De Geer Upper Secondary School in Norrköping, Sweden, (16-20)

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De Geer Upper Secondary School in Norrköping, Sweden, (16-20)

The De Geer Upper Secondary is an EDU 3 level school situated in the very heart of the city of Norrköping. Though located in a fairly prosperous area of the town, the De Geer Upper Secondary School and its students, mirror both the socio-economic and educational diversity that characterizes the city of Norrköping. A fair number of different nationalities and cultures are represented among our 1 200 students. Despite this rather large sample of the student population in town, the school has succeeded in upholding important factors that are crucial for the well-being and personal development of its students. Old roots and traditions have created an atmosphere of security, friendliness and fellowship that has given the school a good reputation for its achievements. A variety of educational programmes, both theoretical and vocational, provide a wide range of choice as to course content and structure. At the De Geer Upper Secondary, the students are offered the following programmes:

  • Natural Sciences

  • Classical Languages

  • Modern Languages

  • Social Sciences

  • Economics

  • Hotel and Restaurant Services (Gastronomy and Institutional Cookery)

  • Aesthetic and Arts Programmes (Dance, Theatre, Art, Design and Music)

  • Fashion and Design

  • Special Sports Programme

  • Remedial Programmes for Students with Specific Needs

  • Introductory Programmes to Mainstream Education

  • Education for pupils with learning disabilities

  • Education for pupils with severe learning disabilities

Artistic Cooperation and Exchanges for Students of the Arts Programmes

De Geer Upper Secondary School (Arts Programme 16-20)) would be interested in finding partners for cooperation involving students from Theatre, Music, Dance and Fashion and Design programmes.
The idea is to let the students of the above programmes set up a musical that allows different programmes to interact and different European schools to cooperate.
The activities envisaged within this measure should lead to setting up musical performances in which theatre/music/dance students account for the theatrical performance itself, while students from the Arts programme and Fashion and Design account for the scenario and costumes.
A project of the kind requires meticulous and elaborated preparations with clearly defined intermediate and final goals.
The idea, being to let students/teachers of the partner schools perform their play in the partner countries, requires full reciprocity as to thematic work, content and number of participants.
For further details, please contact the EU-Coordinator for education of the municipality of Norrköping, Mr. Nelson St. Eufemia,

+46 11 15 24 79 (office) +46 730 20 27 34 (mobile)

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