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Course Syllabus – Approved Format

General Information

  • Northern Arizona University- Yuma; Department of Arts and Sciences

  • BSC 322, Entomology

  • Fall or Spring

  • 3hrs. Lecture, 3hrs. Lab, 4 credit hours

  • Dr. Francisco Villa

  • Science and Research building, Office 112

  • Office hours: Monday/Wednesday 8:00am to 9:00am and 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Course prerequisites

BIO 181 and BIO 182
Course Corequisite

Course description:

Classification, identification, ecology, evolution, physiology, conservation, and economic importance of insects.
Student Learning Expectations/Outcomes for this Course

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the basic biology of insects

  2. Describe key contemporary topics of concern

  3. Describe insect form and function, identification, population structure, coexistence of species, and reproductive biology.

  4. Collect insects and compare habitats in which they live, their lifestyles, overwintering strategies, and other aspects of insect life.

  5. Participate in team research by hypothesis development and testing, data analysis and graphical display, and scientific report writing.

Course structure/approach:

The course may involve one or more of the following approaches: lecture and discussion; application exercises; scheduled activities; case analysis; team projects; field trips, speakers with relevant expertise, and/or other activities as appropriate to achieve learning outcomes.

Textbook and required materials: Student learning is facilitated with textbooks, readings, audio-visual content, software, and/or other materials

Recommended optional materials/references (attach reading list): None
Course outline:
Week 1: Introduction to Insects and Their Ways

Week 2: Anatomy, Physiology, and Development of Insects

Week 3: Systematics, Nomenclature, and Identification

Week 4: Behavior and Ecology

Week 5: Phylum Arthropoda

Week 6: Hexapoda and Apterygote Insects

Week 7: Odonata and Orthoptera Orders

Week 8: Phasmatodea and Grylloblattodea Orders

Week 9: Mantophasmatodea and Dermaptera Orders

Week 10: Isoptera and Mantodea Orders

Week 11: Blattodea and Hemiptera Orders

Week 12: Coleoptera and Neuroptera Orders

Week 13: Hymenoptera and Trichoptera Orders

Week 14: Lepidoptera and Siphonaptera Orders

Week 15: Mecoptera and Strepsiptera Orders

Week 16: Collecting, Preserving, and Studying Insects

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

  • Methods of Assessment: In-class exams, homework, lab reports, in-class activities, research paper, and/or presentations as determined by student.

  • Timeline for Assessment: Over the course of the semester

Grading System:

Letter grades for the course will be determined based on the percentage of the total points as follows:

90-100% A Excellent

80-89% B Good

70-79% C Average

60-69% D Lowest passing

<60% F Failure
Course policy:
Retests/makeup tests:

No make-up exams or re-tests except for what the instructor may deem as extenuating circumstances.

Attendance Policy:

Under NAU Policy, students are expected to attend every session of the class in which they are enrolled.

Statement on plagiarism and cheating:


Please refer to the NAU Student Handbook policy statement on Academic Integrity. Academic honesty does not allow "plagiarism — knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one's own" (2005, Undergraduate General Academic and Graduation Policies).

If your instructor determines that you are guilty of plagiarism he deserves the right to give you a zero on the alleged assignment up to failing the course in question. All incidents regardless will be reported to the university.

University policies

Attach the Safe Working and Learning Environment, Students with Disabilities, Institutional Review Board, and Academic Integrity policies or reference them on the syllabus. See the following document for policy statements:

Your instructor reserves the right to make any changes to the course policies, schedule, or any other aspect of the class as he sees fit.

Revised 04/22/03

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