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Bernd Heinrich



B.A. (Zoology) 1964 University of Maine, Orono

M.S. (Zoology) 1966 University of Maine, Orono

Ph.D. (Zoology) 1970 University of California, Los Angeles

(awarded "with distinction")

Postdoctoral 1970 University of California, Los Angeles


Guggenheim Fellow, 1976-77

Harvard Fellow, 1976-77

University of Vermont Scholar in the Biological Sciences, 1985

Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Fellowship Award,1988-89 (Federal Republic

of Germany)

Lady Davis Fellowship (Jerusalem, Israel) 1992

L.L. Winship Book Award (For In a Patch of Fireweed), 1984.

Burroughs Writing Award (For An Owl in the House), ~ 1991.

Rutstrom Authorship Award for Conservation and Environmental Writing

(For A Year in the Maine Woods), 1996.

Sigma Xi Lecturer, 1995-1997

Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children (By Children’s Books Council)

Member Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering-1997.

Member Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences- 1998.

Franklin Fairbanks Award for Contributions of Vermont Culture- 1997.

New England Bookseller’s Award for Nonfiction for 1998.

John Burroughs Medal for Nature Writing (for Mind of the Raven) 2000

Honorary Doctorate, University of Maine, Farmington – 1999

Honorary Master of Philosophy & Human Biology – College of the Atlantic, 2006

Honorary Doctorate, Unity College, Maine 1986 and-2000!

Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, St. Michaels College, 2008

National Academy of Arts and Sciences. 2004.

Maine Running Hall of Fame, 1996.

Maine Sportsmen’s Hall of Fame, 2000.

American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame, 2008.

Sterling College Presidential Stewardship Award, 2014.

University of Maine Achievement Award, 2014

Pen New England Book Award for non-fiction, for Life Everlasting- 2013.

Art Exhibits: “The Naturalist as Artist: the Artist as Naturalist”. Fleming Museum,

Burlington, VT. and the L C Bates Museum , Good Will- Hinckley School in

Fairfield, Maine. 2005


Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley, 1971-75

Associate Prof. UC Berkeley, 1975-1977

Professor of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley, 1978-1981

Professor of Biology, University of Vermont, 1981-2003

Professor Emeritus, 2004-

Presently teaching Winter Ecology


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