Chromosomal criteria in the genus Onobrychis Mill. Sect. Heliobrychis

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Chromosomal criteria in the genus Onobrychis Mill. Sect. Heliobrychis in Iran.

Maryam Tajdini1, Farangis Ghanavati 2& Mehdi Yousefi3

2, corresponding author, Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Fahmideh Street, Karaj, Iran,
The majority of the gunus Onobrychis Miller are restricted to north-west Asia, especially Iran and Anatolia, making this area the main centre of genetic diversity of the genus. As a part of the characterization and the valorization of plant genetic resources of fodder and pastoral interest in Iran, a cytogenetical study was recorded from populations of three species of Onobrychis, including the Iranian species of secion Heliobrychis. Number and size of chromosomes as well as karyotypic formula of the populations was measured and studied-using their root tips meristems. This study showed that the basic number of chromosomes was either x=7 or x=8, Onobrychis lunata with 2n=14 chromosomes and O. scrobiculata and O. melanotricha with 2n=16 chromosomes are diploids, and chromosomes were medium to medium-small . Based on karyotypic formula, in these species most of the studied chromosomes were metacentric and submetacentric


Key words: Chromosome, Cytogenetic, Onobrychis, diploid.

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