Cora Vinca – Thrives when others wilt!

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Cora Vinca – Thrives when others wilt!

Vinca has always been a good news / bad news kind of flower. Great in hot and sunny spots – but if you didn’t water it carefully the plants would often wilt and die.

Now we have Vinca Cora – a new series that will thrive when common Vinca wilt! Specially selected to resist issues with water problems – Cora has proven time and again that it is the only choice for planting in those hot and sunny beds and patios. A full range of colors compliments the great garden show.
With an upright habit Cora is ideal for patio pots and flower beds and now has a Cora Cascade collection that will spill over the sides of basket and patio pots or can be used as a ground cover. All with super colors and garden show.
A tip when planting Cora is to use a mulch around the base of the plants to keep soil from splashing on the plants stems – an inch or two of any organic compost will work fine.

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