Curriculum Vitae Pietro Ramellini Work

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Curriculum Vitae
Pietro Ramellini
Since 2002

Invited Professor

Pontifical Athenaeum 'Regina Apostolorum' – Rome (hereafter UPRA)
Since 1990

Teacher in middle and high schools

Catholic and State Schools - Italy
2005 - 2006

Scientific Coordinator

Scientific Coordination of the International Research Project "The Organism in Interdisciplinary Context"

STOQ Project & The John Templeton Foundation at UPRA


Scientific Director and Co-Organizer

Scientific direction and organization of the STOQ International Conference on "Ontogeny and Human Life" at UPRA
2008 - 2009

Member of the Organizing Committee

Organization of the STOQ International Conference on Evolution (2009)

Gregorian University - Rome (Italy)


Laurea in Natural Sciences

La Sapienza (University)

Rome (Italy)


Postgraduate Specialisation in Epistemology, Philosophy and History of Science

Tor Vergata (University)

Rome (Italy)


Teaching Diploma for Secondary Schools

Public Instruction Ministry (Italy)

Laurea in Biological Sciences

La Sapienza (University)

Rome (Italy)

Research Fellow of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights (Rome)

Member of the Interuniversity Centre "Res Viva" (Rome)

Former Member of the "Progetto Checklist della Fauna Italiana" (Commission of European

Communities and Ministero dell’Ambiente)

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