Curriculum Vitae john h. Van engen

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Curriculum Vitae

ADDRESS: History Department 1714 W. North Shore Drive

University of Notre Dame South Bend, IN 46617

Notre Dame, IN 46556 574-234-1276

(574) 631-5062


1965-1969 B.A. Calvin College

1969-1973, 1975-76 Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles

1973-1975 University of Heidelberg, Germany
1976-1977 Assistant Professor Calvin College

1977-present Professor of History University of Notre Dame 1986-98 Director of the University of Notre Dame

Medieval Institute

Fall, 2002 Visiting Professor Harvard University


Rupert of Deutz (Berkeley, 1983)

(John Nicholas Brown Prize, Medieval Academy of America, 1987)

Devotio Moderna: Basic Writings (New York, 1988)
Religion in the History of the Medieval West (Ashcroft Variorum 2004)
Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life: The Modern Devotion and the

World of the Later Middle Ages (Philadelphia 2008)

(The John Gilmary Shea Prize, American Catholic Historical Society, 2010

The Philip Schaff Prize, American Society of Church History, 2010

Otto Gruendler Prize, International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 2010)

Ed. The Past and Future of Medieval Studies (Notre Dame, 1994)
Ed. Learning Institutionalized: Teaching in the Medieval University (Notre Dame, 2000)
Ed. (with Michael Signer), Jews and Christians in Twelfth-Century Europe (Notre Dame, 2001)

Ed. Educating People of Faith: Exploring the History of Jewish and Christian Communities (Grand Rapids 2004).

Ed. (with Thomas F.X. Noble), European Transformations: The Long Twelfth Century (Notre Dame 2012)

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Epistolae fratrum: An Edition,” in: Ibid. pp. 143-61.
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The Writings of Alijt Bake (1413-55) [2014]

“Memory and Manuscript in Personal Practice and Written Lives: The Case of the Modern-Day Devout,” in: Memory in later medieval northwestern Europe

"Interaction of Theology and Canon Law," Plenary at the Ninth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Munich, July 1992

"Medieval Studies in the Low Countries: A View from Across the Atlantic," Plenary at the first Landdag for medievalists from Holland and Flanders, The Hague, June 1995

"Visions of Society from Late Antiquity to the Eve of Papal Reform," Weathersfield Institute, New York City, September 1996
"Reform in Twelfth-Century Europe: Religion, Revolution, or Rebellion?" Plenary at the Medieval Academy of America, Toronto, April 1997

APapal Visions of Society: From Gregory VII to Boniface VIII,@ Weathersfield Institute, New York City, October 1997

ALearning, Power, and the Holy,@ Plenary at the Fordham Medieval Conference, New York, March 2000
“Competing Conversions in the Generation of 1400: Townspeople, Inquisitors, Societies of the Devout, and Women Writers,” Plenary at the 37th Kalamazoo International Medieval Congress, May 2002
“Conversion in the Generation of 1400,” and (with Giles Constable) “The Letters of Two Lovers: Abelard and Heloise?” Lansdowne Lecturer at the University of Victoria, February 2003
“Multiple Options: The World of the Fifteenth-Century Church,” Presidential Address, American Society of Church History, January 2008
“Free Spirits, Harassed Beguines, and Arrogant Clerics in the 1320s: A New Look Inside by way of Middle Dutch,” The Roland Bainton Lecture, Yale Divinity School, January 2009
“Duty or Delight, Punishing or Redeeming? Reflections on the Status of Work in the Middle Ages,” Plenary at the PMR Conference, Villanova University, October 2009
“‘See what Stupidity this is!’ The Writings and Troubles of Alijt Bake of Ghent (1413- 55)” Plenary Lecture, Midwest Medieval History Conference, Columbus, OH, October 2010, and as the David and Virginia Steinmetz Lecture, Duke University, November 2010, and as the Cusanus Lecture (Kalamazoo International Congress, 2011).
“Scribes at Home: Manuscripts and Memory in the World of the Devotio Moderna,” History of the Book Lecture (sponsored by Richard and Mary Rouse), UCLA, March 2010
“After the Year 1000: The Narrative of High Medieval History.” The Henri Pirenne Lecture, Gent, Belgium, November 2011, the Nina Maria Gorissen Lecture, American Academy in Berlin, November 2011


"Christendom in the High Middle Ages," Director, NEH Summer Institute, June-July 1989
"The Past and Future of Medieval Studies", Notre Dame, February 1992
"Books, their Makers and their Readers," for the Midwest Medieval History Conference, 27th Kalamazoo International Congress, May 1992.
"Learning Institutionalized: Teaching in the Medieval University," Notre Dame, September 1992

"German Medieval History in Comparative Perspective." 28th Kalamazoo International Congress, on behalf of Medieval Academy of America (six sessions), May 1993.

"Colloquium on German Medieval History" co-sponsored with German Historical Institute, Notre Dame, pairing fifteen German professors with American counterparts, May 1993.
“In the Shadow of the Millennium: Jews and Christians in Twelfth-Century Europe,” with Michael Signer, Notre Dame, October 1996.
“European Transformations in the Twelfth Century” (with Thomas Noble), Notre Dame, October 2006


1969  Woodrow Wilson Designate

1969-1973 Chancellor's Fellowship, UCLA

1973-1975 Fellowship from Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, Heidelberg

1975-1976 Research Assistant, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA

1976 UCLA Alumni Award for Excellence in the Ph.D.

1979-1980 Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies for Recent Recipients of the Ph.D.

1985-1986 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship

1987 John Nicholas Brown Prize, the Medieval Academy of America.

1989 NEH Summer Institute

1989-90 NEH Fellowship for Editions and Translations

1993-94 Elected member, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ

1993- Elected corresponding member, Monumenta Germaniae Historica

1998 Visiting Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ

1999 Elected Fellow, Medieval Academy of America

1999-2000 Fellow, Shelby Cullom Davis Center, History Department, Princeton University

2005-07 President, American Society of Church History

2008-09 Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies

Fellowship, National Endowment for the Humanities

2010 John Gilmary Shea Prize, American Catholic Historical Society

Philip Schaff Prize, American Society of Church History

Otto Gruendler Prize, Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo

2011 Berlin Prize, American Academy in Berlin

American Historical Association

Medieval Academy of America

American Society of Church History

Renaissance Society of America

Society for the Study of Medieval Canon Law

1988-94 Board of Directors, Cistercian Publications

1988-93 Research Committee, American Society of Church History

1988-93 Central Board, Fédération International des Instituts d'études médiévales.

1989-90 Nominating Committee, Mediaeval Academy of America

1992 President, Midwest Medieval History Association

1992- Editorial Board, Ons geestelijk erf

1997 Chair, nominating committee, Medieval Academy of America

1998-2002 Editorial Board, Church History

1999- Editorial Board, Sacris Erudiri

2002-06 Board of Editors, The American Historical Review

2002-05 Council, The American Society of Church History.

2004- Moderator, Midwest Medieval Intellectual History Seminar, Newberry Library, Chicago

2005-08 Travel Awards Committee, Medieval Academy of America

2007 President, American Society of Church History

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