Daddy Lion Chandell for a MusicDish/Black Hole Special Report

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The Universal Music Group system:
Compiled By Daddy Lion Chandell for a MusicDish/Black Hole Special Report

(the first letters in the matrix number)

U: Universal

UPT: Uptown Records (letters began between 1994 and 1996, Uptown no longer in existence)

MCA: MCA Records

INT: Interscope

GEF: Geffen (now under INT)

DRM: DreamWorks Records

AMS: Almo Sounds

HIP: Hip-O (label of Universal Music Special Markets formed in 1996/1997)

RAD: Radioactive
RT: Rising Tide
FORMAT LETTERS/NUMBERS (they follow the lead letters and identify the release format).

C: cassette album-retail

CS: cassette single-retail

4P: cassette single/sampler-promotional

D: compact disc album-retail

DS: compact disc single-retail

3P: compact disc album-promotional/advance

5P: compact disc single/sampler/EP-promotional/advance

If there is more than one cassette or CD unit in an album, the lead letters and format letters are followed by the appropriate number. (For example: an Interscope two-disc set: INTD2-9XXXX, a Universal two-tape set: UC2-5XXXX.)

12: vinyl single-retail

8P: vinyl single-promotional

For vinyl albums, the lead letters stand alone and are marked with the appropriate number of vinyl units if it is more than one. (For example, a three-vinyl Geffen retail release: GEF3-XXXXX)

HINT: When you see releases with the lead letters above, on other labels up front aside from those indicated above, that label up front is either owned, distributed, or marketed by that label.
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