Coin & Jewelry List Thursday 22nd December all carat weights are approximate guides only

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Coin & Jewelry List

Thursday 22nd December


5. The Key Date Indian Cent 1877

7. 1921D Half Dollar Key Date

8. 1938D Half Dollar

9. Choice Set of Walkers 1941-1947 Missing Just 3 Coins

10. 1879CC Morgan Dollar Early Date

11. 1882CC Morgan Dollar

12. 1889CC Morgan Dollar Key Date

13. 1890CC Morgan Dollar VF

14. Almost Uncirculated 1894S Morgan Dollar - Key

15. Key Date 1895S Morgan Dollar Fine

16. XF 1902S Morgan Dollar Scarce Date

17. Key of the Set! 1928P Peace Dollar in XF

19. 1903 $2.50 Liberty Gold Piece

23. Rare National Currency From Exchange Bank Tulsa 1929

24. Nice Set of United 20th Century Type Coins

26. Ladies 0.50ct Total Weight Diamond Necklace 14.2gms

28. Ladies 3.50ct Total Weight Bracelet 16.8gms 14kt Gold

29. Ladies 2.00ct Total Weight Diamond Bracelet 14.2gms

32. Ladies 0.60ct Total Weight Diamond & Ruby Ring 6.8gms

33. Mans Fancy 1.00ct Total Weight Diamond Ring 14.7gms 14kt

35. Ladies 1.00ct Total Weight Diamond Tennis Bracelet

37. Ladies 0.50ct Total Weight Diamond Ring 7.7gms 14kt Gold

38. Ladies 1.00ct Total Weight Waterfall Ring 4.5gms 14kt Gold

39. Ladies 1.00ct Total Weight Heart Ring 6gms 14kt Gold

40. Mans 0.66ct Total Weight Diamond Ring 9.2gms 14kt Gold

43. Ladies 1.20ct Total Weight Diamond Fashion Ring 0.70ct Center

47. 1999 1/10oz American Gold Eagle with Fancy 14kt Gold Bezel 6.8gms

48. 1993 1/10oz American Gold Eagle with 14kt Gold Bezel

51. Complete Set of Uncirculated Franklin Halves

52. Complete Set Silver Eagles 26 Different1986-2011

53. Complete Set Roosevelt Dimes BU 1946-1964

54. The American Silver Dollar Collection 1878-Present

55. NGC MS69 Silver Eagles 1986-2005 in Deluxe Box

56. PCGS Certified 1922P Wheat Cent

57. NGC MS62 1932 $10.00 Indian Gold

58. PCGS MS63 1904 $20.00 Gold

59. 1890CC Morgan Dollar

60. 1891CC Morgan Dollar

61. Rare Date 1899P Morgan Dollar

62. Uncirculated Roll (50) 1943D Mercury Dimes

63. The American Silver Dollar Collection 1803-1925

64. Rare VF 1914D Wheat Cent Scarce Date

65. Rare 1913S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel in Fine Condition

66. VF 1896S Barber Dime Very Rare Date

67. The Key Date 1916D Mercury Dime

B1. Ladies Platinum 2.50ct Diamond Solitaire Ring

D3. 1.55ct Round Diamond in Platinum Setting

D4. 1.22ct Round Diamond in 18kt Gold Setting

D6. 1.70ct Round Diamond in Tiffany Mounting

D7. 5.66ct Total Weight Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14kt Gold

D8. 3.70ct Round Blue Diamond Pendant with Chain

D9. 2.72ct Round Pink Diamond Pendant with Chain

J3. 1.00ct Diamond Pendant 14kt Gold

J5. Triangle Pink Tourmaline Ring 14kt Gold

J9. Ladies Two Tone Rolex Watch Diamond Bezel & Dial

K28-2 Ladies 14K Ring w/ .75ct twt Diamonds

K28-3 Ladies 14K Ring w/ 1ct twt Diamonds

M55-9. 17 jewel Size 18 Hamilton Pocket Watch 14kt Gold with Garnet Repair to inside of case

M55-13. 11 Jewel Size 18 Elgin Pocketwatch Box Hinge 14kt Gold

M132-2. Ladies 18kt Gold Large Opal Ring approx 4.75ct

M132-3. Ladies Diamond Spinner Ring 14kt Gold

N-1. Ladies 5.60ct Radiant Cut Diamond (G-H Color SI3 Clarity) in 14kt Gold Microset Mount

N-2. Ladies 4.20ct Princess Cut Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond SI2 Clarity

N-3. Ladies 14kt White Gold Diamond Watch 116gms 5.00ct Total Weight Diamond Band, Dial & Bezel

N-4. Ladies Two Tone Rolex Watch with Large Custom Bezel & Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial

N-5. 8.00ct Total Weight Baguette Diamond Bracelet 21.4gms Yellow Gold

N-6. 3.25ct Total Weight Diamond Bracelet 17gms 14kt Gold

N-7. 12.00ct Total Weight Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet 18.6gms 14kt Gold

N-8. 2.50ct Total Weight Diamond Bracelet 10kt Gold 21.2gms

N-9. 6.80ct Total Weight Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet 13.2gms 14kt Gold

N-10. 1.50ct Total Weigh Diamond Pendant in 10kt Gold 7.3gms

N-11. Ruby & Diamond Baguette Pendant in 14kt Gold 5.00ct Total Weight 10kt Gold Chain

N-12. 3.00ct Total Weight Diamond Waterfall Ring 14kt Gold 11.4gms

N-13. 25.00ct Oval Kunzite Ring with 1.50ct Total Weight of Diamonds 14kt Gold 12.6gms

N-14. 25.00ct Oval Amethyst with 1.50ct Total Weight Diamond Mount 12.6gms

N-15. 25.00ct Square Kunzite Ring with 1.00ct Total Weight Diamond Mount 12.6gms 14kt Gold

N-16. Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring 5.00ct Total Weight 13.2gms 14kt Gold

N-17. Pink Oval Tourmaline in 14kt Gold Ring with Diamonds 2.50ct Total Weight 4.8gms

S-3. 18kt Gold Pendant of a miniature lady

S-4. 18kt Gold Cross Pendant with Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot

S-6. 18kt Gold Ladies Teardrop Diamond Pendant

S-5. 18kt White Gold Diamond and Pink Sapphire Pendant

S-7. 18kt Gold Multi Chain Necklace with Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline and Iolite

S-30. Fancy Yellow & White Diamond Necklace

S-31. Ladies Diamond Drop Earrings

3-34. Ladies Lemon Citrine & Diamond Ring

S-36 3.78ct Round Diamond in 18k Mount

T-1. 10kt Tennis Bracelet w/ 6.00cts Total Weight of Emeralds

T-6. 14kt Ring w/ Topaz & Diamonds

T-10. 18kt Rose Gold Coral & Pearl Necklace

T-11. 14kt Ring w/ Garnets

T-13. 18kt Rose Gold 7 Stone Oxblood Coral Ring

T-14. 14K Pearl & Diamond Ring

T-15. 14K Pearl &Diamond Earrings

T-16. 14kt Gold Ladies Waltham Pocketwatch

T-17. 18kt Rose Gold Coral Earrings

T-18. Ladies 10kt Gold Diamond Heart Pendant

W72-1. Ladies 14kt Gold Diamond Ring 7gms

W72-2. Ladies 10kt Gold Diamond Ring 5gms

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