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Directions: Listed below are the names and instruments of famous people who were once in band. The list has been redacted to reflect current trends and highlight people that are well known. These materials may be used in a standalone manner (i.e. post on Facebook or Twitter) or combined with other materials (i.e. parent letter, concert program, or student presentation).


Alanis Morrisette (singer)

Halle Berry (actress)

Celine Dion (singer)

Calista Flockhart (“Ally McBeal”)

Alyssa Milano (actress)

Noah Webster (Webster’s Dictionary)

Gwen Stefani (singer from No Doubt)

Jennifer Garner (actress from “Alias”)

Rainn Wilson (actor from “The Office”)

Julia Roberts (actress)

Woody Allen (actor/director)

Gloria Estefan (singer)

Tony Shaloub (“Monk”)

Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”)

Jimmy Kimmel (comedian/talk show host)

Allan Greenspan

(former Chairman of the Federal Reserve)

Steven Spielberg (movie director)
Bass Clarinet

Zakk Wylde (Guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne)


Jennifer Garner (“Alias”)

Bill Clinton (former U.S. President)

Trent Reznor (lead singer for Nine Inch Nails)

Roy Williams (NFL Dallas Cowboys)

Vince Carter (NBA Star)

David Robinson (Retired NBA Star)

Tedi Bruschi (NFL New England Patriots)

Bob Hope (late comedian/actor)

Lionel Richie (singer, father of Nicole Richie)

Tom Selleck (actor from “Magnum PI”)

Bill Engvall (Blue Collar Comedy Tour)

Nelly Furtado (singer)

Tony Stewart (NASCAR Driver)


James Woods (actor)

John Glenn (Astronaut and U.S. Senator)

Michael Anthony (Bass player for Van Halen)

Drew Carey (actor/comedian)

Stephen Tyler (lead singer for Aerosmith)

Prince Charles (future King of England)

Montel Williams (talk show host)

Richard Gere (actor)

Shania Twain (singer)

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Jackie Gleason (actor)

Samuel L. Jackson

(Mace Windu from Star Wars I, II, III)

French Horn

Ewan McGregor

(Obi Wan Kanobi from Star Wars I, II, III)

Vanessa Williams (Singer/Actress)

Otto Graham (NFL Hall of Fame quarterback)

Neil Armstrong (Astronaut - first man on the moon)


Andy Griffith (actor)

Harry Smith (CBS’s “The Early Show”)

Dan Aykroyd (actor)

Aretha Franklin (“Queen of Soul”, singer)

Mike Anderson (NFL)

Eddie George (retired NFL)

Trent Raznor (Nine Inch Nails)

Dana Carvey (actor/comedian)

Vinnie Paul (Pantera)

Walter Payton (NFL Hall of Fame running back)

Johnny Carson (TV Host)

Mike Piazza (former MLB catcher)

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