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International attractions brand ‘The Dungeons’ have partnered with globally famed M•A•C Cosmetics to create a whole new look and feel for their range of characters, performing across their international locations.
The partnership is part of the restyling and relaunch of the Dungeons brand which embodies high-quality realism; storytelling; performance, theatre and actors. The restyle follows customer research and feedback that guests in the attractions love to experience realistic authenticity and actor performance. The re-style also takes inspiration from popular world stage and screen – including popular films and characters, such as Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, as a reference.
The Dungeons make up team and M•A•C Pro artists have got together to create a whole new range of looks that will sit comfortably on the Dungeons stage. The whole look and feel can now be seen at the flagship attraction – the all new London Dungeon, on London’s Southbank and other international Dungeon’s attractions.
Senior Artist Rachel O’Donnell from M•A•C Cosmetics enthused “We are extremely excited about the new partnership with The Dungeons. It is an excellent platform to show case the MAC Pro range of products and how they can work to create the various characters. We are looking forward to working closely with the makeup teams and building the relationship over the next few months.”
The Dungeons – including the all new London Dungeon on the Southbank – have locations in London, Edinburgh, York, Blackpool, Warwick Castle, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Berlin. The characters they bring to life include rogues and rascals from Europe’s murky past: Jack the Ripper; Sweeney Todd; Guy Fawkes; Karl Grossman; William Wallace; Dick Turpin; Karl Grossman, and Pirate Stortebeker.
M•A•C Cosmetics and Dungeons ran make up training days in Germany and London Kensington studios, where Dungeons actors got involved to learn and play with new make up creations.
The actors were thrilled to be working with such high-quality make-up and receive training from leading make-up experts. Mark Pollard, actor and Performance Supervisor said “It’s great to be working with industry professionals on technique and application to achieve the realistic look that we want.  Having worked within Dungeons for many years, I can certainly say that we have raised the bar in terms of makeup quality “.
Rebecca Hamilton, Global Head of Marketing at The Dungeons, comments “The Dungeons and MAC Pro Make Up made a natural partnership.  We both love telling stories and presenting a top quality experience. It made sense that we got together to re-style the make up worn by our professional cast of theatrical actors, in our Dungeons attractions.  We have created new make up designs to tell the unique stories of the characters in the Dungeons. 
How did Mrs Lovett look as she made her fresh meat pies?  Was the barmaid in the Ten Bells buxom and sexy or did she have mal nutrition and sad eyes?  Will our grave digger have a wholesome ruggedness – or is he just dirty? 
We have ‘built’ these people paying loads of attention to history, stories, authenticity and top class special effects. It’s what makes our visitor attraction feel rich and real.  Using world class make up tips and applications, found on film sets and stages of the west end, it’s has added a new dimension to the Dungeons experience.  This is just one part of how we’re telling stories, delivering performance and giving guests a fun, WOW experience.  The make up has added a quality, allure, storytelling and ‘magic’ – part of a truly hilarious Dungeons experience.”
“Our actors went through an up, close and personal training session with top make up artists from MAC, at their studios in Kensington, London.  But you can learn how to recreate a look at home.  Our How To Videos proven really popular.  You just need to choose which character you want to play!”
Visit the Dungeons now to check out the scarily realistic make-up looks and see for yourself or go on-line and take a look at some of our characters at ""


  • You can experience the Dungeons at the all new London Dungeon on the Southbank, Edinburgh, York, Blackpool, Warwick Castle, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Berlin.

  • The Dungeons are some of Merlin Entertainments Group’s most popular and long loved attractions.

MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS is the leading name in location-based, family entertainment, and has seen the most successful and dynamic growth of any company in the sector over the last five years. Europe’s Number 1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator, Merlin now operates 94 attractions, seven hotels/two holiday villages in 21 countries and across four continents. The company aims to deliver memorable and rewarding experiences to its 46 million visitors worldwide, through its iconic global and local brands, and the commitment and passion of its managers and more than 20,000 employees.

Among Merlin’s attractions are - SEA LIFE, Madame Tussauds, LEGOLAND, The EDF Energy London Eye, Dungeons, Gardaland, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres, Alton Towers Resort, Warwick Castle, THORPE PARK, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Blackpool Tower, Heide Park, WILD LIFE Sydney, Sydney Tower Eye and SKYWALK, Siam Ocean World and Busan Aquarium. All brands which are distinctive, challenging and innovative – and which have great potential for growth in the future. Visit µ§ for more information.

Creating a Dungeons look:

  • The Prostitute look is pretty, with a Dungeons twist of dark circles around the eyes, making her look tired of the life she is leading.

  • The Judge look is quite clean and polished, with white base and rosy cheeks.

  • The torturer generally looks very dirty, then a toothbrush is used to flick red MAC paint stick onto the face to create realistic blood splatters from the torturers gruesome work.

  • Plague victim make-up includes an overall sweaty look, with a few pus-boils thrown in for good measure.

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