Chowder Ridge, Whatcom County, wa

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Chowder Ridge, Whatcom County, WA.

Chowder Ridge is a high ridge extending northwest from Mt. Baker, and the list covers plants found on the top and both sides of the ridge above the 6600-foot contour. List from “Plant Ecology and Natural History of Chowder Ridge”, Ron Taylor and George Douglas, 1978, plus a few species added by WNPS Backpacking Trip, July 2001. 126 spp

These lists represent the work of different WNPS members over the years.

Their accuracy has not been verified by the Washington Native Plant Society.

We offer these lists to individuals as a tool to enhance the enjoyment and study of native plants.

* - Introduced

Scientific Name Common Name Family Name

Abies amabilis Pacific silver fir Pinaceae

Abies lasiocarpa Sub-alpine fir Pinaceae

Achillea millifolium Yarrow Asteraceae

Agoseris aurantiaca Orange agoseris Asteraceae

Agropyron caninum* Bearded wheatgrass Poaceae

Agrostis idahoensis Idaho bentgrass Poaceae

Agrostis scabra Tickle-grass Poaceae

Androsace septentrionalis Northern androsace Primulaceae

Anemone drummondii Drummond's anemone Ranunculaceae

Anemone multifida Cliff anemone Ranunculaceae

Antennaria alpina Alpine pussy-toes Asteraceae

Antennaria microphylla Rosy pussy-toes Asteraceae

Antennaria umbrinella Umber pussy-toes Asteraceae

Arabis hirsuta Hairy rockcress Brassicaceae

Arabis lyallii Lyall's rockcress Brassicaceae

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Bearberry Ericaceae

Arenaria nuttallii Nuttall's sandwort Caryophyllaceae

Arenaria obtusiloba Arctic sandwort Caryophyllaceae

Arenaria rubella Reddish sandwort Caryophyllaceae

Arnica latifolia Mountain arnica Asteraceae

Arnica nevadensis Sierra arnica Asteraceae

Arnica rydbergii Rydberg's arnica Asteraceae

Aster foliaceus Leafy aster Asteraceae

Aster sibiricus Siberian aster Asteraceae

Astragalus alpinus Alpine milk-vetch Fabaceae

Campanula rotundifolia Common harebell Campanulaceae

Cardamine oligosperma Little Western bittercress Brassicaceae

Carex albonigra Black-and-white scaled sedge Cyperaceae

Carex breweri Brewer's sedge Cyperaceae

Carex capitata Capitate sedge Cyperaceae

Carex nardina Spikenard sedge Cyperaceae

Carex nigricans Black alpine sedge Cyperaceae

Carex phaeocephala Mountain hare sedge Cyperaceae

Carex pyrenaica Sedge Cyperaceae

Carex rossii Ross' sedge Cyperaceae

Carex spectabilis Showy sedge Cyperaceae

Cassiope mertensiana White mountain heather Ericaceae

Castilleja parviflora albida Small-flowered paintbrush Scrophulariaceae

Castilleja rupicola Cliff paintbrush Scrophulariaceae

Cerastium arvense Field chickweed Caryophyllaceae

Chamaecyparis nookatensis Alaska cedar Cupressaceae

Claytonia lanceolata Western spring beauty Portulacaceae

Deschampsia atropurpurea Mountain hairgrass Poaceae

Draba incerta Yellowstone draba Brassicaceae

Draba lonchocarpa Lancefruited draba Brassicaceae

Draba paysonii Payson's draba Brassicaceae

Draba praealta Tall draba Brassicaceae

Draba stenoloba Slender draba Brassicaceae

Draba ventosa Wind River draba Brassicaceae

Empetrum nigrum Crowberry Empetraceae

Epilobium alpinum Alpine willow-herb Onagraceae

Epilobium latifolium Dwarf fireweed Onagraceae

Erigeron compositus Cut-leaved daisy Asteraceae

Erigeron peregrinus Subalpine daisy Asteraceae

Eriogonum umbellatum Sulfur buckwheat Polygonaceae

Festuca ovina Sheep fescue Poaceae

Gentiana glauca Glaucous gentian Gentianaceae

Haplopappus lyallii Lyall's goldenweed Asteraceae

Hieracium gracile Slender hawkweed Asteraceae

Juncus drummondii Drummond's rush Juncaceae

Juncus parryi Parry's rush Juncaceae

Lomatium martindalei Few-flowered lomatium Apiaceae

Luetkea pectinata Partridge foot Rosaceae

Lupinus latifolius Broad-leaf lupine Fabaceae

Lupinus lepidus Prairie lupine Fabaceae

Luzula piperi Piper's woodrush Juncaceae

Luzula spicata Spiked woodrush Juncaceae

Lycopodium alpinum Alpine clubmoss Lycopodiaceae

Mimulus tilingii Mountain monkey-flower Scrophulariaceae

Oxyria digyna Mountain sorrel Polygonaceae

Oxytropis campestrus Field crazyweed Fabacaea

Penstemon davidsonii Davidson's penstemon Scrophulariaceae

Penstemon procerus Small-flowered penstemon Scrophulariaceae

Phacelia heterophylla Varileaf phacelia Hydrophyllaceae

Phacelia sericea Silky phacelia Hydrophyllaceae

Phleum alpinum Alpine timothy Poaceae

Phlox diffusa Spreading phlox Polemoniaceae

Phyllodoce empetriformis Red mountain heather Ericaceae

Phyllodoce glanduliflora Yellow heather Ericaceae

Poa alpina Alpine bluegrass Poaceae

Poa cusickii Cusick's bluegrass Poaceae

Poa gracillima Slender bluegrass Poaceae

Poa incurva Curly bluegrass Poaceae

Poa lepticoma Bog bluegrass Poaceae

Poa rupicola Timberline bluegrass Poaceae

Poa sandbergii Sandberg's bluegrass Poaceae

Poa sp. Bluegrass Poaceae

Polemonium elegans Elegant polemonium Polemoniaceae

Polygonum bistortoides Mountain bistort Polygonaceae

Polygonum viviparum Alpine bistort Polygonaceae

Potentilla diversifolia Diverse-leaved cinquefoil Rosaceae

Potentilla flabellifolia Fan-leaf cinquefoil Rosaceae

Potentilla fruticosa Shrubby cinquefoil Rosaceae

Potentilla villosa Villous cinquefoil Rosaceae

Ranunculus eschscholtzii Snow buttercup Ranunculaceae

Salix cascadensis Cascade willow Salicaceae

Salix nivalis Snow willow Salicaceae

Saxifraga bronchialis Spotted saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga caespitosa Tufted saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga debilis Pygmy saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga ferruginea Rusty saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga lyallii Red-stem saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga occidentalis Western saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga odontoloma Saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga oppositifolia Purple mountain saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga punctata Dotted saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Saxifraga tolmiei Alpine saxifrage Saxifragaceae

Sedum divergens Spreading stonecrop Crassulaceae

Sedum lanceolatum Lance-leaved stonecrop Crassulaceae

Sedum roseum King's crown Crassulaceae

Selaginella densa Compact selaginella Selaginellaceae

Senecio elmeri Elmer's butterweed Asteraceae

Sibbaldia procumbens Creeping sibbaldia Rosaceae

Silene acaulis Moss campion Caryophyllaceae

Silene parryi Parry's silene Caryophyllaceae

Sitanion hystrix Squirreltail Poaceae

Smelowskia ovalis Short-fruited smelowskia Brassicaceae

Solidago multiradiata Northern goldenrod Asteraceae

Stellaria longipes Long-stalked starwort Caryophyllaceae

Taraxicum ceratophorum Horned dandelion Asteraceae

Trisetum spicatum Downy oat-grass Poaceae

Tsuga mertensiana Mountain hemlock Pinaceae

Vaccinium caespitosum Dwarf bilberry Ericaceae

Vaccinium deliciosum Cascade huckleberry Ericaceae

Vaccinium occidentale Bog huckleberry Ericaceae

Vaccinium scoparium Grouseberry Ericaceae


Chowder Ridge, Whatcom County, Washington

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