Dale N. Hindmarsh 456 Browns Rd. Lincoln, vt 05443 (802) 453-4102 Employment

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Dale N. Hindmarsh

456 Browns Rd.

Lincoln, VT 05443

(802) 453-4102


University of Vermont, Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, 208 Colchester Ave., Mann Hall 3rd Floor, Burlington, VT 05405 – Research Associate (2005 – present): Develop and implement training and technical assistance programs for agencies throughout Vermont that provide supported employment to disabled persons.

Counseling Service of Addison County, Community Associates, Employment Associates, 61 Court St. Middlebury, VT 05753 – Service Coordinator (1998 – 1999), Program Coordinator of Employment Associates (1999 – present): Employment Associates assists developmentally disabled adults in seeking, finding and successfully keeping employment in the typical workplace. Responsibilities included:

  • Recruitment, training and supervision of 15 full time professional staff who act as job developers and onsite job coaches,

  • Grant and funding development and reporting, major funders include Vermont State Division for Disability Services and Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation,

  • Development of ongoing community relations and support programs relating to the inclusion of disabled adults in the everyday workplace,

  • Leadership training in employment support and organizational development.

Plymouth Congregational Church, U.C.C., 232 East Onondaga St., Syracuse, NY 13202 – Minister of Education (1994 – 1998): Plymouth Church is a 152 year old urban church born of the anti-slavery movement and which continues a ministry steeped in concern for inclusiveness and social justice for all persons, with a current membership of 362 persons. Responsibilities included:

  • General pastoral leadership to empower the congregation in ministry to local and wider community,

  • Facilitate design and implementation of innovative educational program for persons of all ages, engaging them in the discovery of the holy in our everyday life, nurturing their growth in faith and action,

  • Provision of pastoral counseling for persons and families in crisis and throughout the life cycle,

  • Administration of appropriate budget areas and general fundraising for ministry,

  • Leadership of worship and celebration in the life of the faith community.

Inter-Religious Council of Central New York, 3049 E. Genessee St., Syracuse, NY 13224 – Associate Director (1985 – 1994): The IRC is the major interfaith/ecumenical organization throughout Central NY, convening the resources of over 900 congregations for understanding, service and advocacy. Responsibilities focussed on two major areas, 1) interreligous and interracial understanding, and 2) community ministries and advocacy:

  1. Interreligous and interracial understanding:

  • Creation of community-based programming for understanding and action on critical issues facing persons of different religious expressions and racial/ethnic backgrounds,

  • Generation and implementation of national conference on “Power and Powerlessness in Light of the Holocaust,”

  • Crisis response and development of community intervention programs at the time of the Rodney King verdict dealing with city-wide issues of racism and diversity,

  • Leadership of the Council’s successful advocacy effort to create a Citizen’s Police Review Board,

  • Shared in formation of and co-chaired the Syracuse Southside Clergy Cluster, an interracial association of clergy and congregations developing programs to combat violence and substance abuse on the south side of the city (received the 1991 NAACP Community Service Award).

  1. Community Ministries and Advocacy:

  • Supervision, including grant writing and management, of IRC’s direct service programs: Hunger Outreach (foodstamp access), Senior Companion Program (National Sr. Citizen’s Act program providing stipended volunteer assistance to frail elderly), Project Exodus (community re-entry services for ex-offenders), Covenant Housing Program (not-for-profit development of housing for low-income persons and persons with special needs),

  • Creation of IRC’s Covenant Housing Program: founding director of program from initial community networking among agencies serving the homeless and persons with special needs, appropriate government agencies, and the religious community to establishment as a private not-for-profit development company. This program was the first in NY State to provide housing equity and ownership in the hands of the disabled. Covenant Housing continues to grow and serve persons throughout Central New York.

  • Facilitation of Syracuse City Common Council Task Force on the Homeless and Housing Vulnerable: a broadly based coalition of service providers to the homeless and housing vulnerable populations, including appropriate governmental entities.

First Congregational Church of Claridon, U.C.C., 13942 Mayfield Rd., Chardon, OH 44024 – Pastor (1983-1985): A historic church in a rural county bordering metropolitan Cleveland, OH. Responsibilities and achievements:

  • General pastoral leadership of the congregation,

  • Expansion of intergenerational worship and learning programs,

  • Creation of adult education program focusing on liturgical calendar and family life issues,

  • Renovation of historic building begun, culminating in major renovation for accessibility,

  • Leadership in and creation of ministry and program of Geauga County Clergy Association.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY – Doctoral student and Teaching Assistant in the Dept. of Religion (1981-1983): Responsibilities and achievements:

  • Taught courses in the study of religion, Judaism, and Christianity,

  • Created major re-design of Rel. 236 Christianity in partnership with Dept. Chair,

  • Compiled and edited text for the study of Christianity, published by the Center for Instructional Development of Syracuse University.

Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 523 E. Broad St., Elyria, OH 44035 – Pastor (1977-1981): Pilgrim Church was a struggling urban church, which, during this tenure, undertook a program of revitalization including long-range planning, congregational development, and creation of community-based ministry. The result of this effort was the stabilization and significant growth of the congregation. The congregation served as the catalyst and facilitator for the formation of a community-wide volunteer services program that provides transportation, food and companionship services to persons in need in the city.


The Defiance College, Defiance OH, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, 1971 Summa cum Laude.

Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Delaware, OH, Master of Arts in Christian Education, Master of Divinity, 1975.
Syracuse University, Ph.D. Course Work, Teaching Assistant, 1983-85.

Awards and Publications

Community Service Award, Syracuse and Onondaga County Chapter of the NAACP, presented for interracial work in the south side community of Syracuse.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major for Justice Award, presented by the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Syracuse and Onondaga County for ministry in issues of interreligous and interracial justice.
Author and consultant for United Church of Christ Board for Homeland Ministries curriculum, Faith Community Resources.
Co-author, Parents of the Covenant, curriculum resource for parent support groups and intergenerational learning events designed to address issues of decision-making in multi-generational faith communities.
Co-author of two articles focusing on parenting a developmentally disabled child and the faith community’s response to such a child, Spring, 1983 issue of Today’s World.


The Rev. David Wood, pastor, United Church of Lincoln, Lincoln, VT. (802) 453-4280. United Church of Lincoln is my current “home congregation” where I frequently lead worship and share in all aspects of congregational life.
Ms. Denise Keating, Managing Director, Community Associates, 61 Court St., Middlebury, VT 05753, (802) 388-4021. Current supervisor.
Michael Hungerford, lay leader of Plymouth Congregational Church, U.C.C., Syracuse, NY. (315) 474-8416.

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