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Chia-hao Chianglin

Professor Michael Cheng

Writing and Reading (II)

23 November 2010

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Classification Essay—Most Famous Movie Awards

Movie has added flavor to our lives since it was brought to the world. We watch movie, discuss it, and make comments on it. In addition, there are hundreds of movie awards taking place around the world every year. These awards are often regarded as the most significant criteria for judging a movie, and most of them are United States of America, kingdom of film industry. However, only a few awards are worldwide renowned enough to grade movies; furthermore, these famous awards can be classified according to the kind of the jury members: those consist of a specially founded association, and those consist of the public.

The first group comprises awards whose jury is composed of some specialized organization. Known for its annual Academy Awards (the Oscars), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is a professional organization made up of over six thousand movie artisans. The academy was established in 1927. In the banquet for its foundation, it was proposed to set up an award so as to encourage the development of the motion picture arts and sciences, and to commend those who display dedication to the movies. The Academy membership is divided into fifteen branches to give recognition to diverse facets of shooting a film—branches such as actors, writers, directors, visual effects, etc. What’s more, the American Film Institute Award is held annually by the American Film Institute (AFI) since 2001, to honor groups of people who had made the ten outstanding movies and television shows of the year, and the juries are composed of artists, scholars, critics and AFI Trustees. Besides, there is another type of award, the membership of the association which belongs to includes film critics from daily newspapers and weekly newspaper and magazines. To name just a few, the LAFCA Awards1, the NYFCA Awards2, and the CFCA Awards3 are usually seen as the biggest three film critics association awards. And the LAFCA Awards particularly pay attention to some low-budget movies with high artistic quality, not reluctant to give nods to them.

The next category includes awards whose winners are elected by the general public. The People's Choice Award is a good example. It was held since 1975 to “show recognizing the people and the work of popular culture.” Originally, a Gallup poll was conducted every year to survey people’s favorite actor, actress, movie, television show. And till 2005, a new voting system were been adopted—online voting. Millions of votes are casted online every year, and interestingly, no nominees are provided; that is, the voters can select whomever or whatever they like without limitation. To take the MTV Movie Awards as another instance, the nominees are determined by producers and executives at MTV, and the ultimate winners are decided by the mass via MTV's official website. Moreover, there are many other similar awards such as the Teen Choice Awards and the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Different awards with different composing of jury members focus on different dimensions of a movie, which also says, therefore, that a movie can be appreciated as well as judged from various angles. For example, a writer tends to evaluate a movie by how the screenplay is created; a cinematographer is inclined to concentrate on shooting techniques, but a critic may comment with the view point of what the movie feels like conveying to its audience, and a teenager would pay more attention on the sense of entertainment. In sum, everyone has their own criteria. It depends that a movie is a spectacular or a rotten piece. Well goes the saying, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” For me, a movie that can touch deep into my heart and make me identify myself with is a good movie. How about you?


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