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Data Manager /Scripter position available.
Major New York post-production company is seeking a motivated individual with computer science and programming background for full time position in motion picture and television data department
Job Description:

Data Department is responsible for all I/O, storage management, LTO archives and other related tasks as pertains to television and motion picture post-production processes. This position is for an individual who has scripting talents, as many tasks require customization of archiving and list management functions. Scripter will need to be able to interpret data delivery specifications for studios such as NBC, Fox and HBO, as well as in-house projects.


The ideal candidate will be familiar with scripting in multiple languages (perl, python, php, various shells) for "mostly" linux environments; with strongest emphasis on perl. Ability to communicate clearly, self-motivated, able to cooperate in small team environment, eager to work in TV/Film industry, must be a "team player".

Please reply with resume and cover letter to

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