Cold Appetizers Assorted Vegetables 1950

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Cold Appetizers

Assorted Vegetables 1950

Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, served with eastern green and lemon
Assorted greens 1100

Dill, parsley, cilantro, kutem, green onion, bitter chili pepper

Cheese in the Assortment 4950

Parmesan, Gorgon Zola, Mazdam, Camembert, Mozzarella, Ol′terman, walnut with juicy grapes and honey

Assorted Meat 6500

Kazi, smoked beef, smoked chicken, smoked Turkey, tongue, pastrami

Assorted Fish 5900

Smoked salmon, Whales, fish, shrimp Olive

Marinated Assorti 1950

Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes, sauerkraut

Appetizer for Vodka 2650

Mushrooms, herring, sprats, boiled potatoes, crispy cucumbers, rye bread with mustard and horseradish

Russian Herring 1850

Herring, potato, onion

Appetizer with Salmon 2100

Pieces of Salted Salmon, boiled potatoes, pickled mushrooms, in the leaves of crispy Iceberg

Salmon Carpaccio 3100

Sliced ​​salmon dressed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil decorated withRucola

with the balsamic vinegar and grated Parmesan cheese
Veal Carpaccio 2950

Sliced ​​beef, seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil, decorated with tender leaves

with the balsamic vinegar and grated Parmesan cheese
Tiger Prawns with tomatoes 3300


Tashkent 1150

Radish, onion, beef, sour cream, eggs, pomegranate

Achichuk 1050

Tomato Salad with onion

Chimchik Tili 990

Pickled cucumber, green onion, grape vinegar

Bakhor 1050

Cucumber, radishes, sour milk, clotted cream and herbs

Nauvryz 1150

White radish, eggs, onion, cheese, sour cream, green onion, dill, cilantro

Vegetable 1150
Zarafshan 1100

Chicken, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, mayonnaise

Incha 1200

Marinated chicken, lettuce, quail eggs, potato pie, mayonnaise

Zeinab 1100

Radish, cheese, radishes, lettuce, sour cream

Navoi 1050

Radish, apples, butter, basil, pomegranate seeds

Feruza 1050

Radish, cheese, green onions, sour cream

Khan Atlas 1050

Beets, carrots, cabbage, smoked chicken, potato

Uzbekistan1 1450

Beef, lamb, radish, radish, green onion, onion browned, sour cream

Orda 1150

Beef, tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed salad, quail eggs, butter

Chor Su 1150

Beef, lamb, chicken, onion, bell pepper, eggs, quail, cream

Warrior 1450

Kazi, mayonnaise, cheese, beef

Rubin 11 50

Apples, walnuts, beets, olive oil, pickles

European Salads

Caesar salad with chicken 2350

  Leaves of the iceberg, parmesan cheese, croutons, served with special sauce
Caesar salad with smoked salmon 2850

  Crisp iceberg leaves with sauce "Caesar" and "Parmesan" cheese

Caesar salad with shrimps 2950

   The leaves of iceberg lettuce dressed with a classic sauce "Caesar" and tiger prawns

Mediterranean Salad 2950

Seafood salad, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes

Greek Salad with Feta Cheese 2150
Milan Salad with Grapefruit 2150

Rucola with grapefruit and grated walnuts with Parmesan and Feta cheese

Rucola and Cherry tomatoes 2350

Cherry tomatoes, Rucola, Parmesan

Rucola Salad with Tiger Prawns 2950

Tiger Prawns, Rucola, Cherry tomatoes served with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Caprice 2250

  Classic Italian appetizer with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

Tuna Salad by Marseille 2290

Tuna, beans, potatoes, mix salad

Nizza 2100

Vegetable salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Rucola and Peppers

Chicken liver 2150

Iceberg and Chicken liver with Creamy Sauce

AlaRuss 2250

Chicken breast, boiled potatoes, carrots and corn, cucumber served with a Classic French sauce

Beetroot-Orange Salad with Pine Nuts 2290

Beets and Grapefruit, pine nuts, mint leaves dressed with grape sauce

Vinaigrette 1890

Beets, pickled cabbage, potatoes, onions, peas, lemon juice, oil vegetable

Smak 1950

Tomatoes, garlic, bread, Gouda cheese dressed with mayonnaise

Russian Salad with Herring 1850

Herring, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots, onions, egg and beet dressed with mayonnaise

Crab salad 1950

Eggs, crab sticks, cucumber, corn dressed with mayonnaise

Olivier in Russian 1850

  Tender Veal, peas, carrots, boiled potatoes, egg, pickled cucumber mayonnaise

Salad with Red Beans and Rucola 1850

Rucola, tomatoes, Parmesan, red beans, lemon, olive oil and greens

Vegetarian Salad 2100

Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, basil, lemon, radish and spices

Tuscan Salad 2150

Iceberg, bell pepper, shallots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, smoked beef, feta cheese, lemon juice,

balsamic vinegar, olive oil and spices
Bavarian 2050

Boiled tongue, smoked turkey, pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, spices, herbs dressed with mayonnaise

Arugula salad with potato chips 2250

  Arugula, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, olives, corn on the cob, parmesan, lemon juice, olive oil,

balsamic vinegar and spices
Salad – Mexican 2100

Peppers, beans, canned corn, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, vinegar, salt, vegetable oil.

Salad - Mexican chicken with spicy 1950

Chicken, peppers, onions, shallots, canned corn, lettuce, mayonnaise, lemon and pepper.

Mexican Black Bean Salad 1950

Lettuce, beans, salsa sauce, cheese, cherry tomatoes, green onion, potato pie.

Appetizer of Beef liver 2150

Veal Liver with fried onions and herbs by old Eastern recipe

Appetizer of Chicken liver 2050

Chicken Liver with fried onions and spices by old Eastern recipe

Fried Kidneys 1990

Lamb kidney with fried onions and spices by old Eastern recipe

Samsa with Lamb 950

Baked puff pastry stuffed with minced lamb with spices

Stuffed Eggplant 1750

Stuffed with chopped beef and onions, baked with cheese and herbs

Salmon Julienne 2250

Fillet Salmon with Parmesan and béchamel

Mushroom Julienne 2150

Mushrooms: white, button mushrooms with the addition of sun-dried tomatoes

Medallion’s 2750

Fried Veal with apricot and cheese

Baked Mussels 2550

Mussels "Giant" baked with pate, butter, garlic and cheese

Onion Rings 1200
Hot croutons with garlic 750
Pita bread with feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and herbs 1800
Chicken Fingers 1650
Fish Fingers 2200
Pita Bread with chicken and mushrooms 2900
Pita Bread with beef and mushrooms 3200
Classical Chicken wings 1850

Grilled Prawns with vegetables 2980

Calamari 1650
Fried cheese sticks 1700

Eastern Soups

Mampar 1100

Meat sauce with dumpling sand vegetables, with meat of a young calf

Pelmeni 1100

Uzbek dumplings, made with tender mincelambwith fragrant broth

Kuza Shuvra 1100

Thick festive mutton broth with vegetables, cooked in pots

Soup with Meatballs 1100

Rich broth with beef meatball sand quail egg

Lagman 1100

Meat sauce with noodles and vegetables with meat lamb

European Soups

Solyanka 1150

A classic hearty soupof smoked meat

Borsh 1150

Fresh cabbage, beef, potatoes, beets, onions, carrots, sour cream

Pelmeni 1050

Russian pelmeni made of tender stuffing with flavored booth and sour cream

Noodle Soup with Chicken 1050
The soup of veal brisket on –Tuluzki 1000
Mushroom Soup with vegetable 1000
Soup noodles with mushrooms on –Gascon 1000
Chicken Soup << Paris >> with rice and spicy croutons 1000
Soup - the Milan 1120

Seafood soup tomato-based

Pumpkin cream soup 1000
Cappuccino Mushrooms Cream Soup 1100
Tomato Cream Soup with mussels 1350
Lentil Cream Soup 1000
Broccoli Cream Soup with Cheese toasts 1350
Onion leeks Cream Soups 1000

Clam & Salmon Pottage 1100

Ear Marine 1150

Salmon, walleye, onion, tomato, lemon

Eastern main dishes

Fried chicken 2700

Marinated chicken, fried on both sides until golden brown

Chicken Kazan kabob 3050 Tender pieces of chicken, fried potatoes and stewed in its own juice

Kazan Kebab – from Chef 3500

Lamb loin made by old receipt from Chef

Osh - National Pilaf 1750

Festive, national dish with extra cooked rice, meat lamb with yellow carrots, raisins, with the addition of national spice

  recipe that is kept in strict confidence
Lagman Kovurma– Fried Noodles with Lamb and vegetables 1700

The dough is stretched by hand, fried with chunks of lamb with vegetables

Fried Pikeperch 2750

Fried perch on an old recipe of Bukhara

Carp with BBQ sauce 2900

Fried to a golden crust with sauce "BBQ"

Meat baked in foil with vegetables 3150

beef, vegetables, cream

Chicken baked in foil with vegetables 2600

Chicken, vegetables, cream

Chicken baked with mushrooms and cheese in foil 2750

Chicken, cheese, mushrooms

Roast lamb in a pan 3150

Lamb, onion, spices

Fish fried in a pan with vegetables 2750

Perch with vegetables

Nomad 3500

Horsemeat, beef, bell pepper, onion, spices

Chicken fried with vegetables in a pan 2750

Chicken, vegetables, spices

Horse meat in a frying pan 3500

Horse meat, onions, spices

Beef to skillet 3400

a young calf, onions, spices

Horsemeat steak 3850

Horse meat in cream - cognac sauce

Roll of horsemeat 3750

Horse meat, cheese, herbs, sauce

Medal of horsemeat 3750

Horse meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese

Manti 1450

Delicate lamb meat in a thin stretched dough, steamed

Чучвара ковурма–Fried Pelmeni 1350

Uzbek dumplings, made with tender minced lamb fried

Ковурма манты – Fried Manti 1550

Delicate lamb meat in a thin stretched dough, cooked by roasting until golden brown

Жиз-биз – Uzbek Kuyrdak 2750
Lamb ragout with vegetables 2650
Fried lamb with onions and herbs 2900

Potatoes, onions, carrots, parsley, tomatoes and spices

Dolma 1850

Grape leaves stuffed with tender meat with rice

Sai - Fried meats of your choice 3150

Lamb, Chicken, Veal

GuiraSai 3400

Beef with vegetables by special receipt

Chinsai 3250

Fried beef with fresh green onion

Kuyrdak stew of your choice 3500

Beef, mutton, horse

Kebab son skewers
Beef 1450

Fillet of beef, cherry tomatoes, onion, bell pepper

Chicken 1350

Chicken,cherry tomatoes,onion, bell pepper

Fish 1450
Perch fillets, lemon, cherry, bell pepper

Chinese dishes

Liver Shanghai 2050
Liver, vegetables, Chinese spices.
Walleye in sweet and sour sauce 2650
Perch fillet, soy, Chinese vinegar and spices.

Chicken with cashew nuts in a spicy sauce 2050

Chicken, cashew nuts, eggs, hot sauce.

Dofu stuffed 2150

Ground beef, dofu, soybeans, spices.

Spicy chicken wings in 2050

Chicken wings, hot peppers, bell peppers.
Chicken in Chinese 3000

Chicken, vegetables, soya

Meat in China 3400

Beef, vegetables, spices

South Korean dishes
Dyapche 2900
Bon fillet , vegetables, funcheza , egg omelet.

Kim Pab with salmon 2400

Salmon, rice, vegetables , soy.

Kim Pab with beef 2400

Bon fillet , rice, vegetables , soy.

Stuffed peppers Kochi 2750

Dungan pepper, ground beef, batter , spices.

Roasted peppers with meat 2750

Hot peppers , bon fillet , fresh herbs and spices.

ChimchiTighe with Tibi 2900

Beef , spicy chimchi , Tibi, mushrooms , herbs and spices.

Dzheyuk pokym 3350

Bon fillet chimchi spicy, vegetables, spices.
Tvendyan Tighe 2300

Beef chimchi spicy vegetables, spices

Shin Ramen 1400

Ramen, egg, green onions

That Kogi pokym with tybi and cucumbers 3150

Chicken, onions, carrots, bell peppers, soybeans, tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, tybi

European Dishes

Main Course

Veal Liver by – Birmingham 3150

Beef, veal liver, onions, carrots and seasonings

Grilled Tuna 11400

Tuna fillet, garnish on selection

Tuna and cheese 11150

Tuna fillet, cheese

Salmon Medallions 5850
Salmon fillet, stewed vegetables
Grilled salmon on - Irish 4450

Salmon, spinach, lemon, butter and spices, served with a sauce "Lemon batter" and spinach

Salmon fillet with steamed vegetables 4450

Salmon with vegetables, served with a creamy sauce with sun-dried tomatoes

Fish & Chips 3000

Walleye, potatoes, kaolin crumbs and spices, served with a sauce Tatar

Mussels royal 3500

Mussels baked with parmesan stuffed tomatoes

Trout stuffed with seafood specialties 3500
Potatoes at home 3000

Chips, meat from a young calf, decorated with onion and herbs

Potatoes with mushrooms 2300

Juicy mushrooms stewed with potatoes

Chop Chicken 2700

Batter, Tomatoes, Onions, garnish

Veal chop 3350

Beef, Cheese, garnish

Fricassee 2850

Chicken breast with vegetables set

Chicken "a la creme" 2900

Chicken breast in a creamy mushroom sauce

Trout baked with shrimp 4350
Salmon in a creamy caviar sauce 4650

Salmon fillet in an amazing sauce

Seabass 4200

Sea bass baked in the oven with rosemary, capers and olives

Dorado 4200

Dorado, baked in the oven, with cherry tomatoes with feta cheese

Meat in French sauce "Puavrd" 3550

beef with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce

Pepper steak recipe for primordial 4200

Steak, grilled with black pepper cream sauce

Steak in gourmet flavored sauce 4200

Steak, grilled with cream sauce with white wine

Steak with sesame seeds and rosemary 4350

Bon-fried fillet with sesame seeds and rosemary

Steak in cherry wine sauce with pine nuts 4350

From the chef

Ribeye steak 4850

Beef steak from the rib section, especially juicy and flavorful. Recommended preparation - medium

T-Beaune 5150

Cut portion of the carcass on the border between the back and the lumbar part

  thin edge region longissimusdorsi
Lamb loin with grilled vegetables 4400


Medium rare

Medium well
Well done – “Favor”


Risotto with Mushrooms and Saffron 3250

Risotto rice, mushrooms, cream, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, saffron and other spices

Risotto with sea food 4550

Rice risotto, shrimp, squid, mussels, salmon, cream, leeks, parmesan cheese, olive oil and spices




Pasta Sauces

Vegetino Salsa 3050

Tomatoes, zucchini, squash, onion, bell pepper

Mushroom Sauce 3250

Mushrooms, cream, onions and seasonings

Bolognese 3500

Beef, tomatoes, carrots, red wine, onion, herbs

Carbonara 3350

Carbonate, onions, cream and spices

Marinara 4200

Shrimp, squid, mussels, octopus, salmon, leek, cream

Alfredo 3850

Chicken, mushrooms, cream, onions, spices

Pesto 3600

Walnuts, green basil and olive oil and Parmesan

Salmon Sauce 3900

Gently fried salmon, leek, cream and spices

Bread in the assortment 650

Eastern bread 400
Rice 500
Potatoes boiled 500
Potato Puree 550
Rice with vegetables 550
Steamed vegetables 750
Grilled vegetables 800
French fries 600
Green Beans 550
Canned corn 450
Potatoes with Rosemary 550

Chicken 1800/2300

Chicken, cheese, mushrooms
Mushroom 1750/2200

Mushrooms, cheese

Supreme 2150/2450

Turkey, sausage, smoked beef, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes

Vegetarian 1700/2150

Zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, mushrooms, olives

Margarita 1750/2200

Tomatoes, cheese

Pepperoni 1900/2350

Sausage, peppers, cheese

Pomegranate sauce 400
Adjika sauce 400
Tartar sauce 400
Satsebeli sauce 400
Tabasco sauce 400
Chili sauce 400
Balsamic sauce 400
Soy sauce 400
Kikkoman sauce 400


Tiramisu 1700

A classic Italian dessert, a divine combination of layers of mascarpone cheese and cream

Pana cotta 1500

Traditional Italiandelicacy of the delicate cream

Halva 900

eastern dessert

Sherbet 900

eastern dessert

Assorted fruits 4150

Apples, pears, kiwi, orange, banana, grapes, pomegranate

Eastern sweets 2650

Pistachios, cashew nuts, prunes, dried apricots, almonds, raisins, Mandarin Chinese

Honey 800
Banana Flambé 1350

Fried banana in butter-drenched hot chocolate decorated with almonds and berries

Сhocolate Kazakhstan 800
Raffaello 2650
Ice cream Movenpick 800
Jam in the assortment 800
Dish to order
Haunch of lamb (6 persons) 19500
Burning lamb with stewed vegetables

Chicken, baked apples (for 4 people) 5500

Tender chicken stuffed with apples

Fish in aspic (for 4 people) 6500

Carp fillet, vegetables and spices

Stuffed with meat (for 5 persons) 18800

Beef stewed in wine with carrots
Crispy duck under (for 4 persons) 16500
Duck, honey, wine, baked vegetables
Dymlyama (meat dish with steamed vegetables) 2100
Meat to choose from, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, peppers, onions.
Chicken in Shanghai (for 4 people) 5100
Chicken, greens, cucumbers, flour tortillas, chili sauce

Christmas turkey with apples (6 persons) 27000

Turkey, apples, herbs, spices
Baked Lamb (for 15 persons) 87000
A lamb with potatoes and spices cooked to an ancient recipe
Beshbarmak 2700
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