Dear Applicant: The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship

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Dear Applicant:

The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship provides funding to minority students enrolled in one of the technical sciences or engineering disciplines. This scholarship is available to US Citizens and individuals with Permanent Resident visas. The scholarship is not available to spouses and children of Xerox employees. To ease your application process, we have established the following pre-application. Please answer each question in the check boxes below.

 Yes  No Are you a full-time student enrolled in a four-year institution?

 Yes  No Do you have a B average or better?

 Yes  No At graduation will you receive a BS, MS, or PhD in a technical science or an engineering discipline?

 Yes  No Do you consider yourself Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaskan, or Hispanic?

 Yes  No Do you have tuition (or tuition related) expenses not covered by scholarships/grants (excluding loans)?
Results: If you responded “No” to any of the questions listed above, then you are not eligible for this scholarship. If you responded “Yes” to all of the questions, then you meet the criteria to be considered.
To apply, follow each of the steps listed below:
Step 1: Fill out the top of the attached Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship application. (Applications may also be obtained on our web site
Step 2: Have the Financial Aid Office fill out the bottom half of the form. Xerox will not forward applications to the Financial Aid Office. If received incomplete, applicant will be disqualified.
Step 3: Attach a copy of your resume. Feel free to use the attached sample format which indicates our requirements. The sample resume should not be returned with the application.
Step 4: Submit the complete package


to the following address postmarked before September 30, 2008:

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program

150 State Street; 4th Floor;

Rochester, New York 14614


Recipients of the scholarship will be notified by the end of December. If you do not hear from us by that date, this will indicate that you have not been awarded the Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship.

Thank you for your interest.


Application Deadline

Forms required

Response by


September 30th

Application & Resume

End of December

Revised 1/07

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