Core Strategy Preferred Approach

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105 Station Road

Brize Norton


OX18 3PT

22 March 2010

Planning Policy

West Oxfordshire District Council

Core Strategy Preferred Approach
Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for the opportunity to respond and comment/object to the Core Strategy Preferred Approach document.

1. We share the views of the vast majority of Brize Norton residents in abhorring the suggestion of even more of the Parish of Brize Norton being ceded to Carterton. We are continually being told in WODC newsletters that West Oxfordshire is rated highly as a place to live; this statement is also usually trotted out by prospective District Councillors when elections are in the offing.

When will WODC recognize that “all is not well” the quality of life in the area is gradually being eroded away.

2. Insuffiient Infrastructure in all areas Roads, Schools (secondary education), medical and dental (NHS) facilities, land drainage, foul drainage.
3. Employment: New Jobs Restricted to, mainly retail, poorly paid and the majority part time. While I have every respect for the “Retail Advisors” other more lucrative employment is not being attracted to the area.
4. Commuting: more and more people are forced to commute to find the higher salaries required to live and purchase property in West Oxfordshire.

5. The Core Strategy cites three areas for large scale development.

It is considered that the towns of Witney and Carterton are to geographically close being only 4 Kms apart. It is suggested that as the town centre of Witney has already been greatly improved and given the A40/A4095 are readily accessible that is the logical area to expand even more.

It is further suggested that rather than concentrate resources in a small area (Carterton/Witney) that other areas should benefit from development. The much vaunted AONB and Oxford City Green Belt should be further examined. For too long the City of Oxford has been a “sacred cow” protected from development while other areas suffer. Oxford City has the employment, let Oxford City provide the homes.

6. We consider that there has been sufficient build or planned build within Carterton without the proposed 1,000 additional homes. A breathing space is required to allow the area to consolidate and integrate the Shilton Park and other ongoing developments. This is proposed to allow the infrastructure to grow to meet the current situation.

7. We consider the proposed plan for further develop0ment at Carterton to be unwise, unworkable and totally unsatisfactory.

Yours Sincerely

K. A. Glazier (Mr) & E. A. Glazier (Mrs)

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