Cpl overby’s Here is the latest/most up to date motor pool listing of the Armor on hand, and

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CPL Overby’s Here is the latest/most up to date

MOTOR POOL listing of the Armor on hand, and

1/72 Scale Armor projects in the works, as of 14 Aug 08

MP001 PzKpfw III Ausf E MP024 Panther G MP054 E-100 ausf B

MP002 15cm sIG33B MP026 Panther F (Dragon Conversion) --------- Auf Pz III MP027 JagdPanther Inspired by a model by MP003 SU76i (Russ Pz III) w/ Zimmerit Michael Rinaldi MP004 StuG III Ausf A MP028 Panther II MP055 Jagdpanzer E-100 (Krokodil) MP005 StuG IV w/Zimm MP034 Panzer II C (Dragon Conversion) MP006 Jagdpanzer IV F(L/48) MP037 SU-122 MP056 VK1602 Leopard * MP008 MP039 SU-152* MP057 12.8 cm L/55 auf Pz.Kpfw. V

MP009 MP040 Cruiser A9* “Zerstorer” MP010 Brumbar (Late) MP041 Coventour Mk II* MP058 Ram II OP ***NEW*** --------- w/Zimmerit MP042 Ram II (Haseagawa Conversion) (Dragon Conversion) MP011 Mobil Wagon MP043 M50 Israeli Sherman MP059 Ram/Badger ***NEW*** MP012 PzKpfw IV Ausf A --------- (Early Model) Dragon Conversion (ESCI/Italeri conversion) MP013 PzKpfw IV Ausf D MP044 M51HV Israeli Sherman MP060 Toyota Technicals No.1(2 pk) MP014 PzKpfw IV Ausf F2 --------- (Dragon Conversion) ***NEW*** MP015 PzKpfw IV Ausf G MP045 Tiger II (Porsche) MP061 Humvee Technical (2 pk) --------- w/Zimmerit --------- w/Zimmerit ***NEW*** MP016 Marder II MP046 Tiger II (Late Model) MP062 Humvee “Quick Build” (2pk)

MP017 15cm sIG 33B MP047 E-50 ***NEW***

--------- Auf Pz II MP048 Tiger II (Henschel) MP063 Unimog (2 pk) ***NEW***

MP018 --------- w/Zimmerit

MP019 MP049 M50 Israeli Sherman (Late)

MP020 -------- (Dragon Conversion)

--------- MP050 E-75 mit 10.5cm

MP021 MP051 E-10 *

MP022 Tiger I MP052 E-25

--------- w/Zimmerit MP053 Egyptian T-34/122

(*) This mark denotes vehicles not yet ready for production,

They are, “To Be Announced” (TBA).

There is no time frame for the items listed under (TBA).

At this time we can only accept personal checks, or a money order for payment

All Items are $20.00 ea. Postage Starts at $12.00 (Domestic) for the first four items

Then it’s $13.00 and up from there.

Overseas shipping is “at cost”

Prices are subject to change with out notice.

That’s what we have for now; hope to hear from you soon.

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Questions? Comments? Criticism? Please contact me via the information below.
Kenneth T. Overby

CPL Overby’s


316 Farm Rd, Apt C

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