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June 10, 2009
For immediate release (“Monday” in copy is June 8, 2009):
New Bedford, Mass. – Articles of incorporation for a city-based record label were approved by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Monday.
Wepecket Island Records, Inc. ( will be operated as a Subchapter S Corporation. Officers are John G.. Radcliffe, Catherine A. Radcliffe, both of New Bedford, and Don Barry, of Norwood.
The Radcliffes also own and operate Ocean State Adventures, a kayaking business in Bristol, RI.
John Radcliffe is the majority stockholder and President. John serves as a Conservation Commissioner in New Bedford and is the Executive Director of the Taunton River Folk Festival.
Catherine Radcliffe, an accounting specialist, serves as Treasurer, and also sits on the Board of Directors of the Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association.
Barry, of Norwood, is the Clerk. He has also been President and a founder of several small medical device companies and has experience in capitalizing small companies for growth.
Wepecket records traditional American folk music. It currently has 12 CDs in its catalogue.

“With our new structure we will now be able to fully capitalize and actualize our business plan,” said John Radcliffe. That plan calls for six additional CDs to be released this year. Wepecket released its latest CD, “Dale Robin: Sweet & Salty” on Tuesday.

“The timing was coincidental, but couldn't have been better,” said Barry, who also plays bass on Dale Robin's recording. “Growing the Wepecket label will be a true labor of love as we appreciate the music as musicians,” Barry added.
Other artists on the Wepecket label are Andru Bemis, Andy Cohen, Sherman Lee Dillon and The Dillonaires, Jim McGrath and The New Viper Revue.
A second east coast tour in the Fall of all of Wepecket's artists, dubbed the “Rolling Roots Revue,” is slated to begin Oct. 15, with stops already booked in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.
“Our model calls for synergies among all our players, the Folk radio DJs who play our artists, the venues where they play and the folks who love and support their music,” said John Radcliffe, himself a once-almost-famous musician. He was the piano player in the prep school rock 'n'; roll band in which Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., played bass in 1960 and 1961.
The company's shares will be closely held and privately traded.

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