Class Chondrichthyes

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Class Chondrichthyes
Describe the skeleton of these fishes.

What do cartilaginous fishes eat?

Sketch, name, and describe the scales that cover cartilaginous fishes. How do these scales benefit these fishes?

Describe what happens with the teeth of sharks? Why are there so many sharks’ teeth on beaches?

What do sharks use to locate prey?

Describe the bodies of rays and skates. What benefits do these characteristics provide?

How do skates and rays conduct gas exchange?

How do sharks remove and eliminate excess sodium and chloride ions from their blood?

Some cartilaginous fish rely on the continuous generation of upward force to maintain their position. What is the consequence of this action?

What do other cartilaginous fish rely on to maintain their position? What is a lipid?

Describe how sharks reproduce.

Can some sharks bear live young?

Using the text, color code and label these pictures:

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