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Records Authority

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Alteration of records: whale teeth


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Under Section 26 of the Archives Act 1983 a person must not engage in conduct that results in an addition to or alteration of a Commonwealth record that has been in existence for more than 15 years unless the addition or alteration is required by law, or is done with the permission of the Archives.

The whale teeth in series K1393 are designated as ‘Retain as national archives’ (RNA) in class 4292 of Records Authority 2002/04926193 issued to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Oct 2002. The teeth were originally collected to support significant research projects conducted by CSIRO, and with a view to their potential long term research value as a national information resource. For the research value of series K1393 to be fully realised, the teeth need to be interpreted to obtain research data, in some instances this will require alteration of the record material (whale teeth) or extraction of DNA samples.

The Archives has developed this Authority to permit CSIRO, and its affiliates, to take samples of whale teeth within series K1393 for CSIRO endorsed research purposes, on an ongoing basis as required, provided the conditions in this authority are met. This differs from Records Authority 2008/00254600 issued to CSIRO in August 2008, which provided Archives approval for a defined research project involving sampling a selection of whale teeth in Archives custody.

Advice on how to use this Authority is available from CSIRO’s records manager, and the scientific officer responsible for the intended sampling. If there are problems with the application of the Authority that cannot be resolved, please contact the National Archives.


For assistance with this authority or for advice on other records management matters, please contact the National Archives’ Agency Service Centre.

Queen Victoria Terrace Tel: (02) 6212 3610

Parkes ACT 2600 Fax: (02) 6212 3989

PO Box 7425 Email:

Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610 Website:


Person to whom notice of authorisation is given:

Dr Bruce Mapstone


Marine and Atmospheric Research Division

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Castray Esplanade

Hobart, Tasmania 7000



Authorises arrangements for the alteration of records in accordance with section 26 of the Archives Act 1983.


Sampling of whale teeth in CSIRO records as defined in the conditions of this authority

This authority gives permission for the alteration of the records described. This authority will apply only with the consent of the agency currently responsible for the business documented in the records described.

Authorised by: Date of issue:

Len Marsden 20 December 2013

Acting Director-General

National Archives of Australia


The function of undertaking original scientific investigations, experimentation and theoretical, innovative development or systematic work aimed at the creation of new knowledge, and application of this knowledge to new or improved practices, products or processes. Includes liaison between scientists, meetings to discuss technical issues and unpublished technical papers.

Includes experimentation and observation activities such as conducting pure and applied scientific research and observations. Also includes modelling, field trials, data collection, surveys, experimentation and fabrication.


Description of records

Disposal action


Whale teeth within series K1393, Whale teeth samples, 1964-1966.


1. To minimise the need for whale teeth in series K1393 to be sampled, data already obtained from whale teeth should be reviewed prior to undertaking any future sampling.

2. If sampling is required, all reasonable measures must be taken to minimise damage to the teeth, and to extend their availability for research purposes. This includes sampling the minimum number of teeth as required for scientific research purposes, and using the least invasive applicable sampling method.

3. Where less invasive sampling methods cannot meet the intended research purposes, sectioning of individual teeth, and sampling of the internal dentine is permitted on the basis the minimum number of teeth are sectioned as required for scientific research purposes.

4. Existing identification of the teeth is to be maintained throughout the sampling. Identification of, and relationships between sectioned teeth and applicable slides must also be maintained.

Note: Research records derived from sampling teeth in series K1393 for scientific purposes, such as research papers, reports and slides, including sampled and sectioned teeth as available, and associated data are to be retained as national archives (class 4292 of Records Authority 2002/04926193).

Sampling of teeth is permitted for research purposes subject to the conditions.

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