Concerning: Control of Operations Breeding Appendix-i species in Captivity

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No. 1998/42 Geneva, 6 August 1998


Control of Operations Breeding Appendix-I Species in Captivity

1. This Notification is an addendum to Notification to the Parties No. 940 of 4 September 1996. Earlier additions were provided through Notifications to the Parties No. 981 of 2 June 1997, No. 995 of 29 October 1997 and No. 1007 of 19 December 1997.

2. The attached information concerning operations in Canada, Indonesia and the United States of America will be included in the Register of Operations that Breed Specimens of Species Included in Appendix I in Captivity for Commercial Purposes.
3. At the request of the Management Authority of the Federal Republic of Germany the operation of Mr Volkmar Riedl, registration No. A-DE-506, has been deleted from the Register.
Register of Operations that Breed Specimens of Species

Included in Appendix I in Captivity for Commercial Purposes

Notes: 1. Specimens bred in operations listed in this Register may be entitled to the exemption provided by Article VII, paragraph 4, of the Convention.
2. Parties are invited to reject any document granted under Article VII, paragraph 4, of the Convention, if the specimens concerned do not originate from an operation listed in this Register and/or from a species which has not been declared as bred in captivity by a registered operation.
Registration No.: A-CA-511

Philip and Helen Trefry

Box 176, Site #1


TOFIELD, Alberta

Canada, TOB 4JO

Date of establishment: 1996
Date of first export: None until 4 March 1998
Species bred: Falco peregrinus anatum
Current stock: Breeding stock: 8M (wild: 3; captive-bred: 5),

(4 March 1998) 6F (wild: 2; captive-bred 4)

Other stock held: 7M, 5F (all captive-bred)
Annual production: 1998: 25

1999: 25

2000: 30
Remarks: Both artificial insemination and natural copulation are used
Origin of stock: Breeding stock: wild, Canada: 3M, 2F. All other specimens are captive-bred
Type of specimens exported: Live falcons
Marking of specimens: Seamless numbered metal bands provided by the Government of Alberta

All adults are banded, some carry micro-chip implants

Production of F2 offspring: Yes, up to F4
Registration No.: A-ID-514

Mr Jefry Setiady

Jl. Dr. Sutomo 62


Date of establishment: 1996
Date of first export:
Species bred: Scleropages formosus
Current stock: Breeding stock: 1,130, all F2

(May 1998)

Annual production: 13,500 offspring expected by the year 2000
Origin of stock: The breeding stock was acquired locally
Type of specimens exported: Live specimens
Marking of specimens: The exported specimens will be marked with Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT) (coded microchips)
Production of F2 offspring: Yes

Registration No.: A-US-501
David H. Jamieson/dba SKY-OUT FALCONS

1701 Newport Lane


United States of America

Date of establishment: 1983
Date of first export: 1983
Species bred: Falco peregrinus

Falco rusticolus

and hybrids between these two species

Current stock: Adults: 6M, 7F Falco peregrinus

(13 May 1998) 1995-1996 progeny: 46

Adults: 16M, 14F Falco rusticolus

1995-1996 progeny: 45

Annual production: Approx. 23 Falco peregrinus

Approx. 25 Falco rusticolus

Remarks: Artificial insemination, natural copulation and artificial incubation are used
Origin of stock: Falco peregrinus

13 adults, at least F2

Falco rusticolus

- wild: 3 adults (legally acquired)

- F1: 2 adults

- F2-F3: 25 adults

Types of specimens exported: Live specimens
Marking of specimens: US Fish and Wildlife Service issued bands: uniquely coded

- seamless bands for progeny

- flexible plastic bands for birds of wild origin
Production of F2 offspring: Falco peregrinus: yes

Falco rusticolus: yes

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