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Environmental Procedure

Control of Documents


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Date : DD – MM – YYYY

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  1. Purpose

This procedure describes the control system for preparing, approving, distributing, revising and updating documents that are required under the Environmental Management System (EMS).

  1. Scope

This procedure applies to all documents established under the EMS of COMPANY NAME. For control of environmental records, see EP-08 Control of Records. The documents under the EMS include but are not limited to:

  • EMS Manual

  • Environmental Procedures

  • Environmental Instructions

  • EMS Forms, Checklists and Guidelines

  • Objectives, Targets and Programmes

  • Register of Environmental Aspects

  • Registers of Legal and Other Requirements

  • External documents including legislation, professional guides and code of practices, etc.

  1. Reference Documents

Section 4.4.5, EMS Manual

EP-08 Control of Records

  1. Definitions


  • Environmental Management Representative

EMS Committee


  • Administration Department


  • Environmental Procedure(s)


  • Environmental Instruction(s)

Controlled Copy – controlled documents shall be posted on the company server for read-only access or the hard copy shall be stamped "CONTROLLED COPY" in red. Controlled copy shall be subject to automatic update when a new revision is released.

Uncontrolled Copy - uncontrolled document is a hard copy of the document that shall not bear the stamp "CONTROLLED COPY" in red. Uncontrolled copy shall not be subject to automatic update when a new revision is released. It is for reference only.

Master Copy – the original hard copy of the document that shall be approved and signed by authorized personnel.

  1. Responsibility

    1. Top Management

The (Top Management) shall approve and sign all EMS documents, which include the Environmental Policy, EMS manual, environmental procedures and instructions, Objectives, Targets and Programmes, Register of Environmental Aspects and Registers of Legal and Other Requirements. In the absence of the (Top Management), the EMR shall approve and sign the EMS documents.

    1. Environmental Management Representative

The EMR shall work together with the EMS Committee to prepare and revise all EMS documents.

    1. Administration Department

The AD is responsible for the EMS document control system. The AD shall ensure that only controlled and current copies of documents are used, and distribute the controlled EMS documents to relevant personnel whenever updated versions are available. The AD shall also maintain and update the Master List of Documents.

    1. Function / Departmental Manager

The Function / Departmental Manager shall review relevant EMS documents and procedures, ensure that their subordinates are familiar with the updated EMS documents related to them, and report any proposed changes to the EMS documents and forms to the EMS Committee.

  1. Procedure

    1. Labelling and Numbering System of EMS Documentation

      1. To indicate the status of each document, and to prevent the use of obsolete or outdated documents, the following information shall be stated on each EMS document or procedure:

  • Title (subject)

  • Document number

  • Revision number (which starts from 1,2,3………)

  • Date

  • Document originator

  • Authorised person and his/her signature

      1. The numbering system of EMS documentation is as follows :

EMS Manual : EM-01

Environmental Procedure : EP-xx

Environmental Instruction : EI-xx

Objectives, Targets and Programmes : O&T-yyyy

Register of Environmental Aspects : EAR-xx

Register of Legal and Other Requirements : LR-xx

Environmental Form / Checklist : EF-zzzz-xx

xx – document number by numerical order ; yyyy – year

zzzz – procedure or instruction number (forms / checklists arise from that EP or EI)

r – revision number for Forms (which starts from 1, 2, 3, ……)

    1. Document Review and Approval

      1. All internal EMS documents shall be reviewed and approved by authorized personnel prior to release. This shall be carried out in accordance to the following :

        Document Type

        Prepared/ Reviewed by

        Approved by

        EMS Manual


        Top Management

        Environmental Procedures


        Top Management

        Environmental Instructions


        Top Management

        Objectives, Targets and Programmes


        Top Management

        Register of Environmental Aspects


        Top Management

        Register of Legal and Other Requirements


        Top Management

        Forms / Checklists / Guidelines

        EMS Committee / Function / Departmental Managers

        EMR / Function / Departmental Managers

    2. Distribution and Control of Controlled Documents

      1. The original hard copies of controlled documents shall be signed by the authorised person, and maintained by the AD.

      2. All controlled documents, and the Master List (Appendix 1) showing the documents and forms issued with the latest revision number and date shall be maintained and updated by the AD. The AD shall inform the most recent documentation status and announce the release of new versions of controlled documents to staff.

      3. The AD shall maintain document distribution records that record the number of copies and their recipients (a template of Document Distribution List is shown in Appendix 2). Hardcopies of controlled documents shall be stamped with “CONTROLLED COPY” in red and be subjected to update.

    3. Revision of Documents

      1. All EMS documents shall be constantly reviewed and revised as necessary by relevant personnel. Function / Departmental Managers shall report any proposed changes to the EMR.

      2. All revised controlled documents shall be reviewed and approved by the authorized person.

      3. The AD shall file the superseded Master Copy of the documents, marked with a red chop of “Obsolete Document”, in the Obsolete Document File for at least 3 years for reference and traceability.

    4. Control of External Documents

      1. External reference documents not available on the company server (e.g. Regulations, Technical Memorandums, Code of Practice, Professional Guidelines / Notes) shall be properly collected and maintained by the AD. The AD shall maintain and update a master list of external documents for control purposes and make it accessible to staff. Controlled copies of reference documents shall be marked with a red chop of “controlled document”. The AD shall maintain records for document distribution.

    5. Computer Backup, Security and Control

      1. Responsible personnel shall back up the server data bimonthly.

      2. For the control of access rights to the EMS documents on the company server, it shall be ensured that only the AD and the EMR are able to change documents on the server. All other staff shall be able to read and print the documents only.

  1. Records

Record Description

Record Location/ Retention Responsibility

Minimum Retention Time

Master List of Documents (EF-EP04-01)

Server / AD

Keep update version

Master List of Forms (EF-EP04-01)

Server / AD

Keep update version

Master List of External Documents (EF-EP04-01)

Server / AD

Keep update version

Document Distribution Record (EF-EP04-02)


3 years

  1. Appendix

Appendix 1 : Master List of Documents / Forms / External Documents (Template) (EF-EP04-01)

Appendix 2 : Document Distribution Record (EF-EP04-02)

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(Admin Department)

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