFIELD, b. 26 Apr 1877, Yarralumla, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 11 Feb 1953, Petersham NSW.

13. ix. LEILA MARY OLDFIELD, b. 25 Apr 1879, Lanyon, Queanbeyan NSW.

14. x. ALBERT OLDFIELD, b. 12 Dec 1880, Majura or Peppercorn near Queanbeyan, NSW; d. 10 Aug 1925, Goulburn District Hospital NSW.

xi. AUGUSTUS FISHER OLDFIELD, b. 13 Nov 1882, Rosedale NSW; d. 11 Jan 1908, Balmain NSW; m. MARIA.
The Sydney Morning Herald

Saturday 11 January 1908

The man who was run over early yester-day by a Balmain tram has been identified as Augustus Fisher Oldfield, of 6 Pashley-street, Balmain. Deceased, who was married, was a carter, of 25 years of age
The Argus Melbourne

Saturday 11 January 1908

SYDNEY, Friday.-A carter named Augustus Fisher Oldfield, a resident of Balmain, was killed by an electric tram early this morning. Oldfield was lying across the track at Forest Lodge, and was struck before the car could be brought to a stand still. When released from the cowcatcher, Oldfield, whoso back had been broken, was dead.

3. HENRY3 OLDFIELD (JOSEPH MATHEW2, MATTHEW1) was born 05 Aug 1844 in Cuppercumbalong NSW, and died 06 Mar 1879 in Queanbeyan - buried Riverside Cemetery Queanbeyan NSW. He married ELLEN WALLACE 29 Mar 1869 in Queanbeyan NSW, daughter of WILLIAM and ELLEN CONNELL. She was born 19 Feb 1847 in Bap 28 March 1847 Carbury NSW, and died 03 Oct 1923 in Queanbeyan - buried Riverside Cemetery Queanbeyan NSW.

Date of Death 6/03/1879

Additional Detail Overseer at Naas for L F de Salis. Died from rail being driven against his head by his horse. Aged 35. Son of Joseph Oldfield, shoemaker, Lanyon and Mary (Keegan). Born 5/8/1844. Married Ellen Wallace at Queanbeyan 29/3/1869.


15. i. EDWARD4 OLDFIELD, b. 22 Feb 1870, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 22 Sep 1936, Lewisham NSW.

16. ii. ELLEN FLORENCE OLDFIELD, b. 29 Feb 1872, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 1934, North Sydney NSW.

17. iii. ALFRED ALBERT OLDFIELD, b. 25 Jun 1874, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 24 Jun 1955, Canberra ACT.

18. iv. SARAH ABBIE OLDFIELD, b. 23 May 1876, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 31 Aug 1955, Queanbeyan NSW.

19. v. HENRY THOMAS OLDFIELD, b. 07 Dec 1878, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 04 May 1934, Tuggeranong NSW.

4. JOSEPH MATHEW3 OLDFIELD (JOSEPH MATHEW2, MATTHEW1) was born 29 Jun 1850 in Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee Bapt, and died 19 Nov 1933 in Queanbeyan NSW. He married ELIZABETH 'BETSY' RAWLINS 1875 in St. John's Church of England Canberra, daughter of THOMAS RAWLINGS and MARY ANN. She was born 29 Jun 1851 in Cooma NSW, and died 09 Apr 1949 in Queanbeyan NSW.

Mrs. Elizabeth Oldfield

As briefly reported in Tuesday's issue, there passed away at her daughter's (Mrs. R. B. McInnes) residence, Morrissett Street, Queanbeyan, on April 9, Mrs. Elizabeth Oldfield, one of the district's oldest residents in her 98th year. She was a daughter of the Rawlings family of Cooma, being born in June 1851, and spent the early years of her life there.
Later she came to Queanbeyan where she married the late Mr. Joseph Oldfield at St. John's Church of England, Canberra, in 1875. Afterwards they lived in the Naas District for many years where the family was born and reared.
Mrs. Oldfield also reared three other families beside her own.
About 20 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Oldfield came to Queanbeyan to reside, where Mr. Oldfield died 15 years ago at the age of 83 years. One of her brothers, Thomas Rawlings, predeceased her two years ago at the age of 92 years. A few years ago the late Mrs. Oldfield, who was familiarly known to many as "Grannie," went to live with her daughter in Morrissett Street, retaining all her faculties till the last.

For the past few months she had not enjoyed very good health, but was up and about as usual on Friday, passing peacefully away in her sleep during the early hours of Saturday morning.

She is survived by five sons, Henry (Gundaroo), Ernest (Tumbarumba), Thomas (Naas), Walter (Yaouk), and Edward (Naas), and two daughters, Elizabeth (Mrs. R.B. McInnes, Queanbeyan) and Mary Jane (Mrs. F. Shoobert, Canberra). There are 34 grandchildren, 61 great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.
Besides those mentioned there were many friends and neighbours who had learned to appreciate the late Mrs. Oldfield's helpfulness and kindness.
The interment was made in the Anglican portion of the Tharwa Road cemetery on Sunday afternoon, where a large assemblage paid their last respects to a grand old lady. Rev. W. M. Holliday officiated at Christ Church and afterwards at the graveside.
The pall-bearers were Vincent Oldfield, Percy Shoobert, Leonard McInnes, and Edward Gregory, and there were a number of beautiful floral tributes placed on the grave.

~ newspaper unknown (found in Nanna's bible)


20. i. HENRY 'GUNDAROO HARRY' JOSEPH4 OLDFIELD, b. 22 Dec 1875, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 21 Nov 1959, Queanbeyan NSW.

21. ii. ERNEST MATTHEW JOSEPH OLDFIELD, b. 20 Oct 1877, "Cuppacumbalong" Station, Tharwa; d. 25 Sep 1962, Canberra ACT.

iii. ESTHER OLDFIELD, b. 10 Mar 1879, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 30 Oct 1890, Cuppercumbalong NSW.

22. iv. JOSEPH 'JOE' JAMES OLDFIELD, b. 25 Aug 1881, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 06 Mar 1945, Newtown - buried Queanbeyan NSW.

23. v. THOMAS 'TOM' EDWARD OLDFIELD, b. 07 Jan 1884, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 07 Mar 1966, Queanbeyan NSW.

vi. WALTER WILLIAM OLDFIELD, b. 1886, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 14 Dec 1962, Bungadore NSW; m. ELEANOR 'NELLIE' ANN HUTCHINSON KIRCHNER, 24 Apr 1916, St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Queanbeyan, NSW; b. 02 Feb 1869, "Bidwell", Dellicknora, VIC; d. 03 Dec 1940, Canberra ACT.

Divorced from first husband Kirchner in 1915

24. vii. ELIZABETH 'LIL' OLDFIELD, b. 01 Dec 1888, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 03 Feb 1974, Canberra ACT.

25. viii. EDWARD "TED" JOHN OLDFIELD, b. 20 Nov 1891, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 08 Sep 1978, "Ellerslie", Young, NSW.

26. ix. MARY JANE "DAISY" OLDFIELD, b. 16 Jan 1895, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 07 Mar 1973, Canberra ACT.

5. THOMAS EDWARD3 OLDFIELD (JOSEPH MATHEW2, MATTHEW1)1 was born 01 Nov 1851 in Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee Bapt 21.6.1851 Rg 2146 Vol 38A, and died 09 Nov 1927 in Moss Vale NSW. He married (1) REBECCA OXLEY 30 Aug 1871 in Queanbeyan Rg 3354, daughter of WILLIAM OXLEY and SARAH WELLS. She was born 01 Jul 1851 in The Ovens District, Victoria bapt Narra Gustawang Mudgee 25.7.1852 Narra Gustawang Mudgee 1.7.18511, and died 27 Dec 1875 in Queanbeyan NSW1. He married (2) HANNAH MATILDA FISHER 1881 in Cooma Rg 4738, daughter of EDWARD FISHER and MATILDA BATEUP. She was born 1857 in Yass NSW, and died 27 Aug 1932 in Moss Vale NSW.


William and Sarah Oxley

William was still on a bond at this time and was with the Border Police, who were to keep law and order between NSW and Victoria, when their children Eliza, Robert were born in Melbourne and Rebecca were born at The Ovens. They were on there way home to NSW and Rebecca was baptised at Nara Gustawang (now Gulgong).


Baptism: 25 Jul 1852, St. John the Baptist, Mudgee

Burial: Queanbeyan
Friday 11 November 1927

Mr. T. E. Oldfield an old resident of Moss Vale, died this morning after a lengthy illness, at the rage of 76. In the early days he followed pastoral pursuits in the Queanbeyan district, but for the past 15 years he had lived in retirement at Moss Vale. He is survived by Mrs. Oldfield six sons, and four daughters. Mr. V. Oldfield, auctioneer, of Queanbeyan, is the eldest son.


27. i. WILLIAM EDWARD4 OLDFIELD, b. 02 Dec 1871, "Topnaas" Queanbeyan NSW; d. 27 Jul 1949, Queanbeyan 21812.

28. ii. ALICE MAY OLDFIELD, b. 29 Dec 1872, Naas, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 01 Aug 1944, Dangar Cottage Hospital, Singleton NSW.

29. iii. SARAH JANE OLDFIELD, b. 08 Aug 1874, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 29 Sep 1945, Queanbeyan NSW.


iv. FLORENCE EVELYN4 OLDFIELD, b. 1883, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 1952; m. (1) HERBERT C REID, 1913, Newtown NSW; m. (2) ARCHIBALD T LLOYD, 1920, Newtown NSW.

30. v. HERBERT THOMAS OLDFIELD, b. 1885, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 15 Mar 1969, Camden NSW.

vi. HENRY EDWARD OLDFIELD, b. 25 Jan 1885, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 05 Nov 1942, Adaminaby NSW; m. ALICE MATILDA WATSON, 09 Jul 1932, Canberra ACT; b. 1888, Cambewarra, NSW; d. 08 Sep 1958, Canberra ACT.

31. vii. ALFRED 'TARLETON' OLDFIELD, b. 03 Sep 1888, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 29 Jul 1951, 130 Holden Street, Ashfied NSW.

32. viii. EDWIN JOHN OLDFIELD, b. 1891, Queanbeyan Rg 29591.

33. ix. BERTHA MATILDA OLDFIELD, b. 1894, Queanbeyan Rg 27994; d. 29 May 1974, late of Canley Vale and Moss Vale.

x. MURIEL MILLICENT OLDFIELD, b. 1899, Queanbeyan Rg 33911.

xi. ERIC ARNOLD OLDFIELD, b. 1906, Queanbeyan Rg 27929; d. 01 Oct 1971, Canberra ACT.

6. JAMES3 OLDFIELD (JOSEPH MATHEW2, MATTHEW1) was born 29 Oct 1854 in Naas Valley on the Murrumbidgee, and died 10 Jan 1921 in Queanbeyan NSW. He married MARY ANN BROWN 23 Feb 1872 in Queanbeyan NSW. She was born 1858 in Congwarra NSW, and died 01 May 1934 in Newtown NSW.

Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer

Tuesday 11 January 1921
Awfully Sudden Death. JAMES OLDFIELD.
Yesterday afternoon a young man named Robertson reported to the police that on his way to Queanbeyan from Duntroon he noticed a man lying alongside a waggonette inside and a short distance from the road near the four-mile peg. His curiosity being aroused, he proceeded to investigate, and found the man to be Mr. James Oldfield, apiarist of Queanbeyan, who has an out-apiary at the place named. Oldfield was apparently dead. On receipt of this information, the Coroner was informed and accompanied Senior-Sergeant Clarke, Constable Trotter, and the deceased's son in a car to investigate.
On arrival at the out-apiary the party found the report was only too true. Alongside the waggonette, to which a horse was harnessed, the wheels of the vehicle being tied with a piece of rope, lay on its side the body of Oldfield, which was still warm, and from its mouth a quantity of vomit had come. On turning the body over on its back the right side of the face and the neck were found to be livid, beyond that there were no external marks of violence.
From a statement made by the deceased's son, his father had gone early that morning to the out-apiary, and asked the son to accompany him.
This the latter was unable to do, so the elder man went alone. After that he was not seen alive. He had evidently been at work all day at the apiary, and having finished, had locked up the place, and was returning to his horse and vehicle with the intention of driving home, when he must have suddenly fallen and died-apparently without a struggle, of which the earth on the roadway where he had fallen showed not the slightest trace. By the Coroner's instructions the Government medical officer (Dr. Blackall) was authorised, to make a post-mo tem investigation in order to ascertain the cause of death, the body having for that purpose been taken to the hospital morgue. Of course, an inquest was necessary, and so the Coroner's Court was opened at the Court House this morning for a due investigation.
Deceased was about 65 years of age, a native of the district, where he had resided all his lifetime. His family connections hereabouts are numerous. The foregoing is but a precise of the evidence given in the Coroner's Court this morning by several witnesses, that of the Government Medical Officer being to the effect that death resulted from heart failure, one of the heart's ventricles showing considerable fatty degeneration. The verdict was in accordance with this testimony.

Children of JAMES OLDFIELD and MARY BROWN are:

34. i. GEORGE HENRY4 OLDFIELD, b. 14 Nov 1876, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 20 Jul 1953, Queanbeyan NSW.

35. ii. AGNES JANE OLDFIELD, b. 30 Apr 1879, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 23 Jul 1974, Glebe NSW buried Woronora Cemetery.

36. iii. EMILY ROSE OLDFIELD, b. 23 Oct 1881, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 10 Mar 1934, Goulburn NSW.

iv. LOUISA OLDFIELD, b. 01 Sep 1884, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 10 Apr 1918, Narrabri NSW; m. WILLIAM COWSLEY, 22 Jul 1908, St. Phillip's Church of England, Bungendore, NSW; d. 1949, Burwood NSW.

DEATH. COWSLEY.-LOUIE, dearly beloved wife of W. Cowsley, Stationmaster, Narrabri, and daughter of Jas. Oldfield, of Queanbeyan, who departed this life at Narrabri. on Wednesday, April 10, aged 32 years. At Rest.
37. v. JOSEPH "SIDNEY" OLDFIELD, b. 24 Sep 1886, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 20 Feb 1958, Canberra ACT.

38. vi. JAMES NOEL OLDFIELD, b. 25 Dec 1888, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 14 Mar 1958, Queanbeyan NSW.

39. vii. VIOLET EVELYN OLDFIELD, b. 20 Oct 1891, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 28 Aug 1963, Newtown NSW.

viii. GLADYS EILEEN MAY OLDFIELD, b. 26 Nov 1901, Queanbeyan NSW; m. JOHN OSWALD MCALISTER, 1923, Bungendore NSW; b. 1875, Rylstone NSW; d. 29 Jan 1952, late of Manly, formerly of Pine Ridge, Leadville, NSW.

Generation No. 3
7. WILLIAM EDWARD4 OLDFIELD (JOHN3, JOSEPH MATHEW2, MATTHEW1) was born 03 Jun 1867 in Cuppercumbalong Station NSW, and died 11 Jul 1906 in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown NSW. He married SARAH JANE MOORE 20 Aug 1900 in Christ Church, Queanbeyan NSW. She was born 21 Jan 1869 in Warm Corner NSW, and died 15 May 1955 in Parramatta NSW.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post

Tuesday 17 July 1906
By wire on Thursday news was received in town of the death in Sydney of Mr. William Edward Oldfield, of Yarralumla, and eldest son of the late Mr. John Oldfield. The deceased had gone to the Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney for treatment for Bright's disease of the kidneys, but the ravages of the complaint apparently left him too weak to stand treatment, and he collapsed. He was 42 years of age, of quiet habits and steady disposition, which won for him many friends. He was married to the second daughter of Mr. Wm. Moore, son, of Bulga Creek, who survives him, with two young children.


i. KARL NATHAN5 OLDFIELD, b. 07 Dec 1901, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 29 Jan 1954, late of Marrickville; m. JOSEPHINE JEAN LEVETT, 1929, Cootamundra NSW; d. 28 Mar 1959, late of Marrickville.

40. ii. ATHOL WILLIS OLDFIELD, b. 23 Jul 1903, Queanbeyan NSW; d. 23 Aug 1970, Mermaid Beach Qld.

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