Configuring your netbook to drive a projector

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Configuring your netbook to drive a projector
To initially configure your Acer netbook to drive a projector you must complete the following steps. Once configured, you should never have to reconfigure the netbook.
1) Start up the Acer and log in as either yourself, hdesk, or administrator. It shouldn’t matter whether you are logged in under WESLEYAN.DOM or the local computer name.
2) Attach the projector via a VGA cable – you must do this (see below). The simplest way to do this is find a multimedia classroom in Tate, MSC, or Willet, then cable the VGA port on the netbook into the “laptop” VGA port on the Extron box on top of the console, hit the Extron On button, and when that stops flashing hit the Extron Laptop button.
3) Open the Control Panel (from the Start menu)
4) Choose Appearances and Themes
5) Choose Display
6) Choose Settings
7) Click on the Advanced button
8) Select the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Device For Mobile menu bar
9) Click on the Graphics Properties button
10) Choose Multiple Display / Intel® Dual Display Clone (if the projector is not attached you won’t get this option)
11) OK all the way back out to the desktop
12) Ignore the Alt F5 key – both the netbook screen and the VGA projector output will be always on
The projected image will now be a “clone” of the netbook screen image. However, because the netbook screen and the projected area have different horizontal:vertical aspect ratios, you will see some mildly strange effects. If your netbook screen resolution is set to the standard 1024 x 600px:
The netbook screen image will appear as before

The projected screen image will appear full-width and undistorted, but vertically shadowboxed

When you run a PowerPoint slideshow, which forces a standard aspect ratio, the netbook screen image will be full-height, but horizontally shadowboxed and the projected image will be undistorted, but picture-framed in the central 80% of the screen
You can “correct” the projected PPT image to full screen by increasing the netbook screen resolution to 1024 x 768px, but now the netbook screen image will “screen-scroll” which you will probably find prohibitively annoying.

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