Come Dance With Me Little Devil

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Bracket 1 Bracket 4

Come Dance With Me

Little Devil

Rocket to the Sun

Home to Atherlow

Honey Pie

Borrow My Heart/Rocket to the Sun

Only Teardrops

His Only Need

Legacy Waltz

Rather Be

She’s Gone

Tahiti Sway/Coming Again

Don’t Say Goodbye

Baby Don’t Rush


A Moon to Remember

Mountain Girl

Request/s Request/s
Bracket 2 Bracket 5


Heart of the Ball

Shattered Dreams

Outta My Head

Laughter in the Rain

Voulez-Vous Danser/Little Devil

Wake Me Up/Wake Me up & Stay

Counting Stars/Honey Pie

Cha Cha Moments

Shame & Scandal/Feeling Kinda Lonely

All I Can Say/Fraulein


Dance from the Heart

Say Something

Let Her Go

The Shoebox/Little Devil

Request/s Request/s
Bracket 3 Bracket 6


Maria Magdalena

Beautiful in My Eyes

House of Memories

Dixie Road

Breathless/Coming Again

Don’t Talk

Sheer Poetry

Dancing with Cupid/Shattered Dreams

Robot Man

Someone Somewhere Tonight

Long Distance Love

Blown Away/Taking Shelter

This Is Me/Robot Man

Teenage Dreamin’

Fall In Love

Request/s Request/s
Bracket 7

Fly High/She’s Gone

Better Than You/Evelyn’s Waltz

Why Wait Another Minute/Don’t Talk

Fire & Gasoline

Ready Set Mambo



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