Dear teachers, dear children

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Dear teachers, dear children,
please accept our invitation to participate in the second Year of international children's art competition Zlatý drak 2016 (Golden Dragon 2016). We believe that this competition will be accompanied by interesting and creative approach of authors to the topic.

We hope that this year's theme will inspire you.

For more information, see proposition.

We look forward to your works.

PaedDr. Kristína Hanulová, Headmaster of Art school “Dotyk”


Second year of international art exhibition

Zlatý drak 2016 (GoldenDragon 2016)

The theme: Magical forest

  • Mysterious corners of the forest and its inhabitants

  • My favorite magical creaturetajomné zážitky z lesa

  • Charms and magic in our world

  • Illustration of favorite fairy tale characters, stories

  • History of fairy tales and mythology, fantasy worlds

Organizers /work delivered to the address /:

Súkromná základná umelecká škola Dotyk, Hlavná 44/76, 03401 Liptovská Štiavnica

Deadline for sending works: 30.4.2016

Evaluation / the awards ceremony: June 2016, Liptovské múzeum Ružomberok (Liptov Museum)

Conditions for participation

  • Zlatý drak 2016 is one round competition for children from 3 to 15 years

  • The maximum format of a 2D work is 100x70cm

  • The maximum format of a 3D work is 100x100cm

  • It is possible to send more artworks by one author, but different art techniques

  • Only original copies are acceptable. Copies, Xerox copies or electronic copies will not be eligible for assessment

  • Artwork should be fixed / dry pastel /, properly labeled

  • To label competing artworks, please, use the WORK IDENTIFICATION LABEL (The label must be written electronically)

  • Only such atrworks will be eligible for assessment that fulfills the theme and the conditions set by organiser. Entries lacking proper label will be excluded.

  • The maximum age of competing artworks must not exceed one year

  • Competing artworks may not be previously published or awarded


Jury Award

Headmaster of Art school “Dotyk” Award

Founder of Art school “Dotyk” Award

Award from Liptov Museum Ružomberok

Medal for the collection of works for school

Award for the collective work of children

Honorable Mentions / diplomas

Art techniques used

  • 2D art techniques : drawing / painting, graphics, combined techniques, photography

  • 3D art techniques: ceramics, metal, textiles, paper, glass, wood



2nd year of international art exhibition

Name and surname of the child

Age and sex of the child (marked with a cross)




Title of artwork

Name and full address of the school


Name of the teacher

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