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February 10th, 2010

Born: September 24th, 1939 in Warsaw, Poland
Family: wife Małgorzata, son Łukasz
Address: ul.Czarnieckiego 82, PL 01-541 Warsaw,

phone: home +48-22-839.63.65, mobile: +48-607.456.918


Scientific degrees and titles:

  • Ph.D. in mathematics from Polish Academy of Sciences, 1966

  • Dr Sci. in mathematics from Polish Academy of Sciences, 1971

  • Professor in mathematics and computer science in the Polish Academy of Sciences since1976

Professional degrees in pastry making:

  • journayman in pastry making since 1971

  • master in pastry making since 1977

Employment and occupations:

  • Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences 1963-1971

  • Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences since 1971 (formerly scientific director now member of Scientific Council)

  • A.Blikle Ltd, President of the Board of Directors since 1991

  • Brian Tracy International, expert

Selected memberships in corporate boards:

  • Supervisory Board of Caresbac Polska 1992–1997

  • Supervisory Board of BISE Bank, 1993-1998

  • Supervisory Board of Macro Cash and Carry Polska 1997-2003

  • Supervisoty Board of Polpharma S.A. 2003-2009

Selected membership in associations:

  • Polish Mathematical Association, since 1962,

  • Polish Information Processing Society, founding member, member of the board of directors 1981 – 1987, president 1987–1993, honorary member since1993

  • Academia Europaea since 1993,

  • Family Enterprise Initiative — founding member and president since 2008

  • Polish Federation of Food Industries, vice president and president of the board of directors 1998-2005,

  • Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU, 2004-2005 member of the presidium of the board of directors,

  • Nowy Świat (association of the merchants of Nowy Świat street) since 1996 founding member and first president,

  • Adam Smith Centre, expert since 2004 and chairman of the council since 2006

  • Caux Round Table Polska, sice 2006

  • Honorary Ambassador of Warsaw since 2009

Scientific works in computer science:

  • books and monographs: 2,

  • papers in journals and collections of articles: 22,

  • papers in reviewed conference proceedings: 17

  • promoted Ph.D. students: 4

Basic research publications in computer science:

  1. Algorithmically definable functions, Dissertationes Mathematicae 85 (1971)

  2. Addressless units for carrying loop-free computations, Journal of ACM 19 (1972), 136-157

  3. The clean termination of iterative programs, Acta Informatica,16 (1981), 199-217

  4. Naive Denotational Semantics, IFIP Congress 1983, North Holland 1983 (with A.Tarlecki)

  5. Denotational Engineering, Science of Computer Programming 12 (1989), 207-253

Main awards:

  • Award for Young Mathematicians in 1967 from Polish Mathematical Association

  • Golden Cross of Merit in 1987 for scientific achievements from Polish State Council

  • Golden Award of Merit in 1989 from Scientific and Technical Publishers

  • Business for Social Development in 1999 from Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga

  • Order of Polonia Restituta Knight‘s Cross for the contribution in the development of informatics in Poland, 2005

  • Tadeusz Kotarbiński Medal from Polish Academy of Sciences for the outstanding achievements in management and organization, 2009

Activities in total quality management:

  • implementation of the method in A.Blikle Ltd., teaching and coaching since 1996,

  • The doctrine of quality (in Polish: “Doktryna Jakości”) — a book in progress currently available in public domain at (Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library)


  • Music: baroque, jazz

  • Sport: skiing (downhill and ski alpinism), windsurfing, rowing (skif), mountain bike

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