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November 13, 2013 – January 22, 2014

Exam Date: January 23 – February 1, 2014
If you have ever thought about earning the CMP designation, then you should consider participating in the Study Course offered by the MPI Greater Orlando Area chapter. The following information includes more details about the CMP program, and registration information for the study course. PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS REFER TO THE CONVENTION INDUSTRY COUNCIL WEBSITE FOR THE MOST UPDATED INFORMATION.
*The last two pages will give you information on how to sign up for the study course as well as how to submit payment for the course.

The Certified Meeting Professional ("CMP") Program

The purpose of the CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) program is to increase professionalism within any component or sector of the industry by:

  • Establishing a level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification:

  • Identifying a body of knowledge required;

  • Stimulating the art and science of meeting management;

  • Increasing the value of practitioners to their employers;

  • Recognizing and raising industry standards and practices, and thereby, ethics;

  • Maximizing the value of the products or services the Certified Meeting Professionals provide.

The CMP program standards of proficiency have been established by an organization of peers and thereby, provide a posture of professional conduct, which contributes to superior performance.

For more than a decade the CMP designation has defined the standard of professionalism in the Meetings industry through the certification requirements based on industry experience and academic examination.


* Three years of work experience in the industry


* Applicants with a degree in meeting, event, exhibition, or hospitality/tourism management may apply after two years of work experience


* Full-time instructors who have taught for three years in a meeting/hospitality university program


* Completion of twenty-five hours of continuing education

or * Completion of approved internship/apprenticeship in the industry


Click here to download the CMP Application

Click here to download the CMP Handbook

Click here to download the CMP International Standards

   Deadlines & Fees – For taking the exam in Orlando, FL. – Please visit the Convention Industry Council
website for the latest updates on dates and fees:

    Study Materials

  • CIC Manual 8th Edition

  • CIC International Manual

  • APEX Glossary

  • Professional Meeting Management 5th Edition

  • IAEE (formerly IAEM): Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations (Supplement to CIC 8th Edition)

NOTE – The study course will focus on the CIC Manual 8th edition and the International Manual. If you would like to utilize the PMM guide as a reference, the test does utilize all of the above manuals for test questions.

Click here to purchase study materials

The CMP Exam

The CMP examination lasts three hours and includes 165 multiple choice questions on the functions a meeting professional must perform.

GOAMPI's CMP Study Course provides:

  • The CMP International Standards are comprised of 10 Domains, 30 Skills, and 106 Sub Skills. Click here to download the CMP International Standards (previously called the Blueprint).

  • The discipline to gather regularly with others seeking certification.

  • Practice reading & answering test questions related to the knowledge topics.

  • Insights into the dynamics of adult learning & examination processes.

  • A focus on the field of knowledge that is the basis of the CIC's CMP exam.

  • The course is open to MPI members & non-members.

  • The course is also open to those who are not seeking certification at this time, but who wish to take the course as a program of study in meeting management or earn CEU credits towards taking the exam.

  • Study course questions have been created and are intended to stimulate study & discussion on the meeting management functions that form the basis for the exam & as practice for the exam. The CIC does not provide practice questions or study materials for the study courses; study group questions have been created for the course by non-CIC participants, facilitators and other study groups.

  • The course methodology is best described as "Experiential Self Teaching".


November 13, 2013 – January 22, 2014

Exam Date: January 23 – February 1, 2014

  • The first class will be Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

  • Classes are held one night a week until January 22, 2014.

  • Classes are usually held on Wednesday nights, but may vary Monday through Thursday.

  • Classes are 3 hrs. & held from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  • Location will be at various locations based on availability.

To pay for the Study Course, please mail or email the attached registration form below with payment to GOAMPI to:
Kayla Schwenk

Project Manager

Chapter Administrator for GOAMPI

Paragon Events, Inc.

352 NE 3rd Avenue

Delray Beach, FL 33444

T: 561.243.3073


Study materials are required for the course. The course will focus primarily on the CIC Manual 8th Edition and the CIC International Manual. There will also be reference to the APEX Glossary. Some information will reference the PMM Manual, however it is optional for this class.


November 13, 2013 – January 22, 2014

Exam Date: January 23 – February 1, 2014

Name: _

Phone: _ Fax: ______


Please circle one of the following and indicate the number of years that you have had a professional responsibility for meeting planning or for providing services to the meeting planning industry.
Meeting Planner: Corporate Association Independent Other:
Supplier of Meeting Services: (what service)
Hotel: Catering/Convention Services Banquets/F &B Sales Other:
Total # of years in the industry as a: Planner _____ Supplier _____
Are you an MPI member? Yes [ ] No [ ] MPI#:
Have you applied to the CIC to sit for the November 2013 CMP Exam?

Yes [ ] No [ ]
GOAMPI Study Group registration fees: (Resource materials are extra. )

[ ] $175.00 MPI Members [ ] $250.00 Non-members

Payment by major credit card or check, on or before December 4, 2013, payable to GOAMPI.

Call GOAMPI at 561-243-3073 for further information.

Kayla Schwenk, Chapter Administrator for GOAMPI


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