Darklight X: New World Order Smithfield, Dublin October 8-11 2009

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Darklight X: New World Order
Smithfield, Dublin
October 8-11 2009

Darklight is Ireland's foremost celebration of art, film and technology, a glorious three-day explosion of creative synergies: performances, screenings, workshops, seminars, symposiums, visual art happenings and much much (much) more. 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of Darklight: we're celebrating the occasion by taking the party to Dublin's Smithfield district, where the Lighthouse Cinema and other venues will host a feast of events.

Highlights include:

  • A public interview and workshop with legendary music video director Mark Romanek. Mark directed the classic video for Hurt by Johnny Cash, and has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson and Madonna to Nine Inch Nails and Jay-Z.

  • The Irish premier of a major new video instillation, Three Potential Endings, from two-time Turner Prize nominee Willie Doherty, on Smithfield Plaza.

  • A celebration of Oscar-nominated Irish animation company Brown Bag.

  • Collaborations with cutting-edge Irish companies thisisnotashop, Synth Eastwood, Nartystation and Performance Corporation.

  • An discussion with Anna Troberg, the Vice-Chairwoman of Sweden's Pirate Party the political outfit dedicated to radical copyright reform who recently won two seats in the European elections.

  • Ten Irish filmmakers conspire to produce a brand new feature film in seven days! It's our latest DIY movie spectacular, Hotel Darklight!

  • The World Premiere of Vincent Moon's stunning Irish-lensed concert movie R.E.M. Live At The Olympia.

  • The debut of Virtual Cinema 2.0, the Irish Film Board's latest round of cutting-edge on-line short films.

  • A screening of Brendan Muldowney's Savage, the most controversial Irish film of 2009.

  • A weekend long Performance Lab with acclaimed artist Amanda Coogan.

  • The EA Hub Gaming Station, a spectacular outdoor gaming extravaganza.

  • O Canada! Screenings celebrating 70 years of the Canadian Film Board.

  • Plus: The Straylight visual art trail and unexpected happenings aplenty...

Darklight X: What Happens Next.

NB: Comprehensive details (including booking info) will be available at www.darklight.ie from Friday, September 11 2009


68 Dame Street
Dublin 2

Ph. 01 6717828


Darklight is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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