Combining em spectrum images Your task

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Combining EM spectrum images

Your task is to produce a composite image of the chosen object by combining several of these images to match the composite image provided.

To download these images from the HTML documents, right-click on each one, select ‘Save Picture As’, then save to a location on your computer. Then:

  1. Load the image ic443_comp.jpg in your picture editing software
    (eg Paint.NET, Photoshop, etc). This is what you are trying to match.

  2. Load the image ic443_comp_radio.jpg.

  3. Load the image ic443_comp_opt.jpg and follow these steps:

Adjust the opacity of the layer (how transparent the layer is).

  1. Load the image ic443_comp_xray.jpg and repeat the steps


  1. Adjust the opacity of the layers to match the original image.

  2. Save the resulting image as ic443_matchup.jpg.

Think about: How does your image compare with ic443_comp.jpg? What extra information do you think scientists are able to extract from the separate and combined images?
Further images of galaxies NGC 4258 and IC 443 can also be downloaded from the main HTML page for you to experiment with.
Source: NGC 4258:

IC 443:

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