Chrysanthemum Kevin Henkes Book Description

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Kevin Henkes
Book Description:

  • Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect until the first day of school.

Academic Objectives:

  • ELA2W1: The student demonstrates competency in the writing process.

Brilliant Star Objective:

    • Personal Style: Students will be able to describe how they are unique and how they are similar to others.

Readability Level: P-2

Vocabulary: appreciate, scarcely, wilted, winsome, envious, begrudging, discontented, jaundiced, trifle, scrawny, indescribable, impression, considering, longingly

Introduction: Before reading, show the students the cover of the book and ask them what they think the book is about. Ask them why they think the author decided to put a flower on the cover.

During Reading: Ask the following question on the corresponding pages:

  • p 2- What do you think the name Chrysanthemum means? How many letters are in her name?

  • p 7- Why do you think everyone giggled at her name? How do you think that made her feel?

  • P 8- She always thought her name was perfect. Why does she now think it is dreadful? Are the other students influencing the way she is thinking about herself? Should she let other influence the way she thinks about herself?

  • P 13- Why did she think the name Jane was so pleasant?

  • P 15- Are these girls being nice to her? Are they bullying her? Is it right to bully others?

  • P 27- Why was she so happy?

  • P 28- Why did these girls suddenly change their minds?

  • P 30- Was Chrysanthemum right for making fun of Victoria for forgetting her lines? You can think what you want in your mind, but if what you’re thinking isn’t nice you should not share it with others.

After Reading:

    • What about Chrysanthemum was unique?

    • What are some things about yourself that make you unique?

Follow-Up Activities:

  1. Have the students get on the computer and research their first and last name in order to find out “what’s in a name.”

  2. Allow the students to then design a poster.

  3. Have them write their first and last name large on the poster and design around the name using the information they found.

  4. They can then add pictures drawn or cut out of magazines to go along with their words. Display the posters in the classroom or in the hallway.

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