Commission clears the acquisition by Toyota Motor Corporation of its uk distributor Toyota (GB) plc

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Brussels, 5 September 2000

Commission clears the acquisition by Toyota Motor Corporation of its UK distributor Toyota (GB) PLC

The European Commission has authorised an operation whereby Toyota Motor Corporation acquires sole control of Toyota (GB) PLC, its exclusive distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the UK through the acquisition of all of its stock capital. There are no horizontally or vertically affected markets in the sense of the Merger Regulation, and the operation will not change the present market structure or result in additional foreclosure effects on the UK automotive market.

The operation completes the vertical integration for the Toyota Motor Corporation of its wholesale distribution for passenger cars and spare parts in the UK. Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company active in the manufacture, sale, leasing and repair of motor vehicles, industrial vehicles and ships. Prior to the operation, Toyota (GB) PLC. was jointly controlled by Toyota Motor Corporation and Inchcape Overseas Limited, a subsidiary of Inchcape PLC. Toyota (GB) PLC’s distribution network for Toyota and Lexus marques was exclusively available to Toyota Motor Corporation prior to the operation and will remain so following the acquisition of sole control by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Commission has, therefore, decided to clear the operation since it will not lead to the creation or strengthening of a dominant position as a result of which effective competition would be significantly impeded in the EEA or any substantial part of that area.

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