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TO: Mentor Teacher
FROM: Jency Holbert, Director of Educator Certification and Academic Services
SUBJECT: Early Field Experience/Observation for EFE Intern (*ELED/*SED 300 or *MLED 401/402* student)
Thanking you for accepting a Texas A&M University-Commerce Early Field Experience (EFE) intern into your classroom to fulfill his/her 30 hours of Early Field Experience Observation. The EFE practicum is required of all students prior to admission into the teacher education program. The main goal of this experience is for the intern to gain an understanding of the many expectations placed on teachers in a modern society. The intern will benefit from this experience in many ways including:

  • Early exposure to public school students, teachers, and other school professionals

  • Highly relevant experiences in a classroom setting;

  • Exposure to the policies, programs, and activities of the school;

  • Extended periods of time in a classroom setting to study classroom organization and management, instructional strategies, curriculum planning, and many other teaching practices and procedures;

  • Exposure to content curriculum, resources, technology, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), etc;

  • Opportunities to study ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity;

  • Opportunity to decide if a career in teaching is the right choice.

As a mentor for an EFE intern, we ask that you supervise and facilitate the 30 hour practicum. The intern’s primary objective is to observe activities in your classroom. The intern is also encouraged to observe other teachers if possible. If you are comfortable in arranging additional observation opportunities in different settings and with different teachers, please feel free to do so. In addition, there are certain activities the intern is allowed to undertake at your discretion. These activities and other beneficial information regarding the Early Field Experience may be viewed at

In order that the EFE intern receives credit for his or her observation experience the “Record of Early Field Experiences” log sheet will need to be initialed and signed by you and the campus principal. The intern is also required to have each teacher that he/she observed to complete the “Early Field Experience Rating Form” as an evaluation of the professionalism demonstrated by the intern. After the intern has completed the required observation hours, please visit the following website and complete the EFE Rating form: The following information is required in order to complete the evaluation.
Student’s Name Course / Instructor
The intern is asked to provide the contact information of his/her instructor. If you have questions regarding this placement or any concerns during the semester please contact the instructor immediately. EFE observation hours are required in the following courses: ELED/SED 200, ELED/SED 300, MLED 401/402, and RDG 350. You may also contact the Center for Educator Certification at 903-886-5182. In advance, thank you for your commitment to our future teachers!
*ELED = Elementary Education, SED = Secondary and Higher Education, and MLED = Middle Level Education.

*MLED 402 only has a requirement of 15 hours in the field.

P.O. BOX 3011 * COMMERCE, TX 75429-3011 * PHONE: 903.886.5182 * FAX: 93.886.5156 *
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