Clostridium Difficile Toxin (c-diff) Collection Instructions

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Clostridium Difficile Toxin (C-Diff) Collection Instructions

  1. Specimen should be collected in a clean, disposable container.

  2. Stool may be collected from a diaper using plastic wrap to place inside diaper. The plastic wrap with the stool specimen should then be placed inside a clean disposable container.

  3. Wash hands after collection

  4. Specimen should be labeled with full legal patient name, date of birth, date and time of collection

  5. Specimen should be brought to the laboratory as soon as possible for testing. Specimen is stable for 4 hours at room temperature or 48 hours refrigerated. These stabilities are based on being received at the testing laboratory within stated time frames. If these time frames are not possible please freeze your specimen.

Any questions concerning collection for C. Diff can be directed to Parkview Health Laboratory at (260) 373-9500.

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