Checklist for Preparation for Easter Vigil

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Easter Vigil

Checklist for Preparation for Easter Vigil



Lector 1:

EME 4:

Lector 2:

EME 5:

Lector 3:

EME 6:

Lector 4:


Lector 5:

Cross bearer:

Lector 6:

Candle bearer 1:

Lector 7:

Candle bearer 2:

Lector 8:

Altar Server 1:

EME 1:

Altar Server 2:

EME 2:

Altar Server 3:

EME 3:


Service of Light
There is no cross carried in this procession or candle bearers
This should be done outside unless there is a strong pastoral reason for not doing so. Convenience should not be a determining factor

Use Incense: Yes No

Procession Order

deacon/priest carrying easter candle

Placement of fire determined: Yes No

Placement of fire:

Who will prepare fire:

Materials for fire gotten: Yes No

Candles for people ordered: Yes No

Candles for people received: Yes No

Paschal Candle Ordered: Yes No

Paschal Candle Received: Yes No

Route planned for procession: Yes No

Who will sing Exsultet:

Who will turn on lights:

Liturgy of the Word

There should be a minimum of three readings from the Old Testament.

Reading three from Exodus must be used.

Reading 1 – Genesis 1:1-2:2 Yes No

Reading 2 Genesis 22:1-18 Yes No

Reading 3 Exodus 4:15-15:1 Yes No

Reading 4 Isaiah 54:5-14 Yes No

Reading 5 Isaiah 55:1-11 Yes No

Reading 6 Baruch 3:9-15 Yes No

Reading 7 Ezekiel 36:16-28 Yes No


Gospel Procession


No candlebearers used here
Adjust according to decisions made

Gospel Procession: Yes No

Book of the Gospels

Pre-placed: Yes No

Use Incense: Yes No

In this procession no candles are used

Readings given to Lectors: Yes No

Petitions written for

Prayer of the Faithful: Yes No

Liturgy of Baptism
White Robes for newly baptized can be albs

Elect Only: Yes No

Candidates Only: Yes No

Elect and Candidates: Yes No

Procession to baptistery Yes No

Have baptismal robes Yes No

Got Lemons/partially stale bread Yes No

Planned route for lighting candles Yes No

Song for Sprinkling Rite:

Liturgy of the Eucharist
For Preparation Song, Sanctus, Acclamation, Great Amen write in choice of Mass.

Preparation Song:

Use Incense: Yes No

Incense Gifts and Altar: Yes No

Incense People: Yes No

Eucharistic Prayer:

Incense during Eucharistic Prayer: Yes No

Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy):

Memorial Acclamation:

Great Amen:

Communion Rites

For Lamb of God and Communion Song write in choice of song or Mass.

Our Father (Sung): Yes No

Lamb of God:

Communion Song:

Concluding Rites


Other Issues

Use incense in procession: Yes No

Procession Order thurifer, cross bearer, candle bear 1 & 2, other ministers, Presider
adjust according to decisions made

Processional Hymn:

Use Program for Mass: Yes No

Program Prepared by:

Program Prepared: Yes No

Easter Vigil
Day of Service Preparation


Before the Mass, on the gift table in the back of the Church should be set:

1. a pitcher of wine

2. the bowl with bread, and three ciboria with bread
Before the Mass, prepare the fire outside.

  1. The fire holder will be outside the entrance of the Church

  2. Fire material – epsom salt/alcohol/kindling

  3. small table

  4. sacramentary

  5. incense pins for the candle

  6. stylus

  7. candle lighter and extra wick

  8. matches

  9. pitcher of water

  10. charcoal and tongs

Before the Mass

  1. Set up the Easter candle holder center of sanctuary.

  2. baptismal font center aisle against stair.

  3. Light under center balcony

  4. Chrism placed on the altar

Setup in the sacristy

  1. baptismal robe

  2. baptismal candle

  3. lemon and bread

  4. bowl of water and towel

Before the Mass, set the following things on the credence table near the altar:

1. Main chalice

  1. four glass chalices.

  2. cruet of water

  3. five purificators

  4. bowl and towel for hand washing

  5. 3 small containers for holy water to pour into Church entrance fonts

  6. 3 large vases (pitchers) of water in among the flowers (for blessing of water)

  7. 3 small containers for sprinkling rite with sprinklers

  8. 2 sets of altar candles, one on either side of altar, one set on speaker cabinets. Holders for third set arranged according to decorations.

Service of Light
At 8:00PM, three people (__________)(__________)(__________) will go and stand outside the Church. They will have baskets of candles and programs. As people arrive, they will need to be told that we will be beginning the Easter Vigil outside, on the lawn. If they express a wish to go inside anyway, help them in if they need it. If anyone looks like they might need to be inside, be sure to mention to them that they can wait inside if they like.
At 8:25 PM, a server (__________) will bring the Easter Candle outside. Choir proceeds to 2 side stairs, facing center.
At 8:30PM, the extra lights in the Church will be turned off (__________).
The book bearer (__________) should have the red sacramentary ready for the blessing of the fire and Easter Candle.
Then we will light the fire. A server (__________) will have the matches on hand. and will have some lighter fluid just in case.
The celebrant will bless the fire.
Thurifer (____________) lights coal from fire and places in thurible, as soon as fire is lit.
One of the servers (__________) will hold the Easter Candle in the center of the walk as celebrant prepares it.
The priest will then light the Easter Candle.
The thurifer (_____________) in front with a priest will go up the front stairs of the Church, followed by the celebrant, priest and servers. The priest carrying the candle will sing “Christ Our Light” lifting the Easter Candle high. Then he will lower the candle. Two other priests will light their tapers from the Easter Candle and in turn light servers tapers. They will walk through the crowd, lighting candles. The priest will hold the Easter Candle until everyone in the crowd has their candles lit.
We will enter Church by all three doors. The priest in the middle of the Church will hold the candle high, and sing “Christ Our Light” again. The three people Choir stops mid Church, 2 side aisles. This is a formal procession, with an order to it, God’s people moving, led by the Easter Candle.
When we get to the sanctuary, the priest facing the congregation raises the candle a third time and sings “Christ our Light”.

The priest will put the Easter Candle in its holder. The thurifer (__________) will come to the celebrant at the chair while he puts incense in the thurible. A priest then incenses the Easter Candle. The thurifer brings the incense to the sacristy.

The four servers holding their hand candles (_______________) (_______________) (_____________) (____________) will go and stand by the ambo. Each standing on opposite sides of the ambo turned towards each other.
The four servers holding their hand candles remain there while the Exsultet is sung. When the Exsultet is finished they go to their seats.
After the Exsultet is sung the lights in the Church are turned on by (________________).

Liturgy of the Word

The book holder (__________) holds the sacramentary while the celebrant says the introduction.

Seven readings are done, with a psalm and a prayer after each. The book bearer (__________) holds the book for the celebrant to read the prayer after each psalm.
During the sixth reading the thurifer (_____________) goes and lights the charcoal.

After the music starts for the Gloria (___________) will light the candles next to the altar and on the speaker cabinets from the Easter candle.

During the Epistle the thurifer goes and gets the thurible and incense boat and waits at the door. When the music for the Gospel acclamation starts the thurifer goes to the priest and hands him the boat and holds up the thurible. The priest will place incense in the thurible. And then thurifer turns and moves to the altar. A priest goes to the altar and raise the Gospel book. Thurifer leads priest around the altar to the ambo. The thurifer goes behind the ambo. When the priest says the Gospel according to…. The thurifer will hand the priest the thurible and the priest will incense the gospel and hand it back. After the Gospel is proclaimed the thurifer goes and dumps the charcoal and lights new coals.
Then all sit down for the homily.

Liturgy of Baptism.
The book bearer (__________) will bring the brown book (or Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) for him to do the prayer. This is on Tab number 1.
A priest comes to the ambo and calls the person forward who is going to be baptized.
The person who is being baptized and sponsor will stand in the center aisle.
The celebrant will do the invitation to prayer for the those about to be baptized.
We will all stand while the cantor sings the Litany of the Saints. Celebrant moves to the font, and three servers (___________) (_____________) (_____________) get vessels of water and stand in front of the ambo, facing the celebrant.
At the same time, a server (__________) gets the white robe for the baptized person. server (__________) gets the candle and towel for the baptized person. They stand by the ambo ready.
Then the book bearer (__________) will open the brown to Tab number 2. The celebrant will bless the water. During the blessing server (___________) comes forward and pours water at mention of creation, server (____________) pours water at mention of flood, and server (____________) will pour water at mention of red sea. After 3rd vessel of water is poured, celebrant steps to the right as other priests lift the paschal candle from the holder and step forward to where the celebrant was (during the references to Jesus’ baptism, water flowing from his side and commission to baptize) dips the Easter Candle three times “send your Holy Spirit upon the waters.” They replace paschal candle in the holder and celebrant steps back to original spot.
The celebrant will then proceed to the renunciation of sin and profession of faith for those to be baptized. The book bearer (__________) will open the brown book to Tab number 3.
The baptism takes place. (_____________) brings towel comes forward. (___________) brings whit garment over which sponsor immediately helps to place on the baptized person.
Then the book bearer will turn to the TAB 4. The priest reads the next prayer which explains the placing on of the white garments.
Then, the server (__________) lights the candle from the paschal candle and gives to the sponsor. Then the book bearer will hold the brown book to the same page for the celebrant while he says the prayer of the light.
Three others go forth (__________)(__________)(__________) to light the candles of the people in the Church when the baptized persons candle is lit.
The baptized person is then led to the celebrants chair. Book bearer assists opens book to TAB 5 Server (______________) brings the Chrism to celebrant and the confirmation takes place.
The book-bearer (__________) comes to the celebrant at the chair with the brown book and opens it to Tab 6.
The renewal of baptismal promises takes place.
Servers (__________) (____________) (___________) go get the bowls and aspergellia. He or she fills the bowl with water from the baptismal font and goes to a priest.

Then the priests take the aspergellum and go around the Church sprinkling the people. The servers (__________) (_____________) (____________) go with them, holding the bowl.

Three servers (____________) (______________) (_____________) go fill the holy water fonts at the church entrance.
While the aspergus is taking place, the two servers (__________) (__________) and a leader (__________) go down to the back and stand by the gift table. Candles are in the server sacristy

You will get them and light them.

After the aspergus the book bearer brings the brown book and opens to Tab 7.
The intercessory prayers are now done.
Liturgy of the Eucharist

Preparation of the Gifts

Then during the collection the MC invites the baptized person and sponsor go to bring up the gifts. A procession brings the gifts forward.

The gift procession goes:

  1. MC

  2. Processional candles

  3. Persons carrying the gifts

Procession begins when priest come down to receive the gifts.

When the procession reaches the sanctuary, candles go to either side of the main aisle and face in.
As soon as the collection begins, the book bearer (__________) and (____________) prepares the altar in the normal fashion.
The celebrant goes down to receive the gifts with two servers (__________) (__________). Candle bearers then place candles next to the altar on either side.
The thurifer (____________) goes and gets the thurible and the incense boat and after the priest bows brings them to the priest. The priest will place incense into the thurible and then incense the altar and gifts and then hand the thurible back to the thurifer who will then incense the priest and then the congregation. The thurifer will then stand on the tabernacle side.
When the priest hands the thurible back to the thurifer (___________) and (_________) help to wash the priest’s hands.

Eucharistic Prayer

At the Holy, Holy, Holy the mc (___________) places incense into the thurible and the thurifer will go and kneel on the tabernacle side of the altar. When the priest raises the Body of Christ the thurifer will bow, raise the thurible three times and bow again. And do the same thing when the cup with the precious blood is raised.

Communion Rite

At the sign of piece the thurifer will go and dump the coals and light new ones.

During the Lamb of God, the three servers (__________)(__________) (__________) bring the cups and extra ciboria.

After all of the servers have received communion, servers should go back to where they were sitting. Book bearer (___________) removes book. (____________) removes pitcher which contained the precious blood if still there.

After communion (____________) and (___________) help with any clean up of altar.
After the prayer After communion is all done, the Thurifer (__________) goes to the sacristy and returns with thurible with incense all ready in it. The candle bearers get the candles. The cross bearer gets the cross.

Concluding Rites

For the procession out:

1. The thurifer goes and stands facing the altar, three pews down into the aisle.

2. The cross bearer stands in front of them, facing the altar.

3. The candle bearers taking candles stand in front of them, facing the altar.

4. other servers, mcs in twos

Please be sure that your albs are hung up after Mass.

Easter Vigil

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