Deep Within, The Dutch Within Temptation Tribute Band

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-Deep Within, The Dutch Within Temptation Tribute Band-
Vocal music with all the ingredients.
This, together with a spectacular show, makes this band no less than the original.

Beyond expectations!
Although we doubted two years ago whether a Within Temptation Tribute Band would work because of the difficulty in making it in the music and show industry, in the end we just decided to go for it! Now Holland is one Tribute Band richer, with performances beyond all expectations: the Within Temptation Tribute Band “Deep Within” is a fact!

Deep Within: Both Visual and Musical - an amazing show!
The Singer has voice similar to that of Sharon den Adel and the looks of an “Ice Queen”. The Music stands for itself and has the same bombastic violence as Within Temptation. What’s more, Deep Within is THE only Within Temptation tribute band AND capable of playing the beautiful small numbers with outstanding results - listeners will get goose bumps and even tears of joy, together with that rock vibe.

Together with an extensive crew, we have created a smashing show that the audience will enjoy for a long time. A visual and musical experience you will never forget!

The line-up includes numbers such as Ice Queen and Mother Earth, as well as more recent songs like Faster and Sinéad, and even lesser-known tracks such as Forgiven and Our Farewell. A show you will never forget. In short: a Journey through the entire repertoire of Within Temptation.

Within Temptation Tribute Band Deep Within featuring:
Stella van Bavel: Vocals
Rob Dijkstra: Drums
Sebastiaan van Stam: Keyboard
Andre Wullems: Guitar & Vocals
Maurice De Bruyn: Bass guitar

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