Chris Berman’s espn Baseball Nicknames 20th Anniversary (1980-2000) of keeping the list

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Chris Berman’s ESPN Baseball Nicknames

20th Anniversary (1980-2000) of keeping the list

Back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back...

He… could…. Go… all… the… WAY! (It’s been used during baseball too)

Last Updated on: 4/30/2016.
Where did all this come from?

The nicknames actually started back back back when Berman was attending Brown University (‘77 graduate, History). He and his buddies would come up with the names while drinking their “favorite beverage.” The author started logging nicknames on paper shortly after Berman started using the nicknames in June of 1980 (the first nickname: wither John Mayberry "RFD" or Frank Tanana "Daiquiri"). According to Berman, the nickname "just came out."

Berman has been with ESPN® since a month after the beginning, and has indicated, a-la George Brett, that he would like to spend his entire career at ESPN®. The list has been a Microsoft Word document since 1994, and portions of the document appear on the Internet sites listed below.

For a 20th anniversary interview from ESPN®:

Some other facts (from ESPN®.com):

  • Berman regularly hosted SportsCenter for 11 years, but although his assignments have changed, he always returns to host a few in the winter, "just to keep DiMaggio's hitting streak alive."

  • Berman has received much attention for his more than 800 nicknames, given mostly to baseball players, such as Roberto "Remember the" Alomar and Jim "Two Silhouettes on" Deshaies that often reflect his interest in history and music.

  • A long-time aficionado of rock and roll, Berman has appeared on stage singing with Huey Lewis and the News several times, has appeared in a video with Hootie and the Blowfish, and was joined by Glenn Frey of the Eagles for a special "Hotel California" Super Bowl edition of "The Swami."

  • Berman's nickname rule: "Make sure it's not derogatory. It's got to be fun."

Where can you find Berman these days?

  • NFL PrimeTime™ (1990- ), where he does football nicknames!

  • ESPN SportsCenter (1979 - ). Does very few of these anymore, except for special occasions like SportsCenter’s 20,000th show on May 17, 1998, or in the winter, to "keep his Joe DiMaggio hitting streak alive."

  • ESPN Baseball Tonight (1990 - ). Mostly Sunday nights, before the NFL kicks in.

  • Calling MLB games, usually on Wednesday nights.

Nickname Links on the Internet – copies go to each of these people in order to obtain the most nicknames (since I don’t have a web site):

  • Mr. Goodbytes’ (Tony Marchi) List of Bermanisms©, currently at Version 2.0:

  • Chris Harris’ shrine to SportsCenter now contains this file among the list of nicknames he has tallied

Note: Baseball Nicknames tracked only. Somebody else can do the other sports!

The printed page (or other places you can get your nickname fix)

  • ChrisNames - An Illustrated Guide to Chris Berman’s Unique Characterizations of Sports Personalities by Chris Berman, Illustrated by Dan Floersch, edited by Louis Oppenheim. Andrews and McMeel, 1994.

  • ChrisNames 1996 Calendar - A Day-to-Day Guide to Chris Berman’s Unique Characterizations of Sports Personalities by Chris Berman. Andrews and McMeel, 1995. 1995 Chris Berman. This was the only edition ever sold.

Key to symbols:

* 1986 All Star Nickname Team Member

$ 1987 All Star Nickname Team Member

! 1990 Opening Day All Star Nickname Team Member

  • 1991 All Star Nickname Team Member

% 1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Team Member
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Nicknames for other ESPN/ABC announcers

  1. Chris “Fair Or” Fowler

  2. Chris “Intentional” Fowler

  3. Peter “Back” Gammons

  4. Dan/Bill Patrick “Division”

  5. John “The Colonel” Saunders

  6. Karl Raviesh “Shenkar” (he left his sitar at home)

  7. Dwayne Statts “Inc.”

Nickname for the Baseball Tonight Screaming Home Run Ball: “In Orbit”

(not coined by Berman)
Nickname for Home Runs With nobody on base: “Napoleon Solos”
Nicknames for CB (aka: “Boomer”)

  1. Chris “Ethel Merman” Berman

  2. Chris “Hunk a Hunk a” Berman “Love”

  3. Chris “I’ll Never Be Your Beast Of” Berman

  4. Chris “Kringle” Berman

  5. Chris “Mississippi” Berman

The Celebrity list (from the 1994 Celebrity Home Run Challenge at the All Star Game)

  1. Ken “Second Degree” Burns

  2. Tony “Tiny” Danza

  3. Danny “Baseball” Glover

  4. John “Marquis” Grisham


  1. Ty “Corn On The” Cobb

  2. Juan “Field” Marichal

  3. Willie “Lost In the” Mays

  4. George “Twisted” Sisler

U.S. Presidents: Bill “In Like” Clinton

The Big List (1979-Present)


  1. Glenn “Hey” Abbott

  2. Kurt “Hey” Abbott

  3. Shawn “Lil” Abner

  4. Juan “Real” Agosto

  5. Rick “See You Later” Aguliera

  6. Luis Alicea “In Wonderland”

  7. Mike “Enough” Aldrete

  8. Doyle “Brandy” Alexander

  9. Manny “The Skat” Alexander

  10. Bill “Toasted” Almon

  11. Roberto “Remember The” Alomar (2B) |

  12. Sandy “Remember The Other” Alomar Jr.

  13. Jesus/Felipe/Matty/Moises “Skip To My” Alou

  14. Joey “Cask of” Amalfatano

  15. Rich “Protect Your Car With” Armoral

  16. Brady “Bunch” Anderson

  17. Joaquin “The Dog” Andujar

  18. Eric “Little” Anthony “and the Imperials”!

  19. Kevin “Going” Appier

  20. Tony “Brothers In” Armas

  21. Jack Armstrong “The All-American Boy”

  22. Renee “La Cuch” Arocha

  23. Paul “Orville” Assenmacher

  24. Dan “Guns Of” August

  25. Steve Avery “and Ivory”

  26. Steve “Poison” Avery

  27. Bobby “We all live in” Ayala “Submarine” %

  28. Manuel “Belly up to the” Aybar

  29. Oscar Azocar “Named Desire”


  1. Jason “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ Bachman

  2. Wally Backman “ Turner Overdrive”

  3. Wally “Takin’ Care Of Business” Backman

  4. Jeff “Brown Paper” Bagwell

  5. Scott “Hay” Bailes

  6. Harold “Growing” Baines

  7. Jeff Ballard “Of A Thin Man” (P)!

  8. Scott “Tahlulah” Bankhead

  9. Mark “Beetle” Bailey

  10. Sherman “O”Bando “On My Knee”

  11. Willie “Money In The” Banks

  12. Floyd “Up The Down” Bannister

  13. Jesse “Belly Up to the” Barfield

  14. Tim “Belly up to the” Barti

  15. Marty “Grin And” Barrett

  16. Marty Barrett “Tone”

  17. Carlos “One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if” Barrega

  18. Kevin “Small Mouth” Bass

  19. Jason Bates “Motel”

  20. Bill “Bubble” Bathe

  21. Eddie “Fat Man in the” Bathe

  22. Ross “I Never Promised You A” Baumgarten

  23. Scott “Hay” Bayles

  24. Billy “Lima” Beane

  25. Matt “Son of a” Beech

  26. Rod Beck “Beck, Beck, Beck”

  27. Steve “Soil” Bedrosian

  28. Stan “Belinda” Carlisle

  29. Albert “For Whom the” Belle “Tolls”

  30. George “Taco” Bell (RF)$ |

  31. “Everybody’s Favorite”   Rafael Belliard

  32. Rafael “Good Day at the Old” Belliard

  33. Esteban “Bats in the” Beltre

  34. Bruce “Eggs” Benedict

  35. Andy “Merchant of” Benes

  36. Mike “Private” Benjamin

  37. Todd “Mercedes” Benzinguer

  38. Jason “Rasberry” Bere

  39. Dave “Ingmar” Bergman

  40. Marvin “St.” Bernard

  41. Karl "These are the" Best "of times"

  42. Dante “Inferno” Bichette

  43. Craig “Matinee At The” Biggio

  44. Doug “High Flying” Bird

  45. Mike “Room and” Bordick

  46. Bud “Paint It” Black

  47. Lance “Oh Darn, You sunk my” Blankenship

  48. Jeff “See Thru” Blauser

  49. Ron “Chevy” Blazer

  50. Burt “Be Home” Blyleven (P)*$|

  51. Bruce Bochte “Ball”

  52. Randy Bockus “Is Willing”

  53. Joe “Leave it to” Boever

  54. Tim “Humphrey” Bogar

  55. Tom “Lightning” Bolton

  56. Ricky “Bad to the” Bones

  57. Ricky “Signing” Bones

  58. Bobby “Bad to the” Bonilla

  59. Joe “Leave It To” Bouever

  60. Wade “Cranberry” Boggs

  61. Barry “U.S.” Bonds %

  62. Pat “South (or North) Of The” Borders

  63. Mike “Room and” Bordick

  64. Darrell “Please Come To” Boston

  65. Ryan Bowen “Arrow”

  66. Marshall “Wrap Around” Boze

  67. Scott “Milton” Bradley

  68. Glenn “No” Braggs “Just Fact”

  69. Sid “Coffee And” Bream

  70. Dave “06010” Bristol

  71. Bernando Brito “Supreme”

  72. Scott “Am” Brocious

  73. Scott “Supercalafragilisticexplia” Brocious

  74. Greg “Crocodile” Brock

  75. Greg “Life of” Briley

  76. Hubie “Babbling” Brooks

  77. Bob “Bulldog” Brouwer

  78. Jerry “Governor” Brown

  79. Mark “Hey There Little” Buddie

  80. Steve “Head for the Mountains of” Buechele

  81. Jay “Ferris” Buhner

  82. DeWayne “Miami” Buice

  83. Jim “Cock and” Bullinger

  84. Dave Burba “Shave”

  85. John “Charcoal” Burkett

  86. Ellis “Fire” Burks

  87. Britt “Third Degree” Burns

  88. Randy “Bird In The Hand” Bush

  89. John “USDA” Butcher

  90. Bret “Tara” Butler


  1. Greg “Life is a” Cadaret

  2. Ivan “Bubbling” Calderon

  3. Ernie “Macho” Camacho

  4. Ernie Camacho “Man”

  5. Mike Cameron “Swayze”

  6. Ken “Helmet” Caminetti

  7. Bill Campbell “Soup”

  8. Sil “When The Swallows Return To” Campusano

  9. Casey “Sixteen” Candaele

  10. Tom “Cotton” Candiotti

  11. Jose “Can You See” Canseco

  12. Don “Roses” Carman

  13. Chris “If I were a” Carpenter

  14. Chuck “Baby you Can Drive my” Carr

  15. Mark Carreon “My Wayward Son” (RF)!%

  16. Joe “Sgt.” Carter

  17. “My Cousin” Vinny Castillo

  18. John “Clams” Castino

  19. Ron “Born In The U.S.” Cey

  20. Ron Cey “Hey”

  21. Steve “Kentucky Fried” Chitren

  22. "Golden" Archi Cianfrocco

  23. Dave Clark “5”

  24. Jack “The Wiffer” Clark

  25. Danny “100 Lbs. Of” Clay

  26. Royce “A Roni” Clayton “The San Francisco Treat”

  27. Mark “Crystal” Clear

  28. Danny “Van” Clyburn

  29. Bret Barbarie “Coast”

  30. Greg “Barbary” Coast

  31. Dave “Vodka” Collins

  32. Barolto “After Shave” Colon

  33. Steve “Beach” Comer

  34. Keith Comstock “Lode”

  35. David “Ice Cream” Cone

  36. David “Sili” Cone

  37. Jeff Conine “The Barbarian”

  38. Dennis “Short Order” Cook

  39. Scott “Little Deuce” Cooper

  40. Joey “Alba” Cora

  41. Pat “O.K.” Coralles (Mgr)*

  42. Wil “Bungee” Cordero

  43. Marty Coroda “With the Soft Cornithian Leather”

  44. Ed “Chick” Correa

  45. Jim “Gold” Corsi

  46. Chuck “Welcome Back” Cottier

  47. Henry “Ava” Cotto

  48. Craig “War” Counsell

  49. Doug “Cripple” Creek

  50. Keith “Shrimp” Creel

  51. Tim “Pablo” Crews

  52. Chuck “Crème de la” Crim

  53. Jose “Can You See” Cruz (LF)*$

  54. Jose “Can You See” Cruz Jr.

  55. Julio “Won’t You Let Me Take You On A Sea” Cruz (2B)*%

  56. Todd “Caribbean” Cruz

  57. "Kol" Midre Cummings


  1. Omar “Barbie” Daal

  2. Kal “Jack” Daniels

  3. Ron “Oh My” Darling

  4. Danny “Theory” Darwin

  5. Darren "Dutch" Daulton

  6. “Red Hot” Chili Davis

  7. Jodi Davis “Eyes” ©*

  8. “Riders On The” Storm Davis %

  9. Glenn “Mr. Outside” Davis

  10. Eric “The Red” Davis

  11. Bill “Hello” Dawley

  12. Steve “Upper” Decker

  13. Ken “Fix Or Repair” Dayley

  14. Jeff Dedmon “Don’t Wear Plaid”

  15. Brian Deer “Hunter”

  16. Rob “Bomba” Deer

  17. Rob “Rein” Deer

  18. Carlos “In” Delgado “Da Vida” %

  19. Mike “Abraham, Martin, and” DeJohn

  20. Jim “Two Silhouettes On” DeShaies (P)$%

  21. Deliano “Decoconut” Deshields

  22. Orestes “Emotionally” Destrade

  23. Mike “Buenas Noches” Diaz

  24. Alex “Buenas” Diaz

  25. Bo “Buenas” Diaz

  26. Rob “Double” Dibble

  27. Mike DiFelice “Navidad”

  28. Gary “Little Old Lady From” Disarcina %

  29. Bill Doran “Duran”

  30. Rich “280Z” Dotson

  31. Brian “10” Downing “Street”

  32. Kelly “Churchill” Downs

  33. Dan “Salad” Driessen

  34. Kirk “Devil With The Blue” Dressendorfer

  35. Rob “Acey” Ducey

  36. Mariano “Slam” Duncan

  37. Mike “Well” Dunne

  38. Leon “Bull” Durham

  39. Jim “Washer And” Dwyer

  40. Jermaine “Live and Let” Dye


  1. Damion “It Don’t Come” Easley

  2. Dennis “Upper D-”Eckersley

  3. Tom “East of” Edens

  4. Jim Edmonds “Fitzgerald”

  5. Robert “Eddie” Eenhoorn

  6. Joey “Bette Davis” Eischen

  7. Cal “Respect Your” Eldred

  8. Lee Elia “Kuryakin” (Mgr.)$

  9. Juan “R”Encarnacion

  10. Dave “Right” Engele

  11. Alvaro “ESP”i”N”izoa

  12. Cecil Espy “N”

  13. A.J. “Sager &” Evans


  1. Hector “Sizzling” Fajado

  2. Pete “Maltese” Falcone

  3. Steve “Bridge Too” Farr

  4. Paul “Tooth” Faries

  5. Monty Fariss “Wheel”

  6. Mike “Gentleman” Farmer

  7. Donald “Nothing To” Fehr “But Fear Itself” (1990 Lockout Special)

  8. Mike “Left” (or Center or Right...) Felder

  9. Felix “The Cat” Fermin

  10. “El” Sid Fernandez

  11. Monty “Hall” Ferris

  12. Mike “Horse” Fetters

  13. Cecil “B” Fielder

  14. Jay Fiedler "On The Roof"

  15. Rollie “Chicken” Fingers

  16. Chuck “Huckleberry” Finley

  17. Steve “Dorsal” Finley

  18. Steve “Chariots of” Fireovid

  19. Mike “Tuna” Fischlin

  20. Mike “Edmund” Fitzgerald

  21. Scott Flectcher “Christian”

  22. Kevin "Linoleum" Flora

  23. Bryce “Linoleum” florie

  24. Cliff “Pink” Floyd (Grounded to the Dark Side of the Moon)

  25. Barry “Athlete’s” Foote

  26. Curt “Model T” Ford

  27. “Disco” Dan Ford (Dances in the outfield)

  28. Tony “Petrifed” Fossas

  29. Tony “Prehistoric” Fossas

  30. Bob “Air” Forsch

  31. Ken “Magnum” Forsch

  32. Julio “Generalissimo” Franco

  33. Herman “Ballpark” Franks (Oldie)

  34. George “3 time World Series Loser” Frazier

  35. "Smokin" Lou Frazier

  36. Marvin “Philadelphia” Freedom

  37. starvin’” Marvin Freeman

  38. Jim “Bella” Fregosi

  39. Todd “Which Arm/Hand Does He” Frohwirth


  1. Greg Gagne “With a Spoon”

  2. Andreas “The Giant” Galarrga

  3. Mike “Leggo My” Gallego

  4. Oscar “6 To 5” Gamble

  5. Ron “Extrava”Gant

  6. Nomar "Mr. Nice Guy" Garciaparra

  7. Mark “Chauncy” Gardner

  8. Phil “Scrap Iron” Garner

  9. “Tux” Cito Gaston

  10. Bernard “Innocent Until Proven” Gilkey

  11. Dan “Man From” Gladden

  12. Tom “Heard It Through The” Glavine

  13. Greg “Lesley” Gohr

  14. Greg “It’s my Ballpark and I’ll Pitch if I want to” Gohr

  15. Jason Gombi “Jack Flash”

  16. Juan “Going Going” Gonzalez”

  17. Luis “Speedy” Gonzalez

  18. Rene “Don’t Walk Away” Gonzalez

  19. Dwight “Johnny B.” Gooden %

  20. Jim Gott “The Loss” (or win, or save, or no-decision)

  21. Mark “Amazing” Grace

  22. Joe “Flannel” Grahe

  23. Mark “Federal” Grant

  24. Bobby “Seven Year” Grich

  25. Ben “Good” Grieve

  26. “Fettucini” Alfredo Griffin (SS)*$

  27. Kevin “Totally” Gross

  28. John “Pass The” Grubb

  29. Don “Don The” Gullet

  30. Mark “Mr. Customs Man” Gutherie

  31. Jose “Canadian:eq Guzman

  32. Jose “Mother” Guzman

  33. Chris “Mighty” Gwynn

  34. Tony Gwynn “One For The Gipper” (OF) |

  35. Tony Gwynn “and Bear it”


  1. Moose “Antlers” Haas

  2. John Habyan “Corpus”

  3. Jerry “Hap” Hairston

  4. Mel “Carnegie” Hall

  5. Mel “Tammany” Hall

  6. Shane Halter “Top”

  7. Bob “Green Eggs &” Hamelin

  8. Darryl “Green Eggs &” Hamilton

  9. Jeff “Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds”

  10. Chris “Mr.” Haney

  11. Chris Hammond “Cheeser”

  12. Pete Harnisch “Racing”

  13. Dave “Look Ma, No” Hansen

  14. Mike “China” Hargrove %

  15. Toby “Last” Harrah

  16. Mike Hartley “Mike Hartley”

  17. Ron “Tala” Hassey

  18. Mickey “Egg” Hatcher

  19. Brad “Richie” Havens

  20. Charlie “Issac” Hayes (gives teams the SHAFT)

  21. Von “Purple” Hayes (RF)*%

  22. Ray “Justin” Hayward

  23. Ed “Hit Man” Hearn

  24. Mike Heath “Bar”

  25. Neal “Body” Heaton

  26. Neal “Oil” Heaton

  27. Danny “Uriah” Heep

  28. Tommy “At The” Helms

  29. Todd “Highway to” Helton

  30. “Joggin’“ George Hendrick

  31. Tom Henke “Panky”

  32. Gil “Family” herdia

  33. Tommy “Ben” Herr

  34. Greg Hibbard “Claws”

  35. Greg “Old Mother” Hibbard

  36. GlenAllen “Gugrich” Hill

  37. Glenallen “Strawberry” Hill

  38. Johnny “Blueberry” Hill

  39. Sterling Hitchcock “I Presume”

  40. Chris “Bubbles Bubbles” Hoiles “and Trobules”

  41. Sam “Little Big” Horn

  42. Vince “Four” Horsman

  43. Rick Horton “Hears A Who”

  44. Art “and” Howe

  45. Jay “Thurston B.” Howell (RP)*$|

  46. Peter “Chips A” Hoy

  47. LaMarr “Where Does It” Hoyt

  48. Kent “Buy A Vowel” Hrbek

  49. Glenn “Mother” Hubbard

  50. “Reckless” Rex Hudler “The Wonderdog”

  51. Charles “Moscow On The” Hudson

  52. Tim Hulett “Packard”

  53. Dave “The Incredible” Hulse

  54. Todd “That Dog ‘il” Hundley

  55. Brian “Deer” Hunter

  56. Butch "Corn" Huskey

  57. Jeff “Going Back to” Huson

  58. Tom “Ex “ Hume

  59. Clint “High” Hurdle


  1. Garth “Clockwork” Iorg

  2. Dane “Agent” Iorg


  1. Bo “Diddley” Jackson

  2. Brook Jacoby “Wan Kanobi”

  3. Jason Jacome “Lovers When We Can’t Be Friends”

  4. John “Get Your” Jaha

  5. John Jaha “Lantern”

  6. Bob “The Car Please” James

  7. Chris “Bartles And” James

  8. Dion “And The Belmonts” James

  9. Stan “You Can” Javier “Way”

  10. Domingo “Abraham Martin and” Jean

  11. Craig “The Hammer” Jeffries

  12. Steve “Nobody” Jeltz

  13. Doug “Abraham, Martin, &” Johns

  14. Cliff “Brothers” Johnson

  15. “Major” Lance Johnson

  16. Wallace “’ya Doesn’t Have To Call Me” Johnson

  17. Doug “Along Came” Jones

  18. Jimmy “Handy Man” Jones

  19. Ruppert “Me And Mrs.” Jones

  20. Ruppert “Along Came” Jones

  21. Felix “Do You Know The Way To San” Jose

  22. Wally “Absorbine” Joyner (1B) |

  23. Wally “Almond” Joyner

  24. Jeff “Juden” Priest

  25. David “Blind” Justice

  26. David “Chief” Justice


  1. Scott “Goal Post” Kamieniecki

  2. Gabe “Welcome Back” Kapler

  3. Ron “Miami” Karkovice

  4. Scott “Good Dog” Karl

  5. Eric Karros “Matic”

  6. Jeff “Clark” Kent

  7. Jimmy “Francis Scott” Key

  8. Darryl “Gomer” Kile

  9. Eric “Burger” King

  10. Mike “The Man Who Would Be” Kingery

  11. Bob “Yom” Kipper

  12. Ron “Ma And Pa” Kittle

  13. Steve “Patsy” Kline

  14. Joe “Colonel” Klink

  15. Ray “I Dub Thee” Knight

  16. Erik/Tommy Kramer “vs. Kramer”

  17. John “I Am Not A” Kruk (1B)$

  18. Randy Kutcher “In The Rye”


  1. Rene “Don’t Walk Away” Lachemann

  2. Mike “Izod” LaCoss

  3. Mike Laga “Beer”

  4. Kerry “Leather and” Lacy

  5. Jeff Lahti “Da”

  6. Steve “Fire” Lake

  7. Tim “Great” Laker

  8. Tim “Fire” Laker

  9. Gene Lamont “Cranston”

  10. Dennis “Florescent” Lamp

  11. Tom “Lava” Lampkin

  12. Bill “One if By” Landrum

  13. Dave “Don’t” LaPoint

  14. Barry “Meadow” Larkin

  15. Gene “Meadow” Larkin

  16. Dan “That Wasn’t Me In ‘56” Larsen

  17. Tim “Praise The” Laudner

  18. Mike “Car 54” LaValliere

  19. Rudy “Mother In” Law

  20. Vance “Common” Law

  21. Tim Leary “Is Not Dead”

  22. Alan “Fruit of” Lebine

  23. Derek “he Did it Rather Impressiv” Lee

  24. Jim “Saturday Night” Lefebvre (MGR)!|

  25. Craig “Def” Lefferts %

  26. John “Fat” Lieber

  27. Al “(I Said a) Bud” Leiter

  28. Al “Cigarette” Leiter

  29. Mark “Cigarette” Leiter

  30. Scott “Lay Lady” Leius

  31. Mark “Officer” Lemke

  32. Chet “Bitter” Lemon

  33. Patrick “Imagine” Lennon

  34. Jeff “Sugar Ray’ Leonard

  35. Randy “Addams Family” Lersch

  36. Mike “Car 54” Levalere

  37. Al “Fruito” Levine

  38. Jim “Frito” Leyritz

  39. Nick “You got me on my Knees” Leyva %

  40. Jose Lima “Bean”

  41. Jose Lind “On Me”

  42. Jose Lind “Cuisine”

  43. Jim Lindeman “Cheese”

  44. Nelson “King” Liriano

  45. Pat “Pencil Thin” Listach

  46. Scott Livingstone, “I Presume”

  47. Keith Lockhart “In Space”

  48. “Moonlight” Grahme Lloyd

  49. Dave “Canta” Lopes

  50. “What’s it all about” Albi Lopez

  51. John “Tonight Let It Be” Lowenstein

  52. Mike “Tender” Loynd

  53. Erik Ludwig (with some help from Mozart and Beethoven)

  54. Urbano “Renewal” Lugo

  55. Esteban “There’s a Hole in the Bucket” Luisa

  56. Ed “Merrill” Lynch

  57. Barry Lyons “and Tigers and Bears (Oh My)”

  58. Rick “Innocent” Lysander


  1. Kevin “No” Maas

  2. Bob “Old” MacDonald

  3. “Danka” Shane Mack

  4. Shane “Connie” Mack

  5. Shane “Fleetwood” Mack

  6. Bill Madlock “D.A.”

  7. Mike (or Greg) “Appa” Maddux

  8. Mike “Mathe” Maddux

  9. Dave “Mary” Magadan

  10. Joe Magrane “Headache”

  11. Jim “Norman” Mahler

  12. Rick “Junk” Mahler

  13. Pat Mahomes “Where The Heart Is”

  14. Pat “Getting Closer to” Mahomes

  15. Candy “Man” Maldanado

  16. Kurt “What Was That” Manwaring

  17. Jeff “Praying” Manto

  18. Jerry “Rowan And” Martin

  19. “Pass The” Buck Martinez

  20. Chito “Goes Crunch” Martinez

  21. Dave “Vodka” Martinez

  22. Dennis “Three” Martinez “Lunch”

  23. Mike “Perry” Mason

  24. Mike Mason “Jar”

  25. Don “Welcome” Mattingly

  26. Milt “Maggie” May

  27. John Mayberry “R.F.D.”

  28. Brent “Remember The” Mayne

  29. “Captain” Kirk McCaskill

  30. “Big” Ben McDonald

  31. Oddibe “Young Again” McDowell (CF)*$

  32. “Me And” Willie McGee

  33. Fred “Crime Dog” McGriff

  34. Mark “Eve Of Destruction” McGwuire %

  35. Jose “Flying” Melendez

  36. Bob Melvin “And The Blue Notes”

  37. Orlando “I am” Merced

  38. Kent “Magic” Mercker

  39. Jose “Costa” Mesa

  40. Mike “Maxa” Mimbs

  41. Greg “Moon Man” Minton

  42. Angel “In the Morning” Miranda

  43. Kevin “Sing Along With” Mitchell

  44. Mike “(Twelve, Eighteen) Year” Mohler

  45. Paul Molitar “and the Merrimac”

  46. Rick “Monday,” Monday

  47. “Eating” Raoul Mondesi

  48. Don “Easy” Money

  49. Don “Just Send” Money

  50. Jeff Montgomery “Ward”

  51. Russ “Tabernacle” Mormon

  52. Jim “People Are Strange” Morrison

  53. John “Holy” Moses

  54. Paul “Kremlin” Moskau

  55. Darrell Motley “Crue”

  56. James “Teenage” Mouton “Ninja Turtles”

  57. Pedro “Blue” Munoz

  58. Pedro “Harvest” Munoz

  59. Eddie “Eat, Drink, And Be” Murray

  60. Mike “Loggins and” Mussina

  61. Randy “Quag” Myers


  1. Tim “Golden” Naehring

  2. Charles Nagy” ’s Farm”

  3. Ricky “Travelin’ Man” Nelson

  4. Gene “Ozzie And Harriet” Nelson

  5. Gene “Full” Nelson

  6. Greg “The Flying” Nen

  7. Al “What Me Worry?” Neumann

  8. Jeff “Alfred E.” Neumann

  9. Reid “Buffalo” Nichols

  10. Dave Nilson “Schmilson”

  11. Otis “My Man” Nixon

  12. Paul “Buenos” Noce

  13. Eric “Nick” Nolte

  14. Matty “No” Nokes

  15. Edwin “High” Nunez

  16. Jon “Get Thee to a” Nunnally


  1. Rich “Party” O’day

  2. Johnny “Quaker” Oates

  3. Sherman Obabno “On My Knee”

  4. Brian “B.P.” Oelkers

  5. Ron “Shucks” Oester

  6. Chad “The Glove Fit” Ogea

  7. “Gentle” Ben Oglivlie

  8. Bob “My Car” Ojeda

  9. John “Jan” Olerud ©!

  10. Steve “Vi” Olin.

  11. Francisco Pitted” Oliveras

  12. Greg Olson “Golden” (P)!

  13. Kevin “Iron” Orie

  14. John Orton “Hears A Who”

  15. Donovan Osborne “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”

  16. Al Osuna “or Later”

  17. Antonio Osuna “or Later”

  18. Amos Otis “Elevator”

  19. Dave “Double-O” Otto


  1. Vicente “Buckingham” Palacios

  2. Lance “Red House” Painter

  3. Donn “Whiter Shade of” Pall %

  4. Raphael “Emerson Lake And” Palmero %

  5. Jim “Hanky” Pankovits

  6. Craig “Add And” Paquette

  7. Al “Don” Pardo

  8. Mark “Planned” Parent

  9. Mark “Trans” Parent

  10. Chan Ho “3Com®” Park

  11. Clay “Ma” Parker

  12. Dave “Parallel” Parker

  13. Jim Parque “Floor”

  14. Bill “Veal” Pecota

  15. Tony “Jala” Pena © |

  16. Terry “Pit And The” Pendleton (3B) |

  17. Melido “Shuffle” Perez

  18. Pascal “Road Map” Perez

  19. Tony “Turn The Other” Perezchica

  20. Robert “Missing” Person

  21. Ken “Good Evening Mister” Phelps (1B)*

  22. Mike “Pepperoni” Piazza

  23. Phil “The Final” Plantier

  24. Bill “Liquid” Plummer

  25. Eric “Ker” Plunk

  26. Kevin “Roll Out the Barrel” Polcovich

  27. Dale Polley “Want a Cracker”

  28. Luis “A” Polonia

  29. Jim “Car” Poole

  30. Chuck “My Bags Please” Porter

  31. Jorge “Carne” Posada

  32. Ted “Tower Of” Power

  33. Arquimedez "Principle" Pozo

  34. Joe “Actual Retail” Price

  35. Joe “The” Price “Is Right”

  36. Jim “Hound Dog” Priesley (3B)*

  37. Tom “Goodnight Sweet” Prince

  38. Ricky Proehl "Shampoo"

  39. Kirby “Union Gap” Puckett %

  40. Arquimez “principle” Pugo

  41. Terry “Swimming” Puhl

  42. Darrell “Gomer” Pyle


  1. Jamie “Men At” Quirk ©$


  1. Brad/Tom “Totally” Radke

  2. Tim “Purple” Raines

  3. Joe “Help Me” Randa

  4. Pat “Bum” Rapp

  5. Johnny “Manta” Ray

  6. Randy “Ever” Ready

  7. Gary Redus “A Bedtime Story”

  8. Bryan Rekar “Named Desire”

  9. Kevin Reimer “Reason”

  10. Edgar/Rick “Trailers For Sale or” Renteria

  11. Jerry “Rolls” Reuss

  12. Dave “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the” Rhode

  13. Rick “Thunder” Rhoden

  14. Rick “Why Don’t We Do It In The” Rhoden

  15. Pat “Converted” Rice

  16. Gene “Little” Richards

  17. Greg “Razor” Riddoch

  18. Dave “Prince” Righetti

  19. Jose “Blame It On” Rijo

  20. Wally “Lionel“ Ritchie

  21. Kevin Ritz “Cracker”

  22. Kevin “Matinee At The” Ritz

  23. Ben “French” Rivera

  24. Luis “Buick” Rivera

  25. Bip “The Ignitor” Roberts

  26. Cookie (or Mel) “Days Of Wine And” Rojas

  27. Cookie “Monster” Rojas

  28. Scott “Rock and” Rolen

  29. Kevin Romaine “Empire”

  30. Kevin Romaine “Lettuce”

  31. Ron “Greco” Romanick

  32. Ed “Cesar” Romero (Makes like The Joker)

  33. Jim “Help Me” Ronda

  34. Jose “You say Tomato, I Say” Rosado

  35. Bobby “Rambling” Rose

  36. Bobby “Toyko” Rose

  37. Bruce Ruffin “Ready”

  38. Kirk “Weekly” Rueter

  39. Bruce “Two Minutes For” Ruffin

  40. Vern “Golden” Ruhle

  41. Glendon “After the Gold” Rusch


  1. “The World Famous” Lynn Sakata

  2. Mark “Tossed” Salas

  3. Roger “Triple” Salkeld

  4. Tim “Sock Eye’’ Salmon

  5. Billy “Free” Sample

  6. Juan “Play It Again” Samuel

  7. Ryne “Carl” Sandberg

  8. Jesus Sanchez “Is Alright with Me”

  9. Reggie “Colonel” Sanders

  10. Mo Sanford “and Son”

  11. Raphael “Evil Ways” Santana

  12. Raphael “Say It Again” Santana

  13. Benito “Il Duce” Santiago

  14. Steve “Alto” Sax (2B)$

  15. Dave “Tenor” Sax

  16. Jeff “When Your’e Having More Than One” Schaefer

  17. Bill “Crop” Scherrer

  18. Mike “Pre” Schooler

  19. Bill “Beethoven” Schroder

  20. Rick “Really Big” Schu (3B)$

  21. Pete “Raise Your Hand If You’re” Schourek

  22. Mike “Nova” Scioscia

  23. Mike “Great” Scott

  24. Scott “Rusty” Scudder

  25. Rod Scurry “With The Fringe On Top”

  26. Tom “Leave It To” Seaver

  27. Bob “Ice Station” Sebra

  28. Aaron “My Lips Are” Sele

  29. Scott “Room” Servais

  30. Kevin “Alka” Seitzer

  31. Jeff “Wine” Sellars

  32. Larry “Satin” Sheets

  33. Gary Sheffield “Of Dreams” (3B)!

  34. John “T Bone” Shelby

  35. Craig “Brewer and” Shipley

  36. Bob Shirley “You Jest”

  37. Eric “Win, Place, And” Show

  38. Buck Showalter “Raleigh”

  39. Paul Shuey “Tobacco”

  40. Reuben “High” Sierra

  41. Joel “Mule” Skinner

  42. Joel “Lynard” Skinner

  43. Don “On” Slaught

  44. Heathcliff Slocumb “If ‘Ya Got ‘Em”

  45. Joe Slusarski “and Hutch”

  46. John “When Irish Eyes Are (Not)” Smiley

  47. Lee “Arthur” Smith

  48. Lonnie “Liston” Smith

  49. Luis Sojo “In the Rain” %

  50. Julio “Schoolyard” Solano

  51. Paul “Veal” Sorrento

  52. Sammy “Say It Ain’t” Sosa (OF)|

  53. Mario “Scotch And” Soto

  54. Tim Spehr “Tire”

  55. Bill “Per” Spiers

  56. Chris “Church” Speier

  57. *Ed “Ocean” Sprague

  58. Dennis “Jerry” Springer

  59. Billy “No Time To Wallow In The” Squires

  60. Matt Stairs “Way to Heaven”

  61. Kevin “Night” Stalker

  62. Mike Stanley “we Want to Help you do it Right”

  63. James “Easter” Steeles

  64. Bill “Beer” Stein

  65. Terry “Grapes Of Wrath” Steinbach

  66. Lee “Cat” Stevens

  67. Kevin “Night” Stocker

  68. Jeff “Romancing The” Stone

  69. Todd “Ari” Stotlemeyer

  70. Les “Moon” Straker

  71. Doug “People Are” Strange

  72. Darryl Strawberry “Rhubarb”

  73. Darryl Strawberry “Sundae”

  74. Franklin “Ticket” Stubbs

  75. “Grand” Tanyon Sturtze

  76. B.J. “and the Bear” Surhoff

  77. Bruce “Three Piece” Sutter


  1. Pat “Pick Up The” Tabler

  2. Frank Tanana “Daiquiri”

  3. Kevin “Spinal” Tapani

  4. Tony Tarasco “Sauce”

  5. Eddie “Fat Man in the” Taubensee

  6. “Who Shot” JR Taylor

  7. Dave “Parking Lot” Telgheder

  8. Dave “Post-Game” Telgheder

  9. Bob “Thinging” Tewksbury (Bob and Doug Mackenzie reference for Dave Campbell)

  10. Andres “Doubting” Thomas

  11. Dickie “Mara” Thon

  12. Jim “Home Thweet” Thome

  13. Jim “Thome ”Can you Hear me?”

  14. Jay “Mister” Tibbs

  15. Fred Toliver “Twist”

  16. Jim Tomy “Can You Hear Me”

  17. Jeff Torborg “Gold”

  18. “King” Solomon Torres

  19. Alan “Have Gun Will” Trammell

  20. Brian “Blood On The” Trachsel %

  21. Rick "Canadian Railroad" Trilicheck

  22. Manny “Kingston” Trillo

  23. Steve “Rainbow” Trout

  24. Michal Tucker “Town”

  25. John “Private” Tudor

  26. John “House of” Tudor

  27. Jerry “Ike And Tina” Turner


  1. Willie Upshaw “(Mr. March)”

  2. Ugueth “what you pay for” Urbina

  3. John “Stick It in Your” Urrea

  4. Jose “Game Winning” Urribe


  1. Sergio “Exxon” Valdez

  2. Jose “The Man Who Shot Liberty” Valentin

  3. Ellis “Be My” Valentine

  4. Dave “Death” Valle

  5. John “All in All It’s Just Another Brick in the” Vanderwal %

  6. Todd “Snap Crackle” VanPoppel

  7. Andy “Dick” Van Slyke

  8. Mo “Better Blues” Vaughn

  9. Robin Ventura “Highway” !

  10. Quilvio “Mother” Veras

  11. (Commissioner) Fay “Wray” Vincent

  12. Fernando "When It's Time To Make Some Wine Pick The Grapes Off The" Vina

  13. Frank “101 Strings” Viola

  14. Frank “Sweet Music” Viola

  15. Ozzie “Like A” Virgil


  1. Denny “Wailing” Walling

  2. Jim “Greenpeace” Wailwander

  3. Bob “Intentional” Walk

  4. Tim “Eli” Wallach

  5. Duane “Psycho” Ward

  6. Gary “Hospital” Ward

  7. “The World Famous” Ron Washington

  8. John “Hia” Wathan

  9. Jeff “Dream” Weaver

  10. Mitch “the Devil and Daniel” Webster

  11. Walt “Three Blind” Weiss (SS) |

  12. Bob “Ebony Eyes” Welch

  13. David “War Of The Worlds” Wells

  14. David “Living In The Wild Wild” West

  15. John “Teenage” Wetteland %

  16. Bob “Sticky” Wickman

  17. Jerry “Rats” Willard

  18. Dan “Hack” Wilson

  19. Glenn “Surfin’ U.S.A.” Wilson

  20. Jim “I’m Not The Toy Cannon” Winn

  21. Mike “Sharp” Witt

  22. Mark “Bay City” Wohlers

  23. “Jersey” Bob Wolcott

  24. Tony “Dooley” Womack

  25. Kerry “Norweigan” Wood

  26. Todd “We Are The” Worrell

  27. Craig “For What It’s” Worthington

  28. Craig “Reynolds” Wrap

  29. Butch “Oil And” Wynegar


  1. Rich “Not” Yett

  2. Eric “Sorry Officer, I thought I was” Yielding

  3. Joel “C’mon People Now” Youngblood

  4. Matt “Dying” Young

  5. Matt “Forever” Young


  1. Greg “Wrath of” Zahn

  2. Todd “Good Housekeeping” Zeile !

“Team” Nicknames

  1. Colorado Rockie “Horror Picture Show”

  2. The “Strohs” (Astros)

  3. The “Brou has” (Brewers)

  4. The “Diatribe” (Indians)

  5. The “Mutts” (Mets)

  6. The “New York Mess” (Mets)

  7. The “Compadres” (Padres)

  8. The “Strangers” (Rangers)

  9. The “Shreds” (Reds)

  10. The “Twinkies” (Twins)

  11. The “A.L. Worst” (A.L. West)

  12. “Werewolves” of London (Ontario, a Frontier League team. That is their real name!)

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