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Welcome to the 2015-2016 swim season.

You are receiving this registration information package for the upcoming season because you are currently the registrar and/or the club president of an affiliated masters swim club with Swim Alberta.
Club affiliation:

Forms are on line. The direct form link is This link is also listed on our web site, In order to activate your club, this form needs to be completed and payment made to Swim Alberta. Payment for club affiliation can be made via cheque, payable to Swim Alberta or on line via credit card. Please choose your preferred payment method when asked on the on line form.

There are two waiver forms which need to be completed as part of the affiliation:

  • The Club Registrar waiver form provides access to the on line registration system.

  • The Officials Chair waiver form provides access to the officials' database where your club's officials information can be updated and maintained. (if applicable)


Police/Vulnerable Sector Search checks for coaches are valid for three seasons from date of receipt by Swim Alberta. The required swim season of a new check is listed on the coach compliance spreadsheet, which will be made available to club presidents and head coaches in late September.

All new coaches are required to submit a check.
The Swim Alberta Screening Policy, covering police and VSS checks, and the Coach Membership requirements are available on the Swim Alberta web site:

  1. Swimming Canada has instituted a No Refunds policy.

  2. All registered coaches will be required to complete the Swim Alberta Screening Disclosure form. This is available online: Coach compliance will not be considered complete until this form has been submitted.

The following information is also included in this package:

  1. Protection of Personal Information form - please provide to your membership for completion. In order to align with Swimming Canada, we have adopted the form that they have provided.

  2. Fees Schedule for the 2015-2016 season

  3. Letter to Club Registrars from Swimming Canada

  4. Letter to Swimmers from Swimming Canada - you can use this letter as it is or change it as you see fit.

The national on line registration system will be unavailable from 20 August 2015 until 2 September 2015 for the roll over to the new swim season. The Club Affiliation on line form will be available during this time.
Any clubs with outstanding invoices will not be eligible to affiliate until their account has been cleared.
Thank you.
Val Carr

Membership Co-ordinator

11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB, T5M 3K6

780-415-1780 Phone 780-415-1788 Fax

2015-2016 Fees Schedule:
Affiliation fees:

Year round swim club = $350.00

Varsity teams = $150.00

Masters swim club (20> members) = $60.00

Masters swim club (11-19 members) = $40.00

Masters swim club (<10 members) = $20.00

Swimmer fees:

Year round clubs:

Competitive Fundamental (8 years & Under) = $157.00

Competitive Skills (9-10 years) = $157.00

Competitive Development (11-14 years) = $177.00

Competitive Open (15 years & Over) = $177.00

Non-competitive = $70.00

Open Varsity = $124.00

Varsity teams:

University Varsity = $63.00
Masters clubs:

Swimmers registering with a club = $50.00 ($27.00 Swim Alberta/SNC)*

Swimmers registering unattached = $65.00 ($42.00 Swim Alberta/SNC)*

Masters Open = $184.00 ($161.00 Swim Alberta/SNC)*

Coach fees:

Year round and masters clubs:

Alberta Coaches Council/Swimming Canada = $51.00

Canadian Swim Coaches & Teachers Association = Varies

*As of August 1, 2015, MSC has not provided Swim Alberta with 2015 – 2016 fees. On behalf of MSC, Swim Alberta will collect the 2014/2015 MSC fee of $23.00. In the event the fee is established at a higher rate, Swim Alberta will not collect the difference. In the event the fee is lower than $23.00, Swim Alberta will issue a refund to clubs to distribute to registered members.

Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act
Club Name

Registrant Name
Please Read Carefully; complete and sign this form.

A Parent or Legal Guardian must sign for those registrants under the age of 18.

The Federal Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (and equivalent provincial legislation) requires that consent be obtained prior to the collection and use of all personal information.
The personal information you provide to the Club from this registration will be used for the purposes reasonably associated with the swimming activities conducted by the Club. These purposes include national, provincial and event registration, insurance coverage, training and competition participation and competition result publication. Some of the information you provide will be passed on to Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC) and Swim Alberta, for purposes including association registration, insurance coverage and:

a) Ensuring swimmers train and compete in an age appropriate environment;

b) Establishing athlete eligibility for selection to swim teams;

c) Establishing pertinent medical records and baseline performance data to assist coaching decisions in a national team competitive or training setting;

d) Reporting non-identifying, demographic and participation statistics to funders, sponsors and other authorized third parties;

e) Reporting and publishing athletes’ name, gender, age, club affiliation on Swimming Canada web pages or in results, news releases and ranking reports and;

f) Making direct contact with registrants, volunteers and staff as necessary for the operations of the Club, Swim Alberta and SNC.
Swimming Canada complies with the obligation and responsibility to the World Anti-Doping Agency - WADA (or its agents) to provide information upon request.
Additional personal information may be collected from time to time. Consent for the use of this personal information may be inferred where its uses are obvious and it has been voluntarily provided. When not obvious, the purposes for collection will be provided prior to, or at the time of collection; either orally or in writing.
Complete texts of the Privacy/Personal Information Policies (variously the “Policy” or the “Policies”) may be found for SNC at: and for Swim Alberta at
Should a registrant wish to review their personal information held by the Club, Swim Alberta, or SNC they must make a request to the appropriate organization pursuant to that organization’s Policy. Further, registrants may withdraw consent to use their personal information pursuant to the Policies. Such a withdrawal however, may require the cancellation of registration with and suspension of activities with the Club, Swim Alberta and SNC. All registrants or their legal guardian must sign a copy of this form each season.
I hereby consent to the collection and use of personal information as described above.

______________________________________________________ ________________________________

Signature of Registrant (age 18 or older) Date

or Parent/Guardian

Dear Club Registrar:

WELCOME: Thank you for taking on the role and responsibility of Club Registrar. Each swim club in the province of Alberta is a member of the national governing body for swimming called Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC) and the provincial governing body called Swim Alberta. All governing organizations are required to report on membership in return for government sport funding. Statistics are obtained directly from the data collected in the Registration system. With your assistance to provide accuracy, we can comply with our requirements and continue to benefit from strong government support, virtually all of which is directed towards the support of swimmers, coaches and clubs. For this reason, all swim clubs are required to process all registrations to Swim Alberta and Swimming Canada via the online registration system. An individual’s registration is required to be completed within two weeks of commencing participation.
The Provincial Registrar will have provided you with a Registrant PIPEDA Consent form and a Letter to the Swimmer/Parent. The letter and consent form must be included in your club’s registration package to each swimmer/family. A signed consent to the collection of personal information is required from each registrant prior to being entered in the registration system, including Officials. If the registrant does not consent to the collection and use of the personal information as outlined in the Consent form please do not enter their information in the registration system, but contact your Provincial Registrar and provide the PSO with the a copy of the declined consent form.

Confirm a valid email address for each swimmer/family before beginning the registration process. Do not assume that the email address that is in the system from the last registration is correct. An invalid email address or the club email address shall not knowingly be entered by the Club Registrar as it would prevent communication concerning options regarding Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, privacy consent and/or registration information.

Swimmer registration is considered complete when the Provincial Registrar marks the swimmer invoice as paid and the primary contact information and swimmer information in the system has been confirmed by the parent/guardian/swimmer.
Completed registration is indicated by the swimmer status showing as Registered and with a check mark in the ‘Account Updated’ column on the Swimmer List page. Entries for a swim meet can only be accepted when the swimmer’s registration is completed.
For Club Registrars that complete the swimmer/contact confirmation process and enter the required data on the registrant’s behalf, you will need to collect the answers for the Aboriginal Ancestry and Para Swimming questions in your own Club registration process, so that you can properly answer them on their behalf.


Please confirm a valid email address for all coaches prior to initiating a registration – and advise them on this requirement. Do not assume that the email address in the system from last year is still valid or the one they currently use. Coach registration is only complete once the status states Registered’. Resend the ‘CSCTA email’ from the system if your coach’s status is ‘CSCTA Account pending’, reminding them to complete their registration process.


The registration system is now capable of accepting Officials registrations. It is a requirement that all clubs now register their Officials in the registration system. Procedure and Rules for registration are outlined in the Registration manual as referred to above.


The Provincial Registrar is your direct resource and contact

Support Request: a support request tab is located in the menu for technical assistance in the registration system

Swimming Canada National Registration Policy, Procedure and Rules Manual. This document provides the details of Swimming Canada’s Registration policy, fees, rules and procedures.

Club Registrar and or Meet Manager System User Guide (links located in the Registration system on the user’s Updates page)
Dear Registrant/Swimmer/Parent/Guardian

Welcome to the 2015-2016 swimming season! Please take a moment to review this brief explanation of the registration process required of all swim clubs and individual registrants.

Each swim club in the province of Alberta is a member of the national governing body for swimming called Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC) and the provincial governing body Swim Alberta. In return for government sport funding, all governing organizations are required to report on membership. Non-identifying statistics are obtained directly from the data collected in the Registration system. With your assistance to provide accuracy, we can comply with our requirements and continue to benefit from strong government support, virtually all of which is directed towards the support of swimmers, coaches and clubs. For this reason, all swim clubs are required to process all registrations to Swim Alberta and Swimming Canada via the online registration system.
In compliance with PIPEDA and Provincial Legislation, consent to the collection and use of personal information is required. All registrants are therefore required to complete the PIPEDA Registration Consent Form giving consent to the collection and use of personal information as described in the form. The club will provide this form at registration.
Officials’ Registration: Upon activation of the registration of an Official an email notification will be sent to the Official giving access to the registration account, to confirm the contained personal information, and refresh the username and password for re-entry. The email will be from and the subject line will be titled: Registration of Swimming Officials. Contact your club’s Officials Administrator for assistance.
Swimmer Registration: The final step of registering with the swim club is the confirmation of primary contact and demographic information related to your family and swimmer(s) in the registration system. When the club Registrar creates a swimmer registration invoice an auto-email is generated to the primary contact email address asking for review and confirmation of the submitted information. This email will be from and the subject line will be titled: Swimmer Registration Confirmation. The link can be accessed once and you will then have the option to create your own username and password for re-accessing the account. It only takes a couple of minutes to review and update your contact information and swimmer details. If you require assistance with this confirmation step, your club’s Registrar is the person who can assist you.
This registration step includes answering four questions: (i) Aboriginal Ancestry (ii) Para-Swimming (iii) Deaf / Hard of Hearing (iv) Citizenship. Providing this information is voluntary and will be used for statistical and informational purposes. It will not be used by your Provincial Swimming Organization or Swimming Canada for any prohibited purpose as per The Canadian Human Rights Act and Provincial Human Rights legislation.
(i) The voluntary Aboriginal Ancestry question is being asked so that the Provincial Swimming Organization knows which swimmers are eligible for the North American Indigenous Games and to perhaps direct families and/or clubs toward any event or funding opportunity within the Province. In some Provincial jurisdictions, these statistics are also required as part of government funding reporting requirements. For the Aboriginal Ancestry questions you have 4 options to choose from: 1) Status/Treaty, 2) Non-Status, 3) Métis or 4) Inuit
(ii) Answering the Para-Swimming question will help Swimming Canada, Swim Alberta and your swim club to direct opportunities that are specifically targeted to swimmers with a disability (Para-Swimmers) (refer to: see: TEAMS/PARA-SWIMMING). For the Para-swimming question you have 3 options to choose from: 1) Physical, 2) Visual or 3) Intellectual
(iii) Answering the voluntary Deaf / Hard of Hearing question is to assist in identifying individuals who may be eligible for participation in events specifically targeted to swimmers who are deaf / hard of hearing.
(iv) If the registrant is not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant) please indicate this. Canadian citizenship question is asked to identify individuals who are not eligible to set National records or represent Canada in an international competition. The default is Canadian citizen. Please uncheck to indicate not being a citizen or permanent resident.
NOTE: It is only upon completing the online registration that you/your swimmer are considered officially registered and a member of [INSERT NAME OF CLUB] and then covered by the insurance policy. Similarly, this registration process must be completed before entries into a swim meet can be submitted and accepted. Registration must be completed within two weeks (14 days) of commencing participation. Your information is held by the Club, Swim Alberta and Swimming Canada in compliance with the SNC Privacy Policy that can be reviewed at
Thank you and have a great swimming season!
Kirsty Hahto, Val Carr Swim Club Registrar name here

Swimming Canada Registrar Swim Alberta [Swim Club Name] Registrar [Contact info here]

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