Cyclamen – Inside or in the garden – cool season color

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Cyclamen – Inside or in the garden – cool season color
Back in my grandfathers day Cyclamen was really just a fancy florist potted plant that would only live on cool windowsills. Boy has this plant come a long way!! Now we have fantastic varieties that can look good either in your home or in your garden. And while Cyclamen is still a cool season plant the new types give more color and last longer than anything Grandpa has to grow.
How to enjoy Cyclamen? Well we love the gentle fragrance – so like putting the plants where people congregate such as patio pots by the front door of the house or perhaps a few plants on the kitchen table or in the living room. Outside we use it as a special accent plant – just a pop of color! The plants do not spread like more vigorous growers so we tend to plant Cyclamen close together – but just far enough apart so the leaves are not touching. Normally in a 14” patio pot we might plant 3 plants with some filler – think pansies or snapdragons. Place planters in semi-shady conditions for best results as all the cool season plants do not like extreme heat.
Inside the home the key to success is to keep Cyclamen out of any drafts of hot air blasting from your heating system, as the longer they can be in cool areas the longer the flowers will last. The plants like to be moist but do not like to sit in water, so when we like to take the pots to the kitchen sink – give them a big drink – let the excess water drain away – then put them back on display around the house.
This is plant worth the few extra steps in care – with graceful flowers and a delicate scent.
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