Cquniversity Snake Removal/Relocation Report

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CQUniversity Snake Removal/Relocation Report

Details of the capture of the snake

Date and time of the capture:

     /     /           am/pm

Person who captured the snake: Print name:


First aid person who assisted: Print name:




Specific location of the capture: (i.e. Garden bed Building 401)


Common or scientific name of the snake:


Details of the release of the snake

Date and time of the release:

     /     /           am/pm

Location where the snake was released (specific address)


Any other disposal details (deaths, escapes)


Snakes found in Northern and Central Queensland.


Elapid Snakes

Family BOIDAE:


Acanthophis spp

Common death adder

Northern death adder

Aspidites melanocephalus

Black-headed python

Demansia spp

Black whip snake

Collared whip snake

Yellow-faced whip snake

Lialis spp.

Spotted python

Water python

Furina barnardi

Yellow-naped snake

Morelia spilota

Carpet python

Furina diadema

Red-naped snake

Aspidites ramsayi

Woma python

Furina ornata

Orange-naped snake

Morelia kinghorni

Amethystine python

Oxyuranus scutellatus


Pseudonaja spp.

Eastern brown snakes

Western brown snakes

Pseudechis spp.

Mulga snake or King brown snake, Collett's snake,
Red-bellied black snake,

Simoselaps australis

Coral snake

Suta suta

Curl snake



Colubrid Snakes

Ramphotylops spp.

Blind snakes

Boiga irregularis

Brown tree snake

Dendrelaphis punctulata

Common or green tree snake

Tropidonophis maririi


Additional information on snakes that live in our area can be found from the department of Environment and Resource Management web site. http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/wildlife-ecosystems/wildlife/living_with_wildlife/snakes/index.html.

Updated: 12 May 2011

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